Crystal Saga Crystal Ladder Basic Guide

Crystal Saga Crystal Ladder Basic Guide by PoisonStarglade

So.. You want to get your name onto the Ladder rankings aye? Then hopefully this will help.

First things first, an attempt at solo ladder is instant fail DO NOT ATTEMPT this.

The party

For a ladder party you should obviously have a decent Tank (pure endurance knight), i would recommend 2 healers with a decent level of heal amount for later levels and 2 others of personal choice.

How to get into the ladder

You will locate the Ladder in the Tree of life map. You can get to the tree of life Via the teleporter in starglade.
Once you are located in the Tree of life you will have to speak to the NPC Ardhon the Guardian he is located in the upper left hand side of the map.

Starting the Ladder

Ok Click on Ardhon the guardian and enter the ladder.. when you spawn you will be INVISIBLE to enemy monsters on every level but only until you move your character.
Make sure that your Tank gets agro from the mobs and a very important part. MAKE SURE YOUR DPS ONLY ATTACK THE MONSTER YOUR TANK IS ATTACKING.
Once people start dying its a slippery slope downhill from there.

Crystal Ladder Event

At the moment there is a Ladder level event in which you have to take a screenshot of what level of ladder you get to.
Remember to take a screenshot at LVL 5, 10, 15, 20. Entering all events produced by r2games is a great way of keeping up with all those Epic players we look up to.

After leaving Ladder

Once you have left the ladder go back to Ardhon the guardian to claim exp! Its a very good source of exp.. and we all need that.. don’t forget it

well i hope you guys found it at least a little helpful.

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