Goal Line Blitz Special Teams Guide

Goal Line Blitz Special Teams Guide by AngryDragon

First off I aim to use every player so I open two depthcharts. I start with the offense and the kickoff returns, punt returns, and extra point teams. I use the backup players as starters and the starters as backups in the special teams dc. Defense with teh kickoff, punt and FG block teams.

Kickoff return Update
(FBs and TEs are the only slots that generally do not have backups. This is because they tend to not get as many regular plays since they are specialized positions. Be careful to watch the summary pages to make sure you are not over playing any one player.)

OU1 & OU4 – best pancakers such as C, G, OT, or Blocking TE. I like to own the sidelines and this is how I take control of that part of the field.
OU2 & OU3 – I like speed here so they engage the block before OU1 or OU4 engages their block. I basically use this slot as a speed bump for the outside pancakers to come in and clean up after they get their first pancake. I tend to use my gunner STOPs that really are not built for blocking. Or maybe receiving FBs or TEs. In rare cases WRs. The best case scenario would be to have STOPs filling the backwedge and blocking FBs or TEs at OU2 and OU3 but we can’t always get what we want.
BW1, BW2, BW3 – fastest blocking FBs or TEs fast STOPs. This is where speedy STOPs built for blocking shine. If you don’t have this speedy players with strength and agility should be ok replacements. Keep in mind that the back wedge takes on IN4, OU5 and OU2 from the kickoff team. These are gunners. If you can’t block them at least get a hand on them to prevent a clean hit on your KR.
BW1 – I have been playing around with the fastest backwedge player at BW1. BW1 and BW2 will criss cross a lot because IN4 and OU5 attack from the same side. If BW1 is a little faster than the rest of the back wedge he generally takes the fastest gunner and this can reduce the criss cross blocking but not eliminate it.
FW1, FW2, FW3 – remaining linemen with the fastest in the middle. Keep in mind that if FW2 is to slow he will totally miss his block where as FW1 and FW3 are going to engage each time. I sometimes put a STOP in at FW2 if I have one to spare.

Punt return
(FBs and TEs are the only slots that generally do not have backups. This is because they tend to not get as many regular plays since they are specialized positions. Be careful to watch the summary pages to make sure you are not over playing any one player.)

SE1 & SE2 – Best pancakers 135+ strength. OTs, Gs, Cs, blocking FBs or blocking TEs. I like to own the sidelines and yes these players will get burnt. They are really here to seal the edge when the returner makes it to the LOS. (If he makes it and SE1 or SE2 does their job its a TD.)
PP2 – Best runblocking FB or TE or split plays with both if you can. Speed helps because this guy has to pick up a gunner that was most likely missed by SE1 or SE2.
PP1 – STOP, Receiving FB or receiving TE. Speed is more important here than at PP2
ER1 & ER2 – receiving FB, TE or STOP. I have been known to use WRs or even HBs here on rare occasions. STOPs are prefered.
DL1, DL4 – STOPs, Blocking TE, blocking FB, or O linemen with speed.
DL2, DL3 – O linemen or blocking STOPs. Strength is key here since you can get a pancake at the snap. Blocking STOPs are prefered.

Field Goal Team
Make sure the LS is a C. Fill in the G slots with G’s. OTs can be STOPs or OTs. TE1 and TE2 are cheap pancake slots but you don’t want to waste your best pancakers here and give up a blocked kick in the middle. So I go with STOPs, blocking TEs, FBs or even OTs. The HB slots can be anybody I prefer speed here. The place holder can be anybody like the backup QB or even the punter.

Kickoff Team Updated

IN1 & IN4 – LBs or STOPs IN4 is a gunner
IN2 & IN3 – DEs or STOPs These guys generally take on O linemen. I like to use my STOP blockers here just to eat blocks without being pancaked.
OU1 & OU6 – I am going with DTs or strong DEs this season because many teams are putting their strongest linemen on the outside to boost their KR if the kickoff is kicked to the left or right. The key here is to not give up a pancake or even better to cause a revcake.
OU2 & OU5 – These are gunners I prefer SS at OU2 and FS at OU5 Or STOPs
OU3 & OU4 – any speedy defender that needs plays. I usually use the 4th and 5th CBs or LBs.

Punt Team

LS – C (I like the C because he is strong and reverses blockers but an NT could work if he needs plays.)
PP – STOP, SS or FS which ever is fastest
SE1 – best gunner that can break blocks because they tend to face the other teams best blocker. I like LBs, SSs, or STOPs.
SE2 – speedy gunner FS, CB or STOP
SB1 & SB2 – Any speedy defender that needs plays. I like CBs here.
LT & RT – DEs, LBs, or STOPs these guys actually can get a clean shot at the PR with the changes but they must survive the initial block.
LG & RG – DTs or DEs these guys generally just eat blocks like the LS. If they can get a revcake that is even better because they will draw blockers away from gunners.

Field Goal Block Team

I like to fill NT1 and DT2 with DTs to hopefully get a revcake and open up a path for LB2. Play with LB2 to find a player that is fast enough to shoot the gap but also can deflect FGs. The rest is fairly self explanatory. Fill in STOPs where you can and the rest should be appropriate to the position. I tend to go with LDEs at DT1 just for the added strength. Maybe a LB or STOP at the open DE slot but the rest are usually appropriate.

STOPs General Archetypes and Build Theory

SS has great weight for speed and the best fumble forcing SAs. Not so good at blocking but can serve as a good speed bump to slow down other teams gunners on return teams. I really like the SA combo growl and big hit but they have lots of solid SAs

DE Has great weight for playing both ways. The pass rushing DE has solid ALGs. I also like FS and monster hit as SAs. These are probably my favorite types of STOPs because they are usually strong enough to be good blockers and make monster gunners.

O line Speed is key here. I basically build these guys like a blocking FB in reverse with speed as the primary skill. They end up being a speedy blocking FB for half the flex. They make great backwedge blockers and good decoys on kickoffs or punts. Tackling is not as important to me on these guys but they should be able to make a tackle if needed.

Blocking FBs or TEs. If you can talk these guys into 15 VP in special teamer they totally rock but only on returns. I have never tried to make a FB or TE as an STOP. Seems like an expensive STOP to me.

Punt return Side note
SE1 & SE2 – If you are getting burnt bad on the outside try changing out one of the O linemen I suggested with a STOP or speedy blocker to slow down the gunners on the outside. I would probably just change out SE2 first and see if that fixes the problem.

Extra Side Notes
On kickoffs it seems like the fastest player between BW1 and BW2 will take on the fastest player between the defenses OU5 and IN4. I generally put the faster player at BW1 to prevent the blockers from criss crossing and delaying the KRs decisions but if IN4 happens to be faster than OU5 they will criss cross in that scenario. So game planning the speed of OU5 and IN4 on the other teams kickoff team might be helpful to your kickoff return teams success.

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