Crystal Saga Priest PvP Guide

Crystal Saga Priest PvP Guide by bambi8910

Hi this is Nurse here, today ima make a guide to help you be a PvP Priest to stand up for yourself in GR or SB.
The PvP Priest was invent by me, so i named it Nurse Priest….. anyways moving on….

Always tired of being pushed around by mean bullies in GR and SB? Well here your answer to become the best PvP priest. Following this Guide will help you Tank, DPS, and Support all in 1!!

Pure INT!!!! Pure int increases your MP, Magic damage, and Heal.

This is what your Blood Skill Side should look like when you become level 46. As you can see Blood beam will be your new default skill. Next is Life Drain, which is completely useless only needed to get blood pact. Blood pact deals a lot of damage and can hurt multiple enemies. Next you should max out Curse Mastery for more HP, to survive against attacks and tank. Next would be Curse of Weakness and Ring of Decay. They are both skills for PvP because they freeze people which hits them out of Mount and Invisible, it can also hold them for long periods of time if both are used in the right time. At level 60 get Phlegmatic Curse, Useful for slowing down targets.

This is what your Holy Skill Side should be. You would need the basic heal. This is very useful, not only can you heal yourself but you can heal your teammates. The next skill is Guardian’s Protection, not really useful if your actually killing. After is Holy Light then Saint Strength. Holy Light is useless and should be left at 1, Saint Strength is very useful. It boost up your healing by a lot, but it takes MP every 3s and -50% MATK. Heal wave gives you a fast heal, it can save your life many time instead of the normal heal that has a loading. Next would be Pure in the Heart, very useful in PvP!!!!! 1. Takes away all curses for ex. Archers Traps, Slow. 2. Remove allies curses. Finally get Resurrection, then stop there.

Level 2- Blood Beam +1 (Default attack)
Level 4-10 Light Heal +2-> Light Heal II ( save 2)
Level 10- Curse Mastery +1, Life Drain +1
Level 12- Holy Light +1
Level 14- Guardian Protection +1
Level 16-Save (+1)
Level 18-Save (+2)
Level 20- Curse of Weakness +1, Saint Strength +1, Light Heal +1-> Light Heal III
Level 22- Curse Mastery +1-> Curse Mastery II
Level 24- Curse Mastery +1-> Curse Mastery III
Level 26- Curse Mastery +1-> Curse Mastery IV
Level 28- Save (+1)
Level 30- Blood Pact +1, Healing Wave +1
Level 32- Pure in Heart +1
Level 34- Curse Mastery V
Level 36- Light Heal +1-> Light Heal V
Level 38- Save (+1)
Level 40- Ring of Decay +2-> Ring of Decay II
Level 42- Resurrection +1
Level 44- Resurrection +1->Resurrection II
Level 46- Ring of Decay +1-> Ring of Decay II
Level 48- Improved Blood Beam +1 (Default attack)
Level 50- Angel Blessing +1 (Useless)
Level 52- Save (+1)
Level 54- Save (+2)
Level 56- Save (+3)
Level 58- Save (+4)
Level 60- Phlegmatic Curse +5-> Phlegmatic Curse V , Circle of Power +1
Level 62- Circle of Power +1-> Circle of Power II
Level 64- Circle of Power +1-> Circle of Power III
Level 66- Circle of Power +1-> Circle of Power IV
Level 68- Circle of Power +1-> Circle of Power V
Level 70- Ring of Decay +1-> Ring of Decay III
Level 72- Ring of Decay +1-> Ring of Decay IV
Level 74- Ring of Decay +1-> Ring of Decay V
Level 76- Improved Holy Light +1
Level 78- Grace +1
Level 80- Circle of Healing +1

PvP Tips!
Here’s a tip on how to fight back. First check the player if the player have any strong pets are equipment by *Shift+ click*. If you think you can kill the person, then go for it. If not then run away before that person kills you. Unless if you have other friends then gang bang.
Tip: If your losing, heal yourself until one of your friends come save you.
Tip: If your target is running, chase after then get on your mount and use ring of decay and bash him. After the Freezing stops, Use Curse of Weakness right after.
Tip: Make sure your got a good DPS pet. Bear pet with the skill “Drag” Drags the target back to you for you to inflict more damage.

The are the easiest to kill. Go up to one and start bashing him with all your blood skills and curses. Keep attacking and using pots, when he runs away chase him and Keep using curses. Boom he’s dead. Beware of there large HP.

Your worst enemy. Try to avoid them, they can do serious damage unless you have friends. If one starts attacking you keep healing yourself, and pray for someone to come rescue you.

Kill them, and show your awesome Nurse Priest Build. Rape them with your curses and blood, with healing.

They have very low HP, but large DMG. They are easy to kill, but make sure to watch your HP bar. If its an AOE mage, then run out of there AOE effect. If the mage is almost dying and use spells that freeze you or slow you down, then use Pure in Heart to get out of it.

are easy to kill to but there invisibility skills make them hard to find. Use curse of weakness around you and build kinda like a fence. If the Rogue step inside, then you will be able to see and kill them.

Thank you

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