RotMG Manor of the Immortals Guide

RotMG Manor of the Immortals Guide by SuperNewt

A new dungeon was added in build 122.3: Manor of the Immortals. This is a somewhat mid-level dungeon, which is accessed as a drop from a monster called Kage Kami (KAH-gay KAH-me). At this point, we know that the dungeon monsters themselves aren’t that difficult, but the boss can be ruthlessly difficult if done improperly. There are also a couple hidden areas that can be found hidden behind bookcases that have a chance to drop rare items. I’ll discuss how to find and get items from these rooms after I reveal a winning boss strategy.

Attack pattern:
1. Throws a varying number of knives at you for 3-5 seconds
2. Shoots out several coffins, which cause moderate damage and spawn enemies
3. Turns into a bat and summons several swarms of bats to surround him. Hitting any swarm in this stage will cause it to pursue you, and any bat killed will respawn nearly immediately.

When you first reach the hallway immediately before the boss, take stock of who is with you. There is an order of which people should use their abilities first.
1. If you have a warrior/paladin, have them use their abilities. It will help with dealing damage by all players.
2. Charge into the room If you have an archer, have him/her use their ability as they approach. This will give you an easier time attacking.
3. If you have a knight, have him/her use their ability when he is close enough. This will suppress his first set of throwing knives, and should last until the next phase.
4. If you have any huntresses, have them lay a set of traps on top of Lord Ruthven. This will help greatly in the next phase.

Once you notice Lord Ruthven heading to the center of the room, have everybody back into the entrance passage. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you mess this step up, several waves of endlessly-respawning bats will pursue you to the hallway, and won’t let up until Ruthven is in his damageable state again. Have one fast character act as a sentry just inside the door, and have everyone focus on killing the nearest coffin the boss has spit out. Now, when the sentry sees that all the bats start to coalesce into one group again, start your buffing pattern again, and rush towards Lord Ruthven to damage him again. Rinse/repeat until he dies.


As you run through the castle, you may notice that several walls have sections covered in bookshelves. Make sure to at least fire at every bookshelf wall you see; some of these bookshelves can be damaged (similar to any other damageable wall), and when they break, a small circular chamber will be revealed (see attachment for an example). Inside, there will generally be three enemies and two coffins. This is where you may get the most valuable drops: there is a chance that at least one of these coffins drops untier loot. As you attack the two coffins, you should notice that one of them spews out a large number of enemies, including a large bunch of bats. This is the one you should focus on.

Let me know if there’s anything else I should add/edit.

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