SWTOR Useful Bounty Hunter Datacrons Guide

SWTOR Useful Bounty Hunter Datacrons Guide by xCad

Aim / Endurance / Matrix Crystal Shards / Cunning

Hey guys, so yesterday I thought I took a break from WZ’s and figured out I’d do some exploring, and what better way to do so than hunting some datacrons.
I figured out I’m not quite in the mood to search for all of them so I just went for a few datacrons that boosted my stats a bit, obviously I went for the +Aim and +Endurance datacrons.

-Have also added the +Cunning datacrons-

*Cunning Crons are optional, not crucial (some Tech Damage Bonus and Tech Crit. Chance to some of our skills). But if they’re there, why not take them.

It took me about 3 hours (in total with seaching the webz etc.) to get them all.
I don’t know if this kind of thread has already been made around the BH forum but I thought to make one so that you guys can easily grab the info. from here.




-the guy in the movie uses sprint to do the jump (for the Aim +4 Cron.), you can easily do it with your speeder-





Dromund Kaas:









Nar Shadda:













Imperial Fleet:

Thank you Moestuin for pointing out about the +10 All Stats datacron, I have added it above. You need 4 people to get that particular datacron guys, so ask some friends and go for it.
Also thank you Shivus for pointing out about the datacrons that reward you with Crystal Shards that are required if you wish to create Matrix Cubes (Relics).
There are two useful combinations for BH’s in the last tier (talking strictly about level 50 Matrix Cubes).

  • 3x Blue Shards: Matrix Cube = +58 Aim / +50 Endurance / +24 Crit
  • 3x Yellow Shards: Matrix Cube = +52 Aim / +60 Endurance / +18 Defense

Links on how to get to the Blue and Yellow shards:

After you’ve got all of your Crystal Shards simply go to Dromund Kaas to the Matrix Cube Assembler and follow this guide:

Someone has asked if it’s possible to use 2 Crystal Shards in order to obtain the Matrix Cubes (relics), and I don’t think that’s possible.
But you can start assembling them from level 15 and they start to get better at level 24 then at level 32 and the final version at 50, of which I spoke above.

Shard types:
R = Red
Y = Yellow
G = Green
B = Blue

Here are some useful combinations depending on your level:

Level 15:

RBG = +15 Aim / +10 Endurance

Where do you get the colour crystals at level 15? Simple:
R:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcGMMeB0Ong – Korriban
B:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WCuxYujsls – Hutta
G:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=671IVZmhVmA – Balmorra

Level 24:

BYY = +19 Aim / +24 Endurance
Now for this one you should have the Blue one from Hutta already. Other ones:
Y: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJnRF_fGf4E – Dromund Kaas
Y: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ7czbKJt3A – Nar Shadda

GBB = +28 Aim / +14 Endurance
For this particular one you already have 1xBlue from Hutta and 1xGreen from Balmorra you need another Blue one, get it here:
B: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPSLYV8hS2U – Tatooine, yes I know the balOOn one, a pain.

Level 32:

GRR = +39 Aim / +23 Endurance
For this one you already have a Green one and a Red one, get the second Red here:
R: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srHrVGdPQTk – Hoth

BGG = +14 Aim / +33 Endurance / +8 Shield / +10 Defence
You already have a Blue one and a Green one, that means you need 1 more Green. Find it right here:
G: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MhZL36Gy00 – Belsavis (+read description on the movie)

-!Important!-: So you’ve made yourself a new Matrix Cube at a lower level, and after some time you level up and reach the next tier (e.g. you’re now level 26-ish and want to make a new one because you’ve reached the 2nd tier at level 24) and you need the shards from your old Matrix Cubes (obviously). Just go back to Dromund Kaas in the Matrix Assembly room where you made it and find the [Matrix Cube Disassembler] break your current Relic (Matrix Cube) up, and have your Crystals back for the brand new one:


There you go, enjoy your new Relic.

As you can see, the Matrix Cube has been stored into your Mission Inventory (not in the regular one). Back in the Beta you could store up to 4 Matrix Cubes in total (so basically have 4 of them), they could also be stored in your ship’s Cargohold. Now you can only have 1xMatrix Cube per character that can be either equipped or stored in your Mission Inventory.

After finding all the Stats datacrons (including the tricky +10 one on the Imperial Fleet) you should have a gain of ~ +40 Aim / Cunning / Endurance (and some other Stats that you shouldn’t bother about – by that I’m not trying to say that the +Presence crons are useless, just that some of us like me don’t find companions so useful at level 50).

I hope this was helpful.
If you spot any mistakes, or feel that something more should be added pls. write a reply and I will Edit the Post accordingly.
Thank you for reading!

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