Crystal Saga Knights Beginner’s Guide

Crystal Saga Knights Beginner’s Guide by ROOOAR

So, if you know, knights if like the melee version of a priest, because if priests have high damage and health and heal, knights have high damage, health and armor too! And with the right build, you can solo indigo at level 27 with just an orb and some pots (Actually you can do it at level 25, but too long, but since this soul system, purified crystals have been in demand, I suggest you make two accounts, holy priest and blood priest/Hybrid Knight- back to the topic) Now this is my recommendation which I haven’t tested yet but I suggested this to some players and they worked out just fine, and I made this build when I got my Lv.50 Sands of Time (SoT)
But I’m only Lv. 50 so this guide only reaches that level

First, Hybrid

This is the build I suggest on doing from at least, level 30? Oh well, you can only use it till 50 or 60.
Level 1-10
On This level, you should get Earth Blessing, this is give you 10% damage reduction
Level 11-20
Put one on Valiant Slash then start saving up points for level 30 or put level 4 Valiant Slash, either way, you’ll be good enough to tank or damage
Max out saber slash, this may be annoying in AFK but it will be awesome trust me, and if you saved up, max out wave too! If not, just make it level one
Now this is the awesome part, put all on Evolved Earth Blessing, this will give you High Pdef and Mdef and you can solo Revenant’s Vault Normal with just pots and hard with just an orb (although you might need orb on Neratul considering he damages usually 2-3k)
Now at this time you’ll get SoT, Use it then make your build into this
Earth Blessing Lv. 5
Wave Lv. 1
Improved Earth Blessing Lv. 5
Battle Hymm Lv. 1
Taunt Lv. 1
BackBreaker Lv. 1
Shield Breaker Lv. 4
Valiant Slash Lv. 1
Saber Slash Lv .1
Crucify Lv. 5
( You can make saber slash to Lv. 5 and crucify to Lv.1 because frankly I hate crucify since you have to target it, but I still prefer it though)

At this build, you can solo Blood Coliseum (BC or Blood Col) with an orb
Now your attribute points is tricky, depending on your build, I suggest getting those synthesis armors, the tanker one, Ethereal Savior Armor Full set for more bonuses.

The points you need to put is,
Endurance (END) – Till 100, then start putting just one
Strength (STR) – Start adding 2 per level when the END reaches 100
Agility and Intellect isn’t really necessary, but your choice
Now when your Endurance reaches 150 or 175, start putting full STR

Now, we’re on to DPS or DD, Damage Dealer

DPS or DD, Damage Dealer ( Still don’t know why it’s called DPS on my server)
You can use this at level 70, make sure you have full nightshade dwagonswayer :3 It helps a lot.
Level 1-10
Get IronBlood, at this point, you only three hit monsters
Level 11-20
Get Full Valiant Slash or one Fierce Attack, one Slayer’s Swipe then put the remaining on Valiant Slash
Level 21-30
Now this is kinda hard to reach, you have to save up till 30, then get full Saber Slash
Level 31-40
Now you can get Slow Lv.5 or Improved Fierce attack, your choice
Level 41-50
Save up till you get Crucify
Level 51-60
Maxed out Improved Slayer swipe
Level 70
Use a Sands of Time and make this build
Level 1 Valiant Slash
Level 1 Saber Slash
Level 5 Crucify (If you made this Level 1 and maxed Imp. Saber Slash instead, you can put the extra two points here or in Imp Fierce Attack)
Level 1 Improved Saber Slash (Note: You can exchange this with the Crucify)
Level 1 Fierce Attack
Level 1 Slayer’s Swipe
Level 1 Improved Fierce Attack (You can put two points here or in Crucify/Improved Saber Slash, Depending on which you maxed)
Level 5 Improved Slayer’s Swipe
Level 5 Earth Blessing
Level 1 Wave
Level 5 Improved Earth Blessing
Level 5 Steroids

On your attribute points, put :
STR : till 100 then start putting two
END : Start putting 1 when STR reaches 100
The rest, doesn’t matter much


This build is equal to DPS, whether it is solo or in parties. It’s good if you start going tank at 60, And I don’t mean going DPS at 70, if you go tank, go tank, if you wanna go DPS, stay hybrid till DPS

Level 1-10
Get Lv. 5 Earth Blessing

Level 11-20
Get Lv. 5 Battle Hymm

Level 21-30
Save up for Lv.5 Wave or Lv. 1 Wave then save the rest

Level 31-40
Now Level 5 Improved Earth Blessing

Level 41-50
Get Lv. 5 ShieldBreaker then put the rest on the skill you got on the saved up points, Backbreaker or Saber Slash is the best options though.

Level 51-60
Put one on each skill on the middle branch (Shield strike- Improved Sword of Spring)
And the rest is on Crater Smash, which leaves it at Level 4. Or you can make the Shield Breaker at Level 4 because max level don’t make much difference, and then max out Crater Smash.

On the Attributes,
END : till 100 then start adding 2
STR : start adding one point when END hits 100
You can add some INT, since it reduces Matk, but I don’t prefer that, just get lots of pots on magic monsters

At this rate you can solo most dungeons, but it will take twice as a Hybrid with an orb and pots
On the pet, I suggest something magic, Baby Angel is the preferable, unless you can get super angel or Burning Angel. Just get Matk pets when your a knight.

I Hope you took the time to read this!

New Changes, Hybrid is awful at high levels, try to go pure around 60

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