Crystal Saga Leveling to 60 Guide

Crystal Saga Leveling to 60 Guide by alfredmoney

For levels 1~20: Follow you main quests and you should get to 20 just fine, however if you’re stuck without any main quests left for your level, open your Quest Tab (T) And Click on the “Available” Tab. Here you can find quests suitable for your level to rack up as much exp as possible. Another Suggestion if you get stuck leveling would be to use what you have of your AFK time to level up! (If out of AFK Time AFK Coupons can be bought from the Item Shop With Either Crystal Or Coupons, Also your Coupons can be retrieved by clicking the “Claim” button in the window that you can open by clicking the gift box underneath Dragon Hunt.) Another thing you will want to do around level 14, Is Like Crystal Saga on Facebook! Not only can you show you pride in this awesome game, but you can also obtain a Nifty “Polar Bear Pet” which is awesome for leveling. (Be sure to add All Strength into it’s stats for the maximum damage from your pet when leveling )

For Levels 21~30: Continue keeping up with those main quests and side quests because there are going to be the best source of exp for these levels. Make sure you’ve been claiming those coupons and buying those AFK Cards because you will need them!!! I would recommend stocking up on potions for both you and your pet, and having about 8~12 hours of AFK Time ready so you can AFK Train overnight as you sleep. Also I know at this point you might be loosing motivation, a fun thing to do at 25 would be to find some party members and group up for “Indigo Vault, ” But Don’t Worry you’ll be 30 in No-Time!

For Levels 31~40: Here’s where leveling gets tricky, and it only gets better from here… Lol :P! Anyways Yes as I’ve said, Quests! Quests! Quests! Some helpful things you can now do are: “Blessed Bath,” and, “Get to Know.” Trust me, these may be tedious to keep up with, but they are just as effective as quests. Another Bonus: “Get to Know” when finished, gives you a total of 10 coupons. *Also: I don’t be afraid ask about Blessed Bath, if you have not done it before, because it can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, not knowing how to do it, will also result in a loss of Exp for your party members and yourself, so we don’t want that!! Also, here’s a point where you might want to join a guild and complete you daily Guild Resource Quest, So you can easily obtain your Savage Set in later Levels!

For Levels 40~50: Congratulations of 40! Alright Here’s where money comes into the picture. Before leveling, I might suggest on upgrading, or gathering some equips. This will be a tad pricey, so you might want to begin joining some parties for “Revenant’s Vault” And selling your drops in Private Shops. Or If you have the money, you can recharge some Crystal. So First I would recommend getting a “Baby Demon.” You can do this buy buying baby demon eggs from people’s Private Shops in “Instance 1, Starglade, Near the “Vault”). It normally takes on average 10~20 Eggs to hatch one. This Pet is Absolutely amazing. Again, put in that full Strength for maximum damage, and you’ll be killing almost twice as fast once that pet reaches your level! Another thing I would recommend doing is upgrading you Rabid Raccoon, to a Panther, and even better after that, a Mystical Scorpion. Trust me when I say, the Mystical Scorpion is the best thing that’s ever happened to you: you can attack while on it, so it’s good for an easy escape, not that anyone would dare to PVP you on such an intimidating Mount! Be sure that you’re upgrading your weapon and armor with Magic Dust, for increases in stats. Lastly, you might want to invest in a Savage set soon. If you’ve been keeping up with Guild Resources you should be somewhere close to “Baron”. Also now that you are 40, you can also do “Sengolia” Which will also help bump up that Honor of yours. [[[So now you’re ready to continue leveling!]]] Now Again QUESTS! And be sure to keep up with “Blessed Bath”. One thing to note is that you can’t to “Get To Know” anymore but don’t worry because now it’s replaced with “A Day in Vidalia”! This quest is basically just another “Get to Know” quest, but a bit more difficult, and more traveling. Good Luck on 50!

For Levels 51~60 Ahhh, the last few levels! (Except this will seem like forever to get through. Ahahaha!) Alright, basically, just continue following the advice above. to be honest, quests will get you no where, so “Blessed Bath” Is now going to be your BEST FRIEND Lol! Just keep working at leveling and notice the little Bonuses on your way to have goals. Continue to upgrade your equips, and get involved in events and other experiences in the game, because it’s not all about leveling. Good luck to 60!!

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