War of the Immortals Enchantress Guide

War of the Immortals Enchantress Guide by grinsinthedark


Welcome to War of the Immortals (WOI). If you are checking out this guide, then that means you are interested in playing The Enchantress class. Some of you, like myself, are veterans from Battle of the Immortals (BOI), and are trying out the second book (as I like to call it) in the Immortals series. So if you have come from BOI, then this game isn’t going to be difficult to figure out. They run the exact same way except there are new classes and the storyline is different.

Now, if you’re new to the Immortals series, then first thing is first. Upon creating a character, you will see a blank space at the bottom of the character customization window that says “Introduction.” What you do there is you copy-paste any Introduction ID, which is a long serial number that you may find people posting up randomly about this site. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and make your character, confirm, and enter the game. You will notice right away upon clicking on your Stash Box (like in Perfect World) that you will get a second Stash Box, which is for VIP accounts (this box will vanish once you reach level 50). By using an Introduction ID, you become a different kind of player. You become a VIP member. VIP members get helpful gear, pets, and items to assist them in leveling. I recommend it, do it, and here you can have my introduction ID: 7400192G000401097000140Sefb1ff
A tip for a tip!

The Enchantress Class

The Enchantress is pretty much a Bard. Using the power of a harpsichord, the Enchantress sings, dances, sashays, and conjures the powers to cast numerous buffs, debuffs, healing spells, and Area of Effect spells. Sounds interesting? Well, unfortunately (for some), this class is strictly female (like Venomancers in Perfect World), and there are no male enchanters. With so little explained, let’s move onto the juicy stuff, and you got to talk tantalizing when you talk about these powerful ladies because they are just amazing.

Let me begin by saying, do not underestimate this class. This class is extremely flexible in that it can be as evasive as The Ranger and as damage-dealing as The Magus (not saying they are stronger or more evasive than the two classes mentioned). The Enchantress can also assist a Heretic by healing the group (they have two healing spells). Ironically, one of her passive skills is called “Flexibility,” and my goodness, these ladies can perform various roles in dungeons.

The downside to the Enchantress class is that most of her damage-dealing skills (DD) are not AOE (she only has 3 AOE skills). She doesn’t specialize in AOE. She is a buffer, debuffer, healer, status-effect caster (jack-of-all-trades), who can focus her ailments on a single target or numerous targets. However, when she does use AOE skills, when other classes that specialize in AOE are spamming them in a dungeon, her AOE just adds more gas to the fire. So she can function as an AOE spammer but that’s not her specialization. Her specialization is to be support for all classes. Her job is to sustain the lives of her party members. Therefore, the Enchantress requires the player to be capable of performing high maintenance and responding to emergency situations immediately. She is not a Heretic. Yes, the Enchantress has healing capabilities, but they will never compare to a Heretic. That is not her specialization. She assists the Heretic in keeping the party alive and therefore, survival is your number one priority.

Another Con, the Enchantress has three buffs that are called Auras. The aura buffs automatically effect anyone within its range whether in party or outside of party. She can only cast one aura buff at a time, meaning they don’t stack. However, she acquires other non-aura buffs that she can stack later in the game.

On the plus side, the Enchantress will always be essential to any sort of party regardless of those inconveniences because of her flexibility. Having two Enchantresses in a party is even better because one Enchanter will cast one Aura effect, and the other Enchanter can cast the other Aura effect, and now you got two awesome buffs working at the same time.

All of this probably sounds like babble to you right now, but when you choose this class and try it out in game, you’ll see what I’m talking about. But before we dive further beneath the sheets, let’s get a quote about this class from the WOI News:

“Specializing in the harpsichord as a weapon, the Enchantress can weave both songs of courage and destruction. Her main role is to keep allies buffed and monsters debuffed. While she does not deal a great amount of damage, but she does buff her allies’ offensive and defensive capabilities, making her a sought-after party member.

Now, in this paragraph, I want to highlight a certain sentence: “While she does not deal a great amount of damage…” BUSHWAB! Bushwab, bushwab, bushwab! Okay, now that’s enough of that. Either the person who wrote that either: 1) didn’t play an Enchantress, 2) went by rumor or what the developers said she was supposed to be, or 3) maybe they did play her and went PURE SPR. After pointing out that sentence, I won’t go into why that sentence is BUSHWAB just yet. There is so much more to explain, but if you keep reading on in this guide, you will see me tackle that statement later. Onward!

The Enchantress Builds

The Enchantress has various builds to choose from, which can affect her gameplay. You should choose the build that you think works best with your style. Most of you may only care about being a support character. If you’re only going to be support, then I suggest the builds: Pure SPR and the Hybrid SPR and INT builds. If you plan to be support with emphasis in damage-dealing (DD), then go PURE INT and Hybrid INT/DEX. If you plan to strictly be PVP, then INT/DEX or the VIT/INT build may be your best friend. There can be other variations of this build, but any other would be a waste of “potential.” Potential are points you acquire at level 21. You only get 2 potential points per level, so where you place your points is crucial. Other players will say that potential points won’t matter because they don’t give much to your statistics. Think of potential points as bonus points to your gear, your passive skills, and any other items you acquire that will improve your in-game performance.

CON: I am going to go ahead and say that any build that doesn’t place points into SPR will suffer mana-drink in the long-run when you’re leveling your skills.

SOLUTION: To remedy this problem you can either learn Alchemy craft and make yourself some strong potions (you learn higher level potions from Clan Labs/ Clan Apothecary when you join a clan). This craft saves you money because you shouldn’t have to buy potions. Free Food does exist in the game, but it won’t be as strong as the potions you can make in Alchemy. Another recommendation is to spend zen or salary on the potions Tears of Artemis and Tears of Valkyrie (you can buy the super level from the zen shop). Salary saves you real-life money. Now, the best solution and option is to utilize the Auto-Potion function.

***In the interface, in the top, left-hand corner of your screen where your character’s name and HP/MP are displayed, you’ll notice to the right of that is a tiny red potion-pot-looking button. Click that button and a window will emerge showing you slides that you can adjust. Just experiment with that window and click the empty box at the bottom, and voila! Auto-potion system is activated. This system is a hands-free system that feeds your character potions automatically. Your mana will never run low unless you run out of food or mana pots to sustain it. This auto-potion system is deactivated once you cut on Combat-Aid. ***

Attribute Introduction

There are 5 attribute categories:

VIT – increases max HP by 17 and slightly accelerates HP regen.
SPR – increases max MP by 15, and slightly accelerates MP regen.
STR – increases Phystical Attack by 1, and increases Accuracy by 1.
INT – boosts Magic Attack by 1, and slightly increases Critical Strike.
DEX – increases Accuracy by 1, and slightly increases Critical Strike and Evasion.

The recommended primary attribute of an Enchantress is Spirit (SPR) with the secondary being Intellect (INT). Now, because you don’t acquire Potential points until level 21, let’s study the Enchantress’s growth.

Enchantress’s Natural Growth

I have posted a quote from the player suboshi on the first page of the “Enchantress Insight” page. He has been keeping an eye on The Enchantress’s natural growth from lvl 1-50. You can click the links to see a spreadsheet  that shows the change in The Enchantress’s Natural Attribute Allocation (NAA).

Primarily, The Enchantress’s gear will determine how effective and powerful she will be, and this can be said for all classes. All classes in WOI rely on good gear and updated skills, but that is another section.

Pure SPR

Now, it seems a must for any support class to allocate all points to SPR so that you have enough mana to cast all of your spells as you’ll be constantly managing a party’s well-being during dungeon runs. If you allocate all of your points into SPR, you may not ever need to use mana potions as much. You will also have a very good healing effect when it comes to your healing spells. So far, that is the only plus side I can see to this build. The Enchantress is not a Heretic. With this build, you won’t drink your Mana as much and your healing effect will never be as strong as a Heretics, but being second is better than being nothing.

Choosing Pure SPR prepares you for the long-run. In the long-run, as you level your skills and make them stronger, the Mana Cost for the skills increases dramatically. It will put a drain on your Mana when you’re spamming them in a  tough dungeon where your party members chose not to recruit a Champion. That is the only time I have ever seen any support class have Mana problems. However, in the beginning stages, mana drink isn’t a problem.

Important Note: Your healing spells rely on SPR and INT, which INT governs magic attack. Having a balance of both will determine how effective your healing spell will be.

CON: The only con I can see for this build is that your magic attack won’t be as powerful because you didn’t invest any points into INT.

This leads us to the second build.

Pure INT

It sounds crazy, but it is possible. INT is right behind SPR in natural growth so it doesn’t matter if you decided to put all of your potential points into INT. The natural growth keeps SPR at a decent level that you won’t have to worry about it too much. Now, let’s bring back that BUSHWAB statement I highlighted above:

“While she does not deal a great amount of damage…”

BUSHWAB! And you know why that statement is bushwab? Because this build makes it BUSHWAB! If an Enchantress goes pure INT, your damage-dealing (DD) magic attacks are going to nuke. You won’t see it right away because your nuking power is going to come from your passive skill and your aura buff.

Fervor Mind
It’s passive skill you receive at level 10. It’s description:
“Your study of the elements of nature are infused into your dance, increasing elemental attacks by 5.” (This is the passive skill at level 1)

I used a Pure INT build in Closed Beta for my Enchantress. I was able to take down mobs in 1-2 hits. One hit because of the wonderful Critical Strike and Lucky Strike bonuses. I don’t want to talk about skills just yet, but I will say improving your passive skill Fervor Mind is a must. It adds to your nuking power.

Now, imagine this build with Soul Gear, the proper fortifications, and gems. What do you foresee? More nuke!

Heaven Chord

Warning: This is an aura skill. Remember when I said if you cast one Aura skill, then that is all you get. You can easily cast a different aura skill, but all I’m saying is you can’t have two aura skills going at the same time. It’s one at a time.

Description: “Play beautiful music around you, increasing all party member’s elemental attacks by 1%, plus an additional 20 damage. Effects only active when in range. Aura lasts 3min.
Each Enchantress can have only one active aura at the same time.” (This is the skill at level 1)

This is one of your Aura skills, which means anyone within range of you gets this bonus automatically. You give off vibes!

Heaven Chord and Fervor Mind give you nuking capabilities second to a Magus and perhaps rivaling, if not exceeding, the power of a Heretic. Again, a PVPer is only as awesome as his or her gear in this game. If you don’t have good gear, then it doesn’t matter what build you use, you won’t win.

CON: Because every build has a con. In the long-run, when you start maxing your skills and the mana costs go up, you will find yourself mana-drinking. You won’t mana drink dramatically, but you will see it because you don’t have any points in SPR. As we recall from the attribute descriptions above, 1 point into SPR gives you 15 MP and slightly increases your MP regen. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when added to the bonuses your gear and accessories give you, it will make a difference. To fix this “minor” problem, I recommend you invest in some strong potions later in the game or turn on your Auto-Pot function.

The powerful potions I recommend are Tears of Artemis to Super Tears of Artemis. You don’t really need Tears of Valkyrie because you can heal yourself, but just in case you’re in a party where there aren’t any Duelists to take aggro or a Champion to taunt, have some Valkyrie as back up. You don’t have to spend zen to get these potions, as mentioned above, you can spend salary.

Now, onto the next build.

Hybrid SPR/INT

Hybrid Build with SPR emphasis
Credit goes to suboshi for this build
Perhaps you’re preparing yourself for the long-run. You want to give your Enchantress some hitting power, and you want to make sure she doesn’t drink up any mana in the future when you max her skills. You can allocate your potential points 3 SPR (2 SPR one level and 1 SPR the next) and 1 INT and stick to this build. This build is a safe and balanced build that can’t go wrong.

This build will have a very effective healing power since it compliments both its primary and secondary attribute specializations.

Great build suboshi!

Balance Build
This is another build I noticed based on the Natural Attribute Allocation suboshi had been keeping track of during Closed Beta.
At level 20, The Enchantress’s NAA for SPR is reduced to a one point gain per level. Before, you were receiving 2 free points. Therefore, every level you gain, you got 1 free point to SPR, while INT will receive 1 free point every one to two levels. To balance this build, you can easily give 1 point to SPR and 1 point to INT every level. SPR will still be higher than INT, but you’re giving your character an extra point in INT so when you receive the free point, it’ll be as if you added 2 potential points.

Hybrid Build with INT emphasis
Take suboshi’s build and do the reciprocal. Instead of adding 3 points to SPR, you’re adding 3 points to INT and 1 point to SPR every two levels. Every 1 point in SPR equals 15 mana, which isn’t much. As for INT, every 1 point in INT is 1 magic attack. INT seems rather weak but with the gear you get those points over time are bonus points to what the gear offers. Adding 3 points to INT will raise your Criticalstrike, but I’d choose this build if you want more nuking power, while at the same time, a decent level of SPR.

Hybrid INT/DEX

INT and DEX both compliment each other when it comes to critical strike. You need INT for your healing/damage-dealing spells so this is a way you can get more INT, while having a decent level of DEX.
Here is how I recommend you allocate your points. You start getting potential points at level 21. From level 21, add 2 points to DEX and focus on DEX until level 34. At level 35, put 1 point in DEX and 1 point in INT. You’ll be adding 1 point into DEX and INT from now on. This makes your INT1 point above DEX, but they’ll remain at a decent level for a long time.
This build gives you more survivability and more criticalstrike.

My experience: Currently, this is my build for Open Beta. My comments on it is, yes, there is a mana drink problem, but how I fix that problem is buy using the Free Food I get from the Free Food NPC in Atlantis and using the Auto-Pot function that I must say works wonders. I didn’t go into Alchemy because my clan needed an expert in Arms Production. However, if you do this build and decide to go into Alchemy, you can learn to make better potions from Clan Apothecary.

I enjoy this build because I hit hard, crit frequently, and my evasion is near always. I dodge the enemy’s attacks way more than I did when I was PURE INT in Closed Beta. I add more healing power to my skills by investing in Psychestone gems that I embed into my rings, necklace, weapon, charm, and gloves. I don’t see anymore cons with this build besides what was mentioned. The Enchantress is only as powerful as you make her.

I have tested this build in PVP, but going against any healer in PVP is rather suicide because we can just heal ourselves. When I went against a slayer, I created a party for myself before the match began. I did this in order to avoid my aura buff affecting him as well. I used Chord of Protection that greatly reduced the amount of damage I received from his swift strikes. I made sure to stun him whenever I could with Kiss of the Goddess. I have Magical and Melodic chord maxed so they deliver a nice punch along with the frequent criticals I deliver. I didn’t have to spam heal myself at all, and I think that’s what would separate the Enchantress from the Heretic. Because of our defensive buff, we mitigate damage received and have a higher chance of survivability. To conclude, I won without much effort. The slayer wasn’t a noob, The Enchantress class just isn’t a class to challenge unless you’re certain you can kill one in one to three hits.

In PVE, specifically events like Redemption Battle, Oracle War, and PVP Territory War, one person cannot take me down. With my Flexibility passive maxed, with the points I invested in DEX, and with the proper gear for my level, I am rarely hit. I dodge more attacks than any DPS throws and with Chord of Protection maxed, 10% of their damage is mitigated. One person cannot destroy me even with a good stun. It takes an entire party to two parties to finish me off. The Enchantress class is a sturdy class, and we can be an even bigger pain with a powerful VIT pet fused to us. I repeat, do not underestimate this class.

On another note, we have very low cool downs on our skills, so we have slight dps.


You are free to choose any build you want, make up your own, and walk down any path you fancy. To be an Enchantress or a support class period, you have to have a love to support others because that is your primary job. If you are choosing this job-class because you are hoping to dominate PVP with it and not support others, then choose another class. By all means, if you think you can make The Enchantress a PVP queen, then go right ahead, but if you ignore her role as a party catalyst people aren’t going to like you. In fact, you will be a lousy Enchantress. Nothing angers players more than to have a lousy support in their party.

How not to be a lousy support…

1. Look at the party and understand the lives you’re about to regulate. As I said before, it is important to know what kind of party you’re joining or what you’re about to be maintaining. If you got a party of pure rangers, quit it. I’m being serious. Quit that party because that is ridiculous. You will die. Rangers cannot keep aggro and they cannot take mobs off you. Read this: You. Will. DIE!

2. Pay attention to everyone’s health. You’re there to watch everyone’s health gauge. You’re also there to give them buffs. If there is another Enchantress in the group, then make sure one of you is casting the buff with the highest skill level. There may be another Enchantress whose Heavens Chord is better than yours. Let her cast Heavens Chord and you cast Chord of Protection, and vice versa. All support classes will be watching the health bar, so if you’re in a party with a Heretic, then let the Heretic do the healing because they have a stronger heal spell. You can save your mana this way and focus on cleaning up the mobs. Save your mana as a last resort in case the Heretic runs out of Mana or he or she isn’t watching the players health bar.

3. Your buffs and heal spells must always be up-to-date. As a support class, no one really cares about the damage you do. The Enchantress doesn’t have to lift a lethal finger in a party if she doesn’t want to. All the party cares about is The Enchantress’s healing ability and the buffs she gives. If you’re level 50 and your Heavens Chord is lvl 1, quit the class. Quit it now. You are not made for the support class. I don’t even know what you have been doing all this time if you haven’t been updating your infamous skills. You want to look good. Parties will always want an Enchantress, but they won’t keep an Enchantress who has crappy support skills so please, try to keep your skills up-to-date. I understand money is tight, but you always want to provide a good presentation.

Parties you should never join…

1. Never join a party that doesn’t have a Champion. The Champion is the tank. A Champion is number 3 in the most wanted list. Number 1 is Heretic, Number 2 Enchantress, and Champion is number 3. Heretic, Enchantress, and Champion are classes that will always get into parties guarantee, but not if a party already has these classes in them. Any who, the Champion has the ability to taunt all monsters and have them focus on him or her. So imagine doing a party without a champion. There is no one to taunt the mobs. The mobs are all on top of you and your party members. You are literally running around to try and shake the mobs off of you and you’re trying to heal your teammates at the same time. You burn through your mana and if you didn’t invest in Tears of Artemis, you are using Free Food that takes forever to give you efficient mana to use. Eventually, all of you die, or if lucky, survive with but a pinch of life. It sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? That is what will happen in any Elite dungeon run that is lacking a Champion.

2. If there isn’t a champion, there should be at least 2 Duelists and 1 Heretic/Enchantress. Champions are hard to find in Open Beta (Midgard Server). The most popular classes were The Ranger and Duelist classes. If you see a lack in Champions, then make sure there is at least 2 Duelists and another support character like yourself. The Duelist has a taunt ability that lures the mobs towards them. Having your healing spells focus on two Duelists is better than trying to heal the whole party.

3. Never join a party where the team leader doesn’t know what he or she is doing. You will have these quests that will be given to you every day. They are located in a section called Major Events. Some of those quests, like Paladin Trials for example, you can only complete once (unless you spend zen to purchase Rock of Trials, acquire alms from helping Novice players and then by Rock of Trials, or acquire Rock of Trials from the Gaia Treasure Chest you can buy with Salary in the Salary shop). If you can only complete a dungeon once a day, you want to make sure that the dungeon is on the highest difficulty. For Paladins Trials that difficulty is Normal Mode. If the leader chooses easy, then he will have wasted your time and deprived you of the experience points worthy of your level. So please, pay attention.

4. In the case of a dumb Magus, let him or her die. A Magus is the squishiest of all classes. They get hurt very easily and absorb a ton of damage. If the player playing a Magus had any sense, he or she would have his or her character behind the front lines. But I remind you that special people exist in this game. There are people that like to think the Magus is a tank and immerse their Magus in a mob, claiming that their Magus is a tank because they have Soul Gear or probably gave their Magus a ridiculous Pure VIT build. In the case you encounter this kind of Magus, kindly warn them to stay back, and if they ignore you, let them die. Do not waste your mana on such a person when there are smarter people too spend it on. These are words of wisdom, trust me.

Natural Attribute Allocation of the Enchantress (NAA)

This guide was made by suboshi for those players who go into depth with their characters and look at the statistics. In the link, I called the natural growth of the character, the Natural Attribute Allocation (NAA). These are the points your character automatically receives upon leveling. Suboshi plotted out the NAA of the Enchantress from level 1-50 (so far). For players planning a build, be sure to check out the statistics he has provided:

Originally Posted by suboshi
Thanks for your replies, guys. They’re really resourceful to me.
Dunno if it’s going to help you with your build plans, but I took some time to note every stat boost while levelling up from lvl 1 to lvl 50 and wanted to share appropriate info with everyone. I’ll probably test other levels as well until reaching level cap. No points invested in any statistics, no buffs, no equipment – raw stats’ table is given to you. :)

Character for testing purposes
Stat boost table

Best regards~!

Originally Posted by suboshi
Closed Beta ended and I was able to level up only to 67, I’ll put a chart with natural stat growth for Enchantress below along with testing character and the one with basic LV60 Golden Gear (no Gems, Stardusts and Starwords inside, Infuse Soul performed on each available part of gear to LV6; Chalice and Golden Eminence Helm were refined up to +4, the rest of equipment is not “touched”). As it’s visible on screenshots and from other players’ experience, stats don’t generate too much of difference for now, hopefully their value gets more significant later in-game. I also noticed that gear for Enchantress aimed mainly to provide as much SPR and INT (primal focus), then VIT and DEX as possible, which is probably worth mentioning while planning stats and accessories (Gems, Stardusts, Starwords, etc.) to compliment our specific build.Natural Attribute Allocation (up to lvl 67)
Character for testing purpose (lvl 50)
Character for testing purpose (lvl 67)
Geared character for testing purpose (lvl 67)Time to look into Grinsinthedark’s guide.
Keep up the good work, guys.
Best regards~!

Enchantress Q&A;

Q: What craft should I learn for Enchantress?

A: Once again, I am changing this answer. Despite Alchemy having recipes in the Clan Apothecary, Arms Production and Handicraft are the two crafts that will make you money in this game. Level it up and sell your crafted items for dough. I’m Arms Production and I make over 3 million coins selling stardusts. If you were to go Handicraft, you can make just as much selling soulbeads, chalices, and starword chargers.

Q: What element does the Enchantress specialize in?

A: The Enchantress is a bard/witch. She controls all the elements and the sum of all her elemental damage is used in her attacks.

Q: Are there any male Enchanters?

A: No, the Enchantress is gender-locked: female only.

Q: What does the Enchantress specialize in?

A: The Enchantress specializes in buffs/debuffs. She is a party catalyst and functions as the ultimate support keeping all the classes alive and working at top performance or exceeding expectations. Her skills ensure the parties survival. She is not to be confused with the Heretic. She is capable of healing, but her healing power doesn’t come near to that of a Heretic. She supports all classes, including the Heretic and can be quite the lifesaver for all.

Current & Known Enchantress Class Bugs

Aura Buff/Attack Delay Bug: As you may have noticed by now, whenever you activate one of your auras, your character’s attack speed becomes delayed. You will find yourself smashing the numkeys or rapidly clicking your skill slots just to get her to cast one skill. It is a very known bug, and we hope it gets fixed.

Heaven Chord lvl 10 Description Error: When you max Heaven Chord, you will notice an error with the description saying the skill offers only “20 damage” when it should say “160 damage.” Do not be frightened if you just spent 150k coins to max this. Your money didn’t go to waste. The skill functions the way it should. The developers just need to edit that minor detail.

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