RotMG Getting Stars in Your Class Guide

RotMG Getting Stars in Your Class Guide by MaidenIRON

I have put together a list of achievements that shouldn’t be to hard to reach that will help to get several stars in any class:

THIRSTY (25% fame bonus) – Never drank a potion, includes stat pots.
-Getting thirsty is easy: don’t drink any pots. All the pots you get can go to your main account

MUNDANE (25% fame bonus) – Never used an ability.
– Unequip your ability so you don’t use it by accident. This achievement can be harder to get with healing classes.

ACCURATE, SHARPSHOOTER, SNIPER (10% fame bonus each) – Accurate – better than 25% accuracy, Sharpshooter – better than 50% accuracy, Sniper – better than 75% accuracy.
– Accurate may be easy to get, but sharpshooter and sniper are quite hard. In order to get these, go to the tutorial (type /tutorial) and shoot the gray turrets that shoot green balls. Leave your guy on auto fire for 20 minutes and repeat over and over.

ENEMY OF GODS, SLAYER OF GODS (10% fame bonus each) – Enemy of Gods – 10% of all kills are gods, Slayer of Gods – 50% of all kills are gods.
– Slayer of Gods can be hard to get, so level up by staying in large groups and DON’T SHOOT. When you are level 20, go to the god lands and pot farm by killing gods. DON’T go into dungeons, as they require you to kill minions, which will hurt your Slayer of Gods achievement.

*****EXPLORER (10% fame bonus) – 1,000,000 tiles uncovered. This achievement is hard to get when going for 2 stars or even 3 stars, so I only added it to the 4 star list.
– Just run around, although this can be harder to get with slower classes.

FRIEND OF CUBES (10% fame bonus) – Never killed a cube.
– This one is really easy to get- just don’t kill cubes on the beach and don’t go after Cube Gods.

I added up the fame needed to get stars:

2 stars: 56 Base Fame
3 stars: 147 Base Fame
4 stars: 292 Base Fame (277 with the Explorer achievement)

I hope this helped,
Happy Hunting!

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  1. Termanater100 says:

    You can still drink pots, just not from your inventory or the vault. Just drop a stat pot or hp pot or whatever on the ground and then shift-click it from there.

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