Crystal Saga Protection Knight Tank Guide

Crystal Saga Protection Knight Tank Guide by Deftron0037

I have seen that there are many Protection Knight Guide in this forum. So im gonna make a guide since im a tanker myself.
so there is maybe some info that will be the same as other thread since it cant be helped.

This a guide made by me that didnt use any cash, yet.

So here goes.

Screenshot of my current stat :

(Without Buff)

Stat Distribution, 2 end 1 str until u got 110 str —> after reached 110str go full end.
(All mob pretty much hit u only 1 and Elite mob tickles u)
================================================== ================================================== =======
================================================== ================================================== =======
Removed Outdated Equipments Picture

Things to do for equipments :
– Farm as much medal as u can, for savage set.
– Get a green savage and make it to +4 or +5, more than that is a waste of Magic Dust since u aint gonna use it for too long.
– Dont add gem that are higher than shining to ur green savage, save it for blue savage set.
– And for green savage, open no more than 2 slot for gem each equipments.
– While u getting ur rank up to viscount, for blue savage, farm as much magic dust as u can.
– As for weapon, u can use savage sword but in my case, i use different weapon, because of its higher patk. (and if u can get epic outstanding, ptak is higher)
– After getting blue savage, go for +6 or +7

All the equipments i have are affordable and savage set is free. u only need to collect medal for it.
Some ppl might say “why dont u use epic bloodforge set?” Yeah epic blooforge(savior) is better than using savage but its relatively slow to get and the epic shard also expensive.

================================================== ================================================== =======
================================================== ================================================== =======

Description :
Earth Blessing – 5
Wave – 1
Improved Earth Blessing – 5
Shield Strike – 1
Sword of Spring – 1
Dragon Hook – 1
Imp. Shield Strike – 1
Battle Hym – 5
Taunt – 1
Back Breaker – 1
Shield Breaker – 5

Skill soon to get : Imp. Sword Spring – 1, Crater Smash – 1.
and u still have 1 more unused stat point at lvl 60, im still thinking which to put it at….

This my current skill build, it works great in Both PVE and PVP. Some may want Shield Breaker just 1/5 but i go for 5/5 for max daze effect.(3.5sec is a looonggg daze)
PVP Combo : Attack –> Imp. Shield Strike –> Imp. Sword Spring –> if they run –> Dragon Hook –> Shield Breaker(Stun) –> Dead
if it happens ur opponent aint dead yet, repeat cycle =)

PVE : just 2 skill would be enough, Imp. Shield Strike, Imp. Sword Spring.
(in my case, im 1 lvl away for my imp. sword spring so u can just replace improved with normal if u didnt have it yet)

I can solo Vault Nightmare without much used potion, although i have 200k hp orb as backup. U will not use it more or less. and if i go with a priest, he/she dont even need to spam heal me, and for Blood Colliseum, Wave + Taunt combo u can hold aggro on u without problem. Even with imba dps mage.
================================================== ================================================== =======
================================================== ================================================== =======
The soul system have been implemented, so now we tankers can get more def and reduction. So this is my current soul tree. It takes a long time to upgrade but dont give up =)

Right now im focusing on Preciousness and toughness in the Spirit of Ice Tree. Opening all the branches will take alot of time and resources so ive decided to focus on the two branches.
(and if u a cash user, u probably can skip this step since u got all the money u need to buy the new gift pack and upgrade soul)

================================================== ================================================== =======
================================================== ================================================== =======

This is what im using now, but if u cant get a super demon. Teeka or morphed bear cub is a good pet too choose.
a Baby Demon hatched with around 10 eggs, while teeka 12 – 20 eggs. (Luck is to be consider too)
If u get a teeka, with some extra heal u can last longer in dungeon and with added charm, its a stun+charm combo! So i prefer Teeka.
i got my super demon during the event where u get morphed crystal for it. And for pet skill slot expander, i buy using gold from ppl who sell it.

Farming :
Tanker is a money maker, yes! Before u can get strong enough, make an alternate character, a priest. So u can double team in dungeon. So u will get all the loot.
This is how i farm and this is also how i get my battle bear and my current wing. =)

================================================== ================================================== =======
================================================== ================================================== =======

Title u may want to get “Shadow of a Doubt” it give u extra 500 hp 80 pdef and 80 mdef.
U can get “Shadow of a Doubt” title by killing Nepenthor(World Boss) at Altar of Scarifice. Join a party with strong ppl and ask them to help u get the title. Everybody in the party will get the title as long in the same map.
If Nepenthor still too hard yet, go for “Fearless Iceman” title, kill Ice Queen(World Boss) at Celestial Courtyard. It give 400hp 60 pdef and 60 mdef.

================================================== ================================================== =======
================================================== ================================================== =======
UPDATES 27/11/2011 :
LVL 60, New skill added. Item upgraded

Ive decided to put my Crater Smash to 2/5, it makes my grinding life a lot more easier!

New skill combo(PVP)
Imp. Shield Strike –> Imp. Sword Spring –> Crater Smash –> dragon hook(run situation) –> Shield Breaker(stun) –> Repeat.
Note : 2/5 Crater Smash give 6% extra damage taken to ur opponent, so shield breaker will do extra 6% damage if u use it in 6 sec after crater smash.

At lvl 65 (9/12/2011)

Im going to get 5/5 Crater Smash when i reach 66. It seems that Crater Smash really helps alot.

Level 73 Update

Soul Updates (01/03/2012)

Level 78 Scion skill tree

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