Repulse Utilizing Your Class Guide

Repulse Utilizing Your Class Guide by DuncanAbe

Hey, I couldn’t find any specific guides for game-play, but there are many people new to FPS’s as well as Repulse. Please then, if you have any advice on game-play, post it here.

As for me, this is what I’ve learned from the FPS’s I’ve played. I only include Assault class because that is where my experience lies. (I truly hope a Sniper and an Engineer could post their side, too)

First – Keep it Moving

  • It’s always easier to kill someone standing around, so keep moving – you’ll at least gain inertia
  • Take the fight to the enemy – it gets tougher and tougher to win if the enemy is just outside your spawn – site. Don’t let them get that advantage!
  • Kill-Cams will show your position to the enemy – sitting in the same spot just begs for an ambush from behind.
  • When the bullets start flying, move for a better position, for cover, or at least to dodge

Second – Think it Out

  • Use of cover is not cowering – its good life-saving tactics!
  • Don’t “spray n’ pray” from mid-long range, use burst fire (I will give you some statistics on this soon, like hit % vs rate of fire, etc)
  • When you and your enemy have a close-range clash, and both start to reload, don’t. Whip out your pistol (you do know how to use this, right?), and start blasting them as they fumble for a clip – I have won countless duels with this tactic.
  • Remember that as long as a gun is firing at you, you have, usually, less than five seconds to make history

I try to find a gun that fits my personality, even if it is weaker than many others.

Finally – In the Fire-Fight

  • Find areas, paths, etc. where the enemy is likely to be, and exploit this knowledge
  • Try out new tactics and change up your style sometimes
  • When going against the Pro’s, you need to attack them on your terms, not theirs.
    Don’t let it be fair, or their weapons/massive experience will generally wipe you out
  • Learn from Soviet Russia – don’t charge the MGs
  • Jumping enemies are harder to head-shoot (why they do it). Utilize their own tactic: find cover, don’t crouch, get distance between you and them, and don’t let them get too close

This next section talks about some of the quirks Repulse has asses to FPS

First –“You’ve got boost power!”

  • Use dodge moves to slide quickly into cover – zip in, fire, zip out. I’ve seen this most often with Veterans
  • Boost take-down – use the forward charge or boost jump to cut the distance to a foe, and blast his head coming down. This happened to me, and now I practice the technique
  • Wall-jump up stairs – stairs are always, always blood-baths. Rightly so, their tactical value, high altitude, and wide field of view should be contested for. However, a nearby building could allow an attack from underneath. Just wall-jump off that surface to the stairs.
  • More is coming – these moves rearrange a lot of my tactics… I need practice.

This section deals with the accuracy of shots placed with a standard weapon (Volt-20), at a range of approx. 20 meters. Shots fired are single, 3-shot burst, and full-auto spray (30 shots).


  • Still: Single shot was right where I wanted it, each and every time. The burst mode gave a little more recoil, but I could tightly group the three shots, all touching. The spray introduced a lot of inaccuracy, perhaps a torso – sized spread.
  • Moving: Recoil a tad worse, but still within cross-hairs. The burst fire spread higher and lower, still within my cross-hairs’ outer edge. Full-auto gave a body-sized spread
  • Hopping: Single shots getting sloppy. Burst mode is worse, but still packed closely. Full-Auto put 10% of my shots as hits


  • Still: Single shots were but 10cm off. The burst mode still put three bullets almost within each other. The spray…barely 10% accuracy.
  • Moving: Recoil worse, but slightly above/below cross-hairs. The burst fire spread gave only about 90% accuracy. Full-auto was everywhere, I was lucky to hit the wall.
  • Jumping: Single shots notably off, but repeatable. Burst shots generally placed themselves just to the left or right, still fine. Full auto painted a streak the size of the fully expanded cross-hairs.

Make what you will of this data.

Disclaimer: I have no credentials, so if you don’t like what you hear, don’t take it seriously then. This guide is not absolute, nor do I claim to “know it all”. This is simply what I do know. If I am missing something, I would love a comment. Thank you. Have Fun.

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