Goal Line Blitz What You Need to Know Before Creating Your Player Guide

Goal Line Blitz What You Need to Know Before Creating Your Player Guide by Rage Kinard

The first thing any new person to GLB needs to know before building a player is that building a good player is as much about math as it is knowing what skills a player needs for the position.

The reasons for this are
1. training %’s change
2. it cost more sp to raise an attribute the higher the attribute value
3. some attributes get auto level gains
4. auto level gains are reduced at certain levels in your players career
5. Special Ability (SA) costs are fixed. While it cost more to raise an SA from 2-3 than from 0-1, SAs don’t get auto level gains, and will cost the same no matter when you add them.

It is also important to know that the higher level your player reaches, the less xp he gets per game until he gets to level 29 where it plateaus.

To build a good player for the long term, you need to know how to maximize the value of your training, sp placement, and boosting.

The following WIKI link is one you need to familiarize yourself with

ability softcaps
this shows how many sp it will cost to raise an attribute 1 pt at various attribute values

Starting your player ***Edited due to new player creation method***
When you first create your player, his major and minor attributes will be set to 10. All other attributes will be set to 8. You want to make sure to chose an archetype that has what you want your players primary skills to be as major attributes You will be given 15-23 points to assign at creation. You must assign these points or they will be automatically distributed. You can only assign points up to 25 for any single attribute before selecting height and weight and generating your player. Height and weight can also be adjusted but it will affect agility, stamina, jumping and vision attributes after creation. You want to get the highest number in the attribute(s) you think is most important to assign skill points to first.

So let’s say you chose a blocking FB. You can push his strength up to 25, then make him heavy to get him an extra +2 and he will start out at 27 strength. The extra points should all be assigned to the second most important major attribute.

You can go to a position forum and ask for advice on how to start out your player, and there are typically agents that try to help out as much as possible in those forums


Because training values are higher the lower the attribute value, you want to wait until you join a competitive human owned team, or until you can get an attribute to an ability soft cap before assigning any skill points.

Assigning Skill Points

Because of the way players level, it is always better to try and get an attribute to an ability soft cap before moving on to another attribute. This is especially true until your player gets to level 21 where auto level gains decline. The faster you can get to a soft cap, the faster you can start getting the benefit of leveling at a point where it costs more for you to raise the attribute by assigning sp.

I have a level 3 C. He gets +1 to strength and blocking when he levels.

Lets say he has 45 strength and 22 blocking. He levels up to 4 taking strength to 46 and blocking to 23 and I have 5 sp to assign.

I’m trying to decide between 1 of 3 options.

1. Get strength to 49 with 3 sp and 50 with 2 more
2. Get strength to 49 and blocking to 25
3. Get blocking to 28

Option 1 or 2 is better than 3. Why? Because now when he levels up to 5, if strength is at 49 or 50 it goes up to 50 or 51. It would cost me 2 skill points to raise it if I’m assigning skill points. However, it only cost 1 skill point to raise strength from 47 to 48.

Just because you have hit the first soft cap in an attribute doesn’t mean you should stop assigning points to that attribute either. The key is to work toward a soft cap whether it be 1st, 2nd, 3rd or higher for an attribute. If you have not gotten on a human owned team by the time you reach your first cap, you can decide on your own whether to keep going in that skill, check here for advice, or ask for advice in the appropriate position forum (there is a link that looks like a quotation mark by the position letter(s) on your player profile page).

Hopefully this gets you to a point where you are on a human owned team or have started visiting the appropriate forums to get tips and pointers.

TRAINING *Note – this may not be optimal training method, but should be a very efficient method of training that will help produce very good players. It is also based off players created on day 41. If you create on a different date, some changes may be beneficial. If you stick with the guide change day 1 to day of season you created +1

Here’s how I look at it

You start off with 10 BT and 8 tp. Training on normal nets you 8 more BT.

There is roughly 16 days between each season so you get another 32 BT if you train on normal for 50 BT.

If you train your first attribute those 20 times, then it is ready to be capped that allows you to unlock multi-train level 3 (4 attributes) and to add the +10% to the first 4 attributes you are going to train.

You can take 1st attribute up while multi-training attributes 2-5.

Then you can multi-train attributes 3-6 giving attribute 6 the 10% bonus for 5.

You can continue to multi-train those 4 until day 1 of season 5.

On day 1 of season 5, you give the 10% bonus to attributes 7 and 8. You can now normal train those 2 attributes until day 1 of season 6.

From there you switch to relaxed training.

With 56 day seasons
4 seasons of multi-training = 336 BT
1 season of normal training = 112 BT
4 seasons of light training = 672 BT

Total = 1120 – 15 (for upgrading attributes 6, 7, 8) = 1105.

Since you will be level 64 in season 10 you need 864 BTs for 9 AEQ upgrades on all 4 pieces. That gives you 241 BT for building, acquiring, and enhancing AEQ. Even if you need more, you should be able to be fully upgraded before playoffs of season 10.

Early in your players career (until at least level 18 and generally 22 or higher) it is better to wait until the last day of the offseason, or when playoffs start (if your team is in the playoffs) to boost.

Don’t worry about being a higher level right away. Human owners would rather get a level 1 player with 3 boosts left, than a level 4 player who has already boosted for the season. CPU/D-League teams don’t care what level your player is.

The longer you can wait to boost, the easier it is to get an attribute to an ability soft cap at a lower level.

Now create your player and enjoy GLB.

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