War of the Immortals Bounty Hunter Event Guide

War of the Immortals Bounty Hunter Event Guide by vekool


1) This event allows you to gain bounty hunter reputation.
2) Players with high reputation gain Quartz coins – which can be exchanged from Bagoretti for Level 1 and level 2 gems. Apart from Gem of Hel (Crit Strike), all the rest can be purchased from here.
3) You sometimes also gain extra rewards like celebeam particles by completing certain high level quests.
4) There are only a limited number of quests available each day for Professional and above levels.
a) Professional Level: usually 400 for each type of quest
b) Master Level: usually 300 for each type of quests
c) Legendary Level: usually 50 for each type of quest.
d) Red Quests: Only 30 and they appear on the board randomly.
5) Quests and rewards (exp and coins) are scaled to character level. So a level 70 bounty quest will provide less coins/exp than a level 90 bounty quest of the same section in the board.

a) Beginner Level (Rep – 0-500)

1) All beginner level quests consist of buying scrolls from the bounty board (10 scrolls per day).
2) Right click on the scroll to gain the quest. (You lose coins here as well).
3) Kill mobs as specified in the quest to gain 5 Bounty Hunter Rep.
4) Quests complete Automatically – the coins invested are refunded. You get EXP as well

a) You pay X coins when you buy the quests from the bounty board
b) You lose X coins when u right click on the quest.
c) you only gain X coins when the quest completes. SO in short – you are only refunded half the amount spent.

b) Professional Level (Rep – 500 – 2000)

1) Same as above except you can only take 3 professional level quests per day. You can still take the beginner level quests (10 per day)
2) These provide 30 bounty rep each
3) You have to talk to the NPC Bagoretti – to complete the quest

4) These quests usually consist of the following
a) Kill a chief mob X times – usually 3+ times (depends upon char level)
b) Kill a crazed mob (red named) X times – usually 15+ times (depends upon char level)
c) Submit a crafted item. (Red named only)
d) You gain exp, coins and quartz coins – (usually 5 for normal, 10 for red named)
e) Since here you have no need to right click on any scroll (you directly receive these quests) – you actually start earning some coins doing these quests.

Sometimes quests with red background appear on the bounty board. These quests pay more for that level (in terms of exp, coins, items etc). These appear in Professional and higher level listings on the bounty board only. When u see one – try not to miss those.

c) Master Bounty Hunter (Rep – 2000 – 10000)

Refer to b) Professional Rep above. Its the same except:
1) Certain Items require high level crafting – like HP Prod Level 4 – which is a level 35+ alchemy crafting skill – which can only be learned from the clan Apothecary NPC
2) You gain 10 quartz coins per quest
3) Certain quests require you to submit items gained from killing world bosses in elite and safe zones like Phegru’s Tail (TOW level 4 boss), Dakar’s Shank (Soulbound level 3 boss).
4) You gain 40 bounty rep per completed quest
5) Certain quests give other items – like Celebeam particles instead of Quartz Coins.
6) Quest on the bounty board change sometimes, throughout the day. Sometimes it changes in an hour, sometimes even more. This only applies to Master and above sections

d) Legendary Bounty Hunter (Rep 10000+)
1) All quests here require you to kill world bosses.
2) Most rewarding of all the sections
3) Gain 15 Quartz coins per quest


Beginner quests:
1) Before taking up any quests, look at what quests are available. Go to that map and try killing a few of each type of mob. Check which mob can u handle with least difficulty. Then, go to the board and buy the 10 scrolls for that mob.

a) If you are a non ranged class like slayer, duelist, zerk or champ. DO NOT TAKE QUESTS THAT ASK YOU TO HUNT MAGIC ATTACK TYPE MOBS BECAUSE:

i) If you aggro them, they will attack you from a distance and you will have to go towards them to attack them
ii) You will consume more HP/MP pots this way.
iii) Mobs with Magic attack will always stand and attack from a distance. This makes it harder to group them and use AOE skills effectively.
iv) As the above mentioned reasons indicate – the quest will take longer to complete.

b) If you are a ranged attacker like Heretic, Magus, Enchantress and Ranger: Still I would suggest to take the Physical attack type mobs – for the same reasons mentioned above. Basically, any mob with Magic attack is hard to group together. AOE attacks become less effective.

2) AFK the beginner quests.
a) You can skill the combat aid as follows.
1st slot: Your spammy skill – that you get in the beginning – this has lowest cooldown.
2nd slot: Your other spammy skill – this is usually single target and has a lesser cooldown.
3rd slot: Your Aggro pulling skill: For example: Soul Drain for duelist.
4th slot: Your AOE skill – you have to something about all that aggro u pulled isnt it.

b) Some classes may not be able to handle aggro effectively. Like slayers and Magues. At that time put in a defense skill in the 2nd slot. Most beginner level mobs won’t do much damage.

c) Basically the above is just a general observation and may not apply to all mobs/classes. Look at tip 1 – and skill your Combat aid accordingly.

d) There is a slot in the combat aid, which says – use this item every X seconds. Enable it and put the Bounty Hunter scrolls there. A good value to put there is 10-20 seconds. This way – when the quest completes, the next quest is automatically activated.

e) If you are a platinum noble, all 6 skill slots are opened for you. Skill them as u like then. The second slot for the “use this item every X seconds” is also opened. Put the crowd of ladies item in there. It helps a lot.

f) Set the range as 35 – it works most of the time.

g) Certain mobs are phy attack based, but spread far apart, thereby making them harder to aggro. Avoid those. Choosing the right type of mob is also very important.

Professional quests:

a) If you take the chief hunting quests at a time when the server is very populated. You wont be able to complete them. Since those mobs will be farmed. Its best to take the “crazed” quests then – as these mobs respawn fast.

Master and Legendary Quests:

1) AT LEVEL 90+MANY QUESTS DONT GIVE QUARTZ COINS. INSTEAD THEY GIVE SOULJADES, DRAGON SOUL ORBS, HOLY WATER ESSENCES ETC. If you want Quartz coins – do professional level quests. Will update this when I get to level 100+ – maybe the quests will change then

NO more tips at the moment.

a) Don’t do these quests in populated realms
b) If someone else is farming those mobs there – change the realm
c) Crafting quests: at higher levels are the easiest to do – and provide a lot of rep.
d) Currently – I am only doing my master quests, not beginner. I complete them in 10 mins flat and get 120 rep easily. Easy way to earn around 20-30K coins
e) Unless proven wrong, currently – I am not aiming for the Legendary rep. Just doing these quests to get level 2 gems.

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