Super MNC Leo Guide

Super MNC Leo Guide by norrknekten


Due to several people asking me “How can you do so well with leo?” i have decided to make a Leo tutorial, Note that this is not the “best” nor the most efficient way you can play him but then again who can say that?

First things first. I had a game recently where my whole team picked on me for choosing leo instead of support or CG with their main reason for doing that was that he didnt had enough damage.

If this was any other shooter besides tf2 i would’ve agree that the support and CG is the better pick but then again this isnt a normal shooter.

But then again he is an actual support compared to CG and support.
Leo isnt on the field to do damage, he is there to support, giving armor, help wounded teammates to tele back to spawn for health and covert/buff hostile and neutral bots alike and save allies with his burst heal.

Leo benefits greatly from Rate of fire,skillreg and health reg ( the last being only because his Botcode-X gives increases his healthreg by a percent.

The products you choose will change the way you can use him drastically seing as most products works on him with the exeption of “on kill”,Death and grapple products. But my suggestion list would be.

Massive air
Money magnet (dont use all magnet leave the pick ups for your team they need it more)
Bot buster
Critical armor
Over Armor
Spunky lighting/Jumpy Spunky ( just one and one only)
Critically late

While most say that Leo is for laning only i say that he can do other things since he has capabilities however he should mainly stay on lane or near teammates.
For this kind of play i use Money magnet, Over armor and spunky lightning is is my main product set for leo.

If you want to solo then dont play a support

While many prefer a lane only leo i would use
Bot buster, over armor, Critical armor

Each weapon has different strenghts and weaknesses,

Mona Lazor has splash and fills up your charge for quite burst heal when at full charge.
Use this in close and mid combat with bots or midrange against pros if you find yourself unable to hit with the crossbow

Balestra ( or crossbow) has a three projectile spread with no falloff.
Use this against pros and bots alike when your charge is full, not only does it more damage but the spread makes you able to do quite some damage in close combat or chip health of those that are far away.

Both weapons has pinpoint accuracy.


His skills are Highly underrated…… mainly because not many knows what they actually do or how to utilize them

Bot Code-X
Buffs speed and RoF of allied bots and gives him a nice healthreg buff

Venice defense.
The most supportive ability in the game, armor aura that gives 50 armor/Sec at max, Long range, low damage missiles use the missiles and targeting beam to find commandos and other hostiles around you ,able to teleport teammates back to the spawnroom
It needs to be placed open. but still hidden enough so teammates wont have to stand in the open to recall

Adoration of AI
his best ability… converts a bot to a pro chaser meaning it will act like bouncer and blackjack, Use it on a fuji together with Code-X to have one mean killing machine hunting after your enemies

Early game

“Your basically useless both in damage and survivability”…. this is not true…. Your the nightmare of anyone who overextends because of your botcode-X can turn even a group of slims to pro-killers at this level. and dont forget the extra shady that you take from them and make it go after them and slowly chip away their health.

Not that one should not rely on sheer damage from slims but they can do alot if someone over extends

Stay on lane and dont be alone, even under turret your an easy target for any team with mediocre cordination.

A very important thing when playing Leo is that Mona Lazor charges faster the closer to the target you are. So instead of sniping with the lazor you can save up a full charge on less than two full magazines on your Mona Lazor by letting the bots get close to the turret ( and you) and from there shoot them, Dont let them remove the sheild but so sure to push them back with adoration if they get to close. When Mona is charged you can use balesta for close and long range but mona is still the better weapon for bots and midrange.

Mona Lazor charges up faster the closer to the target you are, Hug those bots and Quickly get a full charge

Mona Lazor does less damage to the target you hit with the beam. aim at slims to take the shady, aim at shadys to the the fuji’s, use balesta to quickly get rid of lone fujis.

Only leave the lane to put up a turret for your team when the first anni comes which you should put a rank in at 4-5.

Mid game

Here is where you can really shine, Leo has just as the other two defenders easy to get level advantages, but you should not take any kills unless you dont have your nearby.

Go up in jungle before the fight begins and camp bot spawners there if your lucky you can snatch yourself a black jack or even a bouncer which you buff right as it runs into the enemy. The fine part about being leo during this part is his glider meaning he can escape from almost any encounter.

Spark, assasin, assault and sometimes skilled vet/wascot players are really hard to get away from so try to get them to use their mobility skill by having an weird escape route, with alot of zigzag. get your turret out and recall if you can but i wouldnt count on having enough time for the turret to get up and then being able to recall unless your hunter mess up badly.

Save your juice for these moments dont use it for offense as you wont be doing enough with it, fill your juice then let your teammates have the boxes until you have used yours, as said before. They need it more than you

be sure to get back to the anni for turret placement and to help out with your crossbow and use your heal when the team is low.

Yes.. only one heal. if you place your turret right then all of the teammembers should easely get 25% of armor before the fight if your all early, (and still get more armor during the fight) with the heal being around 50% around this time providing you have a level advantage, thats 187% of base health of EVERY pro on your team that needs to be taken out, while he still hijacks junglebots

On locomoco you should stay out of the anni pad unless you and your team is early so you can place a turret down on the egde of the pad.

(Lane Leo should never go after anni and should keep pushing to get more burstheals in a long battle over anni, be sure to recall when anni is taken unless most of the enemy team is dead, otherwise you will soon find yourself taken care off)

Late game

Push the lane that needs to be pushed, Throw your buff on bots nearby, Charge your heal, save teammates with your heals and turret, Buff jackbots and watch them roll over everything in their way.

This is the time where you can go alone and push to rape turrets and charge heals. however if someone notices you and you know you cant defend yourself recall As soon as possible!!!!!!

If your meeting a team that split up and sends someone to take care of you then switch to the same lane as your teammates but try to snatch a fuji from the other lane as much as possible.

Not only does this weaken the push of the other lane but a buffed Fuji eats pros in a constant stream of projectiles before exploding in their face.

This ofcourse depends on the map since i doubt you would be given the possibility to change on spunky but on loco and gorge you will find it pretty easy to get a drillocopter to the other lane

Juice at turret ( AND TURRETS ONLY! unless its in defence ) and get up close with balestra for over 2000 DPS. Your still frail but can defend yourself in 1v1 due to you mostly having friendly bots nearby which you can use to increase your healthreg tremendiously, And if you cant kill your opponent with balestra then use the venice defense to recall ( be sure they wont interupt you while you do it)

Venice Defence is extremly durable for a turret and can withstand a rockit for 5 aprox 5 sec at max level. Abuse that durability

Use your gliders utility in combat alternating your jump pace, it will make your landing hard to foresee and make grappling harder for your enemy and easier for you. Be sure to fire after finished grapples as all 3 bolts will hit.

If you die as Leo then you only have yourself to blame unless you get jumped by 3 commandos who all jumped across the map.


1.Bot Code-X
4.Adoration/Venice Defence
5.Adoration/Venice Defence
6.Bot Code-X
7.Venice Defence
9.Bot Code-X/Venice Defence
10.Bot Code-X/Venice Defence

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