War Inc Free GC Guide

War Inc Free GC Guide by sergeytitov

Okay folks,

Here’s ways to get free GC for War Inc.

1) AVAILABLE NOW – Easiest way – go to http://account.thewarinc.com/earn.php – there’re bunch of free offers, so you should be able to get some free GC. My favorite there – watching automative commercials over and over again

2) AVAILABLE NOW – Participate in Community challenges – http://challenge.thewarinc.com/. Help our community to reach challenge goal – get some cool stuff and GC !

3) AVAILABLE NOW – Level up ! Okay this one easy too – just play more often, eventually you’ll get there.

4) COMING SOON – Daily Missions/Personal Missions. Check My Merc/Missions – you’ll find what you need to do to get GC. Right now most fo the missions are WP rewards, we’ll add new ones /switch old ones to GC by end of March.

5) COMING SOON – rewards to active players. As easy as it can be. Play X consecutive days and get GC oand other rewards. It starts with 1 day, some GC reward. Just login to the game EVERY day and click “CLAIM MY REWARD” – that’s it ! Or wait, login every single day – and see how your reward grow. It’s like that – first day you’ll get let say 200GC, but if you leave it as is and login into game next day, it’ll be 500GC. Wait more and login on third day and get 1000 GC ! Play 10 consecutive days and get TON of GC plus some cool exclusive items ! rinse and repeat !

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  1. bryan says:

    It says Reference Code 309 when i try to click earn free GC

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