Tribes Ascend 100k XP Weapons Guide

Tribes Ascend 100k XP Weapons Guide by DemoEvolved


Light Assault Rifle (secondary)
Makes it possible to nibble down good flag runners that you can’t get close enough to disk. It works, but its not going to be your primary. Its an interceptors desperation tool.


Stealth Spinfusor (primary). Alpha strike from cloak for 700 damage. Disk sniping base assets. Disk jumping. Splash attacking Engy turrets from far away. Fundamentally makes the class way better than the smg primary. Just remember, its still the weakest disk in the game.

Jackal (primary). I hear it is really good at killing mediums. Shoot the ground where the enemy will land and then hit reload. Many say even better than disk.


Phase Rifle (primary). Imagine the Quake 2 railgun. Now imagine the reload is longer and you can’t jump afterwards. If you can’t hit with the BXT1 you still won’t be able to hit with this. If you ARE good with the BXT1, you will be Better with this, because the damage ramps up faster and you dont need to zoom to get damage.

Falcon (secondary) Basically allows you to run down enemies that you totally can’t do with the Nova reliably. Greatly improves the class. I think its worth more than the Phase Rifle.


Thumper (primary). If you want to defend the inside of the base and have a chance clearing out heavies, you are going to need this weapon. Before you have this you are an “outside tech”. So you rely A LOT on someone else to defend the gen to keep you happy. Very worth it. Synergy with EMP Mines bigtime.

MIRV Launcher (primary). It’s the mortar but with a sloppy hit area. Basically makes it easier to bomb stuff. It is fun to use because its a bit easier than the Mortar.

X1 LMG (secondary). If you are outside a lot, bombing stuff, Someone is going to come after you. If you want to live, you will need an SMG for outdoor combat. This is that SMG. !Remember, if you take this gun, you don’t have Disk Jumping unless you give up your AP grenades for the Thrown Disk.


Heavy Bolt Launcher (primary) If you want to defend the inside of the base, you should probably have this weapon. If you like to shoot the flagstand as runners come at it, this weapon can do that. If you can’t hit anything with the CG but you want to play d, you are going to need this weapon. However, before you spend money on this, get the Doomb mines which are a free 700 damage hit on the enemy and you can probably finish em with the CG anyway. Keep farming mines like a madman and you can get easily 10 “free” assists per match or more.

Some people have been asking how XP is calculated for each match so here is the answer:

On average: 2000 XP per hour
If you’re VIP: 3000 XP per hour
With a booster: 6000 XP per hour

If you’re in the winning team = +25% bonus

1st player on the scoreboard = +25% bonus
2nd player = +(25/2)% bonus
3rd player = +(25/3)% bonus

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