RotMG Starter’s Guide

RotMG Starter’s Guide by michaelwm

Quick Note:
This is a guide I have written in the way I “regain” characters after death. Don’t like my method? Don’t read this. I am also well aware that the wiki has a guide on leveling.

Hello everyone! My name is Phoenix (IGN: Michaelwm) and I’d like to welcome you to my RotMG guide! This guide will take you from starting as a wizard character to earning some pretty good items from scratch! Just started on RotMG? wizard is an amazing class that is surprisingly the first class as well! So, if you’re interested in reading my methods of leveling, then continue on!

This guide will be split into 3 sections, early game, mid game, and late game.

Last Note:
Just an FYI, this guide will be focused on the wizard, as it is the starting class, and a great class to play!

Before Playing
Before playing, make sure to set up your options! The nexus button is a button that you will probably be hitting often if your not very skilled, and make sure to work with the graphics/sound options to your liking (I hate the music :l) and decide if you want screen rotation or not. Oh, and one last thing, do not beg in the nexus. This is an annoyance to many players and will get you ignored by them.

Early Game
What is early game you may ask? In my point of view, it is the most important task to do in RotMG, that being leveling to 20. Leveling to 20 can take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the skill of the player and how they decide to level.

Levels 1 – 10
So, your just starting? Well, this section will take you through the easiest part of early game. These levels are easy to gain, as you require little exp, and most enemies in the forest give a lot of exp for low levels, although there is a cap. You shouldn’t have any problems this early, as enemies do little damage, even though the wizard has a low HP stat.

First, you should start on the beach, with plenty of low level enemies and tons of scorpion queens just waiting to be slayed, this should be a quick experience. Fighting off snakes, cubes, scorpions, and pirates, the highest tiers you’ll have access to are T1 items, better then your starter items but not nearly as good as the weapons you’d like access to before starting mid game. Pickup a few T1 items that you can use and drop the rest. Also, stack up and healing and mana potions, you’ll need them. It’s time to enter the forest!

In the forest, you’ll encounter many quest bosses, including bandit leaders, (undead) hobbit mages, elf wizards and many more! Unlike scorpion queens, these enemies have minions that follow you, so kill off as many minions as you can! Using your special can be easy, and is used best when your pointing at the middle of an enemy. Only use these on the quest bosses, as minions can be taken down with relative ease. After killing some of these bosses, you should have access to at least T3 items, which can help you in the times to come. Prepare to venture deeper!

You should now be close to level 10, and before you enter the levels 10 – 20 stages, make sure you find some good T4/T5 items. These are the highest items you can receive from a non-soulbound bag. Your going to have to fight some dwarf kings, deathmages and lichs if you want these. These enemies provide one thing most of the earlier enemies don’t, and that is castles. These castle provide safe walls for you to hide behind and regain health/use spells safely. After gaining some T4/T5 items and reaching level 10, its time to start the level 10 – 20 stages!

Levels 10 – 20
Around these levels is where you are powerful enough to start taking risks, and gaining people trust. Finding a group to play with is one part of this game that you dont want to miss! Priests, Paladins, and Warriors are just some of the great group members that can provide you with buffs, healing, and more to make your RotMG experience more fun and much easier!

One of the most important parts about leveling from 10 to 20 is earning at least some T8 loot to help you mid game. Do as many quests as possible, these give tons of experience and can supply you with great items! The trick during this stage is that all loot you should be looking for is found in purple soulbound bags. The thing about these bags is that they are only visible to you, so you can take your time with retrieving your loot, and you must do a certain amount of damage to the enemy to become eligible for one. These bags ALWAYS contain at least T6 items, so they will be a step up from your T5 items. Continue until you feel your good enough to start fighting some real enemies.

Once you think you can take some risks, look at the minimap for a group 20s. These people will probably be in the god lands, an area where some of the hardest enemies (gods) only spawn. These gods don’t come with any minions, but they normally don’t attack solo. Always stay with your group, and use your special on groups of gods to do quick SB (soulbound) damage and have a chance at getting mid tier loot! Try to look into every purple bag you see, and stack up on some great items. As a wizard, you want to look for the Staff of Horror, the best staff you can receive from gods, the Robe of the Master, the best robe you can receive from gods, Destruction Sphere Spell, the best spell you can receive from gods, and finally either a Ring of Superior Health or a Ring of Superior Defense, the best rings you can receive from gods and the type of ring many players recommend.

Once you’ve found these items, your normally ready to fight some gods alone, but always make sure not to get greedy and try to take down groups of gods you can’t. Recognize what you can’t do and nexus/find some other gods. Fighting some of these gods might earn you stat pots, found in large blue bags, which we’ll discuss more in the mid game section. Once your 20 and have earned the items I stated earlier, your ready to start mid game, maxing!

Mid Game
Mid game is one of the most important parts in your RotMG adventure that will help you in the long run. During mid game, you’ll max your character and possible find some few untiered items!

Before Maxing
Before we start maxing, you might be asking yourself, What even is maxing? Well, maxing is where a player gathers stat pots and drinks them to raise their base stat cap. You are maxed once you have fully upgraded all 8 stats your character has, HP, MP, ATT, DEF, SPD, DEX, WIS, And VIT. All stat pots are found in bright blue bags. If you see one of these, you should get excited. Now, lets get into what these stats are:

HP – Simple enough, this is the amount of hit points you have and it determines how much health your character has. The stat pots that increase this stat are cyan color.

MP – These are your magic/mana points, which determine how many times your character can use his ability. The stat pots that increase this stat are a yellow color

ATT – This is your attack stat, and it determines how much damage your character does. The stat pots that increase this stat are a pink color

DEF – Probably one of the most important stats, this is your defense stat and and it determines how much damage your character takes. The stat pots that increase this stat are a black color.

SPD – This is your speed stat, and it determines how fast your character moves. The stat pots that increase this stat are a light green color.

DEX – This is your dexterity stat, and it determines how fast your character attacks. The stat pots that increase this stat are a Bright orange/red color.

WIS – This is your wisdom stat, and it determines how fast your character recovers MP. The stat pots that increase this stat are a light blue color.

VIT – This is your vitality stat, and it determines how fast your character recovers HP. The stat pots that increase this stat are a dark red color.

Early Maxing
Early maxing is the stage where your character farms the stat pots that gods drop, ATT, DEF, and SPD. Lets get into which gods drop which of these stat pots:

– Flying Brain
– Sprite God
– White Demon
– Construct Trio

– Ent God
– Slime God
– Leviathan
– Beholder

– Djinn
– Ghost God
– Red Demon
– Medusa

For maxing your ATT stat, you’d want to stay with fighting flying brains, sprite gods and white demons. Flying brains do a surprisingly low amount of damage, and shoot in a way you can dodge easily, sprite gods, stand still and don’t follow the player, and white demons, although they have armor breaking (Always do 45 damage) shoot in an easy to dodge pattern. Construct trios just don’t die with the items you have, and they should be skipped as they aren’t a threat anyways.

For maxing your DEF, you should stay with ent gods and beholders. Ent gods shoot in an easy to dodge pattern, and beholders, are very similar to flying brains. Leviathans and slime gods can be attacked, however leviathans are one of the tougher gods and slime gods shoot insanely fast projectiles.

For maxing your SPD, you should fight ghost gods, djinns and medusas. Red demons aren’t actaully gods, they are quest bosses, and like all quest bosses, have minions, so can be avoided if your not used to fighting minions anymore. Medusas are one of the harder gods, throwing high damage bombs and shoot like ent gods, they are easy to kill when alone. Djinns are the easiest god, only shooting projectiles like crazy once in a while, and can be killed with ease. Ghost gods fire lots of high damage projectiles, but are easy to dodge.

Mid Maxing
This stage of maxing takes a bit longer then early maxing, and pertains to earning stat pots dropped by dungeon bosses, which are DEX, WIS, and VIT. DEX drops from Limon the Sprite God, probably the easiest boss you’ll fight, WIS drops from Septavius the Ghost God, and VIT drops from Archdemon Malphas, probably the hardest boss you’ll face during this stage.

For maxing your DEX, you should focus on killing sprite gods, as they come with many sprite children, which have a high chance of dropping sprite worlds. Sprite worlds are confusing worlds with moving tiles that don’t have any walls around rooms, meaning you can hurt enemies in one room from a different room. The minions in this dungeon are relatively easy, except for the few sprite gods found in this dungeon. When you fight Limon, she should be invulnerable for a few seconds and then charge and attack you. She then sets up barriers of projectiles and rests for a few seconds. Get in between the front and back row of the projectiles and start shooting at her for cheap damage! You will earn a guaranteed DEX pot if you went alone, and if you see a white bag, scream for joy!

For maxing WIS, you should focus on killing ghost gods, which drop undead lairs. These lairs contain many enemies who are known to give debuffs, such as confuse. When fighting Septavius, he will first spray projectiles around the room and then attack players with regular attacks. Do not get confused, as it will become a huge problem if you don’t know how to deal with confuse! When his shield breaks, he will summon large amounts of minions who are relatively easy to kill, just move backwards and shoot at them, but again, don’t get confused or you might run into the crowd by accident! You will receive a guaranteed WIS pot if you fought alone, and a white bag containing rare untiered items could be dropped!

For maxing VIT, focus on killing medusas and enter any abyss of demons you see. These are hard dungeons and should be done with friends. If you killed Malphas alone, you will earn a guaranteed VIT pot, and possibly a rare untiered item!

Late Maxing
This is easily the hardest stage of maxing. This stage, you should have maxed all six of your main stats, but its time to max HP and MP! These stat pots only drop from high tier dungeon bosses, the Ocean Trench and Tomb of the Ancients, which also drop from event gods, extremely hard bosses. Ocean Trench is dropped by the Hermit God, while the Tomb of the Ancients if dropped by the Sphinx God. Make sure to gather a group of friends as these dungeons are the hardest in the game. Life pots drop from the Tomb of the Ancient bosses, and Mana pots drop from Thessal the Mermaid Goddess.

Late Game
This stage is the stage that continues forever. During this stage, you will learn how to gain some great items to aid you in your adventures and possibly earn some untiered items!

Your first step is to earn some good items. Since you should have maxed at least a few stats, any pots you collect should be useless, right? Wrong. Collect these pots and store them in your vault. Switch to a popular server like USWest and start trading with players. Although there is no defined price of any item in RotMG, many players have created price guides which almost the whole community uses to price their items. Save up some pots and buy items. Never do trades that require multiple trades, as it is the perfect opportunity to get scammed. Use common sense. If you have a trade that costs more then 8 SPD, trade the SPD for DEF. Have a trade that costs more then 8 DEF? Trade the DEF for LIFE. Have a trade that costs more then 8 LIFE? Trade life for incs. Get some items and your set for the RotMG experience. Once you have good items, its time to fight some event gods!

These event gods are some of the hardest enemies in the game. THey drop high tiered loot, at highest T11 loot, and some drop untiered items. Untiered items are items that dont have a tier. These items are some of the rarest in the game, and sell for high prices. Whether you use, buy, or sell untiered items, they are an important part in your journey. Untiered are the easiest way to earn tons of great items. Also, enter dungeons! these dungeons have bosses who drop great untiered loot!

Any time while playing, your realm might close. This is identified by Oryx saying “I HAVE CLOSED THIS REALM AND YOU WILL DIE HERE ALONE” or something along those lines. Try not to nexus, this is a great opportunity no matter what stage your in. 2 Minutes after that, your screen will shake and you will be sent to oryxs castle, where you must fight with everyone in the realm against Oryx the Mad God. For players still in early game, this is a great leveling opportunity. For players in mid game, Oryx and the stone guardians drop some stat pots. For players in late game, the stone guardians drop great untiered items and Oryx the Mad God 2 drops the best items in the game, T12 items. Stay with your group, and don’t rush unless you know what your doing.

That about wraps things up! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great experience in RotMG!

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