Crystal Saga Ranger Anti-Mage Guide

Crystal Saga Ranger Anti-Mage Guide by Salvo

You might want to go anti-mage path for DPS.

Go pure STR or 2 STR / 1 AGI per level up.

Take 1 to all anti-mage skill as a prequisite, except :
1. Fortune’s Kiss = Max it (more luck = more lucky strike chance = more chance to deal full dmg on regular attack & active skills)

2. Paralyzing Shot = Max it. It’s very useful on solo hunting, especially on elite monster, dungeon bosses & PVP (-144 p.def really useful for help lower boss/players defense. e.g. Use this skill 1st, then spam your active skills, much more dmg).
BUT, if you already hit 60, you might as well use Sands of Time & take 1 to this skill, because there’s an Improved Paralyzing Shot, which is much better.

3. Improved Double Shot = Max it too, it’s your most dmging spam skill before rebirth at lvl 60

4. Improved Fire Arrow = Max it, it’s your 2nd most dmging spam skill before rebirth at lvl 60

5. Strong Shot = Either 1 or 5. It’s a 3 sec channeling skill with devastating dmg, but it got 20 sec cooldown. Very useful on sengolia, or killing things fast. For personal opinion, i’m planning to take 5 for this.

Well, before lvl 50, i’ll say you might want to max Improved Fire Arrow & Improved Double Shot. Even if you want to change you skill, you’ll get free sands of time on lvl 50, so you can re-add skills whatever you want.

For Void’s Edge or Silencing Strike, well, you can take it 1 per skill, not worth much if you take more than 1.

There, hope you satisfied with this mini guide.

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