Ministry of War Making The Strongest Hero Guide

Ministry of War Making The Strongest Hero Guide by Kingofmilan

You know there is 4 types of heroes in the game,
You know you can hire the heroes in the Tavern,
Do you know the hero you hired is not the strongest hero?

The hero you hire from Tavern might have below Attributes:
Pow 41
Com 48
Phys 46
Intel 41

Then you have a Reviving Stone, you can use it and click reset, try your luck!

You can take 246 troops when you hire a purple hero, when you use the reviving stone, your command hero might take 322 troops.

The Strongest hero can take 348 troops in level 1. That is the effect of Reviving Stone.
Reviving Stone
If your hero is not in level1, then you will need to use a Restoration Medal first. Refresh the hero first! Just remember, the effect of Reviving Stone is RANDOM!

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