PlaneShift Magic Guide

PlaneShift Magic Guide by Allive

Ok guys heres the magic guide i have placed in everything to best of my ability and things will change as ps progresses so bare with me.

This guide is created to try and give you an idea of what magic does what and how effective they are. But please remember the game changes and is still in development, so this information can change. I will endeavor to keep this guide as up-to-date as I can.

Rating of spells:

0 = Virtually useless.
1 – 2 = Only really useful as training spells.
3 – 5 = Useful spells but limited use or mainly for beginners.
6 – 8 = Useful for all but with higher experience can become redundant.
9 – 10 = Very useful and/or powerful spells.

How Spell Realms Work

Realm 1: Can be cast at level one and above
Realm 2: Can only be cast at level 20 or higher
Realm 3: Can only be cast at level 30 or higher
Realm 4: Can only be cast at level 40 or higher
Realm 5: Can only be cast at level 80


Step one: Open the spell book and click on the combine button to open up another big screenwith all your glyphs on it

Step two: Click on the spell and the drag it down to the purification button click on it and wait for a few mineuts till it says the spell is purified.

Step three-a: When the glyph is purified, place it in one of the 4 boxes at the bottom and press the reserch button it will bring up a description and you have finished your research.

Step three-b: Some spells need 2 or more glyphs to make so you must place all glyphs needed in the 4 boxes at the bottom and in the correct order (such as ‘energy arrow’ would be energy glyph then arrow glyph. Arrow glyph first, energy glyph second, would not make the same spell) and like single glyph spells hit research.

Step four: Click on the save spell button and you have learned a new spell if there is any magic within that glyph/glyphs.

Casting And Combat Casting

Casting spells is easy. All you have to do is open up the spell book and select ‘spell’ then hit the cast button. Combat casting however is different and much more effective. Instead of stopping to cast by selecting the spell and clicking, you can setup a shortcut button with the /cast command in it. For example, create a shortcut with ‘/cast Energy Arrow’ and then set it to a button in the shortcut menu. This will allow you to quickly and effortlessly activate it, and start to cast energy arrow. The /cast command can be used for other spells – just replace energy arrow with any other spell name.


Description Of Way

Focus: Energy, Life and Light

Stat: Charisma

Gets the pure energy from the crystal, more directly than all other ways. Famous for the ability to heal and cure even

the most terrible wounds. Someone says that if you reach a great knowledge, you can even bring a person back from

the dead.

CRYSTAL WAY: Single glyph spells

Summon Missile

Realm: 1

What Game Says: A wooden arrow is summoned and thrown at the target dealing 6*P damages.

What I Say: Useful spell for beginners can be combined to create a stronger version of this spell.

Rating : 4

Life Infusion

Realm: 1

What Game Says: By means of this spell the wizard can instill pure energy in a creature. The energy,

which has healing effects, is less powerful but similar to the energy the great crystal. It can be cast

on the wizard or another character in touch range. It allows to heal 2P+3 hit point.

What I Say: Useful can heal you after a long battle good for leveling in crystal way. is a very usefull spell.

Rating: 7

CRYSTAL WAY: Combination Spells

Energy Arrow

Realm: 2

What Game Says: This spell uses in offensive way the energy of th great crystal, creating a arrow of

energy. The arrow can inflict 8*P damage to a creature.

What I Say: Stronger version of summon arrow and can be deadly in the hands of an experienced player.

Rating: 9

Healing Flash

Realm: 5

What Game Says: The wizard surrounds a creature with a bright aura of light, healing in this way some of this wounds.

The target creature regains 30 + 2P hit point.

What I Say: The ultimate healing spell takes about twice as long as life infusion does and takes a fair bit of mana but delivers with huge healing and a much greater range. Well worth your time, tria, PP and effort to get.

Rating: 10


Description Of Way

Focus: Strength, Chaos and Fire

Stat: Intelligence

The spell-caster is able to invoke the power of chaos and bend to his will the devastating fury of fire, summoning it

for damage and purifying qualities. This way will deal mostly in the fire, most metal workers have knowledge in this way.

RED WAY: Single Glyph Spells

Flame Burst

Realm: 1

What Game Says: The hands of the caster generate a flame that extends very fast till it reaches the victim.

The flame burst inflicts 10*p damage.

What I Say: It’s a very good spell with the ability to inflict high damage, even at lower levels.

Rating: 6

Flame Spire

Realm: 1

What Game Says: This spell creates a spire of flames around the caster. Anyone attacking him/her in melee will suffer 1+P damages every 10 seconds.

What I Say: Limited use. Spell is slow to cast, but doesn’t take up much mana and lasts for a substantial amount of time. However limited both in combat and training [ Stick with electro touch ]. Has a nice graphical effect though.



Realm: 3

What Game Says: This spell conjures a meteor or a lava rock, that appers in the sky and targets the victim.

On impact the rock inflicts 10P damage.

What I Say: This spell takes a long time to cast my advice would be to rather use flame burst unless out of range to do so.

Rating: 5


Realm: 1

What Game Says: this spell empowers the hands of the caster with electricity. Anyone attacked by him/her with

hands or a weapon suffers 3+P damage.

What i say: This spell, although a little difficult to get, is very good for training with because of its low mana cost.

And also has the ability of giving you an edge in combat against npcs.

Rating: 6


Realm: 2

What Game Says: This spell enhances the strength of the target by 4P points of STR. This spell has no affect on

creatures with more than 200 STR.

What I Say: It takes a long time to cast and doesnt last for long better with potions.

Rating: 3


Description Of Way

Focus: Nature, protective magic and the element of earth

Stat: Will

The glyphs of this way give the wizard the ability to cast different protective spells, to summon natural creatures and some monsters and to influence their will.

BROWN WAY: Single Glyph Spells

Rock Armour

Realm: 1

What Game Says: The casters body is coverd with plates of rock, That magical wiegh nothing and give no problem to movement.

the plates can absorb damage and protect the caster upto the spell duration. The caster gains a +15% to its defensive value.

What I Say: Spell takes a little above the average time to cast, lasts for a fair amount of time but is ultimately only really any good for training in the brown way.

Rating: 3

BROWN WAY: Combinations

Flying Stones

Realm: 2

What Game Says: This spell conjures a number of stones that are hurled at the chosen victim. These stones cause 8+2P damage.

What I Say: The spell is realm 2, but is under powered when compared to the likes of energy arrow, yet has a longer range.

Rating: 6

Stone Fist

Realm: 3

What Game Says: From the casters closed fist sprouts a magical stone fist, 50cm in diameter. The fist travel at very high speed

toward the victim giving him little chance to escape. On impact delivers 20+P points of damage.

What I Say: at the moment uncastable by any means.

Rating: unknown


Description Of Way

Focus: Mind, illusion and air magic

Stat: Intelligence

Its basically a sneaky and insidious energy, that can control the will and intentions of any intelligent being.

AZURE WAY: single spells

Defensive Wind

Realm: 1

What Game Says: The sorcerer some draws powerful gusts of wind around him/herself, so its harder to attack him/her with melee or missile weapons. This spell gives a 15% bonus on defensive value to the caster to any melee or long range attack against the mage.

What I Say: A defensive spell that is stackable. Very helpful against NPCs that use melee as an attack. Extremely useful in war and easy to cast while lasting a long time.

Rating: 9

AZURE WAY: Combinations

Nature Intuition

Realm: 2

What game says: With this spell the wizard is able to determine the physical status of a creature (hp total and remaining hp) and its stats.

What I say: Does what it says on the tin. Can be used on NPCs, monsters, and other players. I see no use for it in combat as of yet but perhaps good for clearing up arguments and giving people some intel on a person before a challenge is issued. Casting also takes a bit of time for this spell.

Rating: 4


Description Of Way

Focus: Divination

BLUE WAY: Single Spells, Purification, Water element

Stat: Will

Many diseases and poisons will be incurable without the help of the spells of this way. The offensive and defensive potential of this art, resides mainly on the control of the water element, but also cold and ice that are strictly related to it.


Realm: 1

What Game Says: The air around the victim starts to freeze to up to – 40 degrees Celsius, causing him 1 hp of damage each second and giving him a minus to his attack value of 10%.

What I Say: Can deal a lot of damage and can be used at a little range but is only really useful as a training spell.

Rating: 5


Description Of Way

Focus: Entropy, Death and Darkness

Stat: Charisma

This way is one that conjures more myth than any of the others, Practitioners have a history of being the most inovitive of any practitioners of the ways of magic but with all innovation there is good and bad.

DARK WAY: Single Spells


Realm: 1

What Game Says: The Caster can a globe of darkness and impairs vision. All creaters caught in the darkness area suffer a -30% to there attack value till they move away from it.

What I Say: Although used correctly is a powerful spell the time taken to cast it is long and you must be within touch range of target so it limits spells usefulness.

Rating: 6


Realm: 1

What Game Says: The necromantic spell tries to destroy the inner energy of the chosen creature. A dark purple haze appears around the body of the victim which suffers P damages each 5 seconds. In addition the victim loses 10 points of strength for the duration of the spell.

What I Say: again a useful spell and works over a time period but again has to be used within touch range so has limited uses.

Rating: 5

Taste Of Death

Realm: 1

What game says: This dark and evil spell has the power to link for a few seconds the soul of a creature with the Death Realm. The experience is scary enough to cause a shock that delivers 5p damage.

What I say: This spell, although weak, is the first long ranged spell for the Dark Way, yet its casting speed – like most others – cowers in comparison to energy arrow. Could be expensive to cast over and over and is overpowered by a lot of other spells however good if you’re RPing a dark lord or something else like such.



Its seams as though there is a new system that only allows you to research spells when you have the correct realm for them i.e if you’re not at level 80 you will not be able to research the healing wave spell. For example energy arrow is a realm 2 spell so you will not be able to research the combination until Crystal Way level 20 or above, or meteor realm 3 until you are level 30 or above. This exists with all Ways and all glyphs – to research the spell you must have the realm requirement in that way.

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