Crystal Saga Leveling for Lv 50+ Players Guide

Crystal Saga Leveling for Lv 50+ Players Guide by Asutsuo

Welcome to the way of the leveling made easy. If you are level 50 or above, this guide is for you. If you’re level 40, then you might want this too. Anyone below Level 40 should just do quests and stuff.

To start, the 40-49 range in levels is possibly the most antagonizing range, more so than higher ones. Before 40 you had the Starglade Tours which were wonderful for experience. But now you have to deal with Ronna the Adventurer and her annoying quests that make you go just about everywhere outside of the city. Once you reach Level 50 though, Ronna isn’t much help.

Now for you Level 50-59 Players. When it comes to this range, there are several things you used to do that won’t help nearly as much. Grinding, Ronna, and Daily Hunts to be specific. Back in lower levels, the best way to level was through grinding against monsters. But now, monsters rarely give you 0.01% each kill. Personally, it takes three Level 61 monsters to give me 0.01%, so I would have to kill about 30,000 monsters just to get a level up from grinding alone. If you do all 10 of Ronna’s annoying quests, you can get roughly 5%. If you do all of the Daily Hunts, that’s another roughly 5%. That’s not enough right now.

Once you hit Level 50 onwards, there’s some things that are needed to get experience. These things are: Blessed Bath, Crystal Ladder, and a whole lot of torches. At Level 50 onwards, 2 Perfect Blessed Baths gives you about 10% experience and it only takes about 10-12 minutes. That’s the same amount Ronna and Daily Hunts would have given you but it would have taken much longer. Next we have Crystal Ladder.

Ah, Crystal Ladder. Once you go in the timer starts and your stats are balanced based on your class and level. But the timer doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you need to be in a party that’s assured to reach Floor 20. Anything higher than Floor 20 is just extra. If you can reach (and die on) Floor 20, you get a ton of experience. If you’re in the 50-59 range, enjoy the around 1 million experience you get. That’s roughly 10% of your bar depending on your level. So just from Blessed Bath and Crystal Ladder, you have gained roughly 20% of your experience bar in less than half an hour.

But why stop there? In half an hour you just gained 1/5th of your experience bar. Now that you have free time, do Ronna and Daily Hunts for another 10% if you perfectly clear both. That’s 30% so far. Now if you add grinding (which should only be done at this level if Seignor and Guild are activated), you can hopefully get 3%. So right now you’re at 33% or 23% if you didn’t bother with Ronna and Daily Hunts.

33 is a nice number. It’s 1/3rd of your experience bar, which means if you repeat this for three days you’ll level up. 3 days = 1 Level. If you’re patient you’ll be scoring 2.5 levels a week at least. But why just do 2.5 levels a week? You’re not done gaining experience yet even after all this.

Next we have the Training Grounds. Personally, I completely forgot about this, so I was doing 2.5 levels a week. But if you add Seignor and Guild 2x experience, the Training Ground is like a gold mine for experience. So instead of that 3% you could have gotten, you could get even more if you do both Training Ground runs! But we’re not done yet!

Redemption quests~! I never did these either, so I had to ask a friend how much experience they gave him (he’s level 62, barely above me). From what he said, 3 Redemption quests give you 6%. So say you have gotten 34% so far without Training Grounds. With Redemption, you’re now at 40% in one day. And if you did Training Grounds, you’ll have gotten around 50% so far in one day! That’s 1 Level every 2 days!

This may seem like a lot of work, but the bonus rewards are worth it. Each Redemption gives you 1 Refining Capsule and 80 Honor. If you help a friend for their quests, you won’t get experience or honor, but you’ll get capsules. So by doing this, not only will you be getting levels, but also Honor and money!

Now after you’ve done all that, you’re about halfway to your next level. To make tomorrow easier, participate in Sengolia. That’s free experience and honor just by killing other people. Why be a PKer when you can kill people in Sengolia and actually profit from it? Then if you have anymore free time, do storyline quests, both main and optional. That’s more money and experience.

But guess what? These main and optional quests can make Daily Hunts a breeze. Here’s what you do. Complete main and optional quests till you get one that requires you to kill a certain number of monsters. The more different kinds of monsters you need to kill, the better. If you have a quest that requires you to kill monsters in the same map, that’s even better. Firstly, go to this map and go on 3-Screen AFK Mode and select all the monsters on this map (unless it’s a world boss then you might want to unselect that one just in case). Now, go do something else outside of Crystal Saga until your AFK time is up. Do not complete the quest.

Instead, go accept a Daily Hunt quest. If you’re lucky the Hunt will be for a monster you just killed in AFK Mode. If so, you’ve already killed the required amount hopefully, so just go turn in the Daily Hunt for the easy experience. The amount needed for the Daily Hunt will be taken out of the quest you have, but if you AFK for 1 Hour, you should have about 100 killed for each monster kind you needed to kill for the main or optional quest (if it was only 1 monster and you focused on it, you’ll have 300+ kills for that one). Continue this every day for easily completed Daily Hunts and a better chance at Morph Crystals from the Hunts.

If you don’t have enough time or motivation to do everything, stick with Blessed Bath and Crystal Ladder. 20% is a great amount to get a day. Plus the little add-ons mentioned earlier are great.

Doing this helped me to Level 61, and right now I went from 0% to 22% (I slept through most of the other things though so I only got to do Blessed Bath and main quests). If you’re confused or unsure about something mentioned in this guide, feel free to ask.

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