Blacklight Retribution Gameplay Tips

Blacklight Retribution Gameplay Tips by jester68

While I am waiting for my clan mates to get on I figured I would hand out a few of my tips to people looking for some help. Some of these things might seem dumb or even common sense but bear with me here, not everyone knows them all.

Before I get this started.


Ok, here we go.

1. Turn your in-game music off: This will allow you to hear not only footsteps but guns reloading and the occasional “enemy spotted” coming from the other team.

2. Leave the shadows turned on: I can’t tell you how many times I have been saved because I could see somebodies shadow from around a corner.

3. Don’t buy gear right away: After each level you earn you will receive free gear and weapon parts in your mailbox. If you do not get these after you level simply log out and back in.

4. Cook your grenades: By charging your grenade up before you throw it you do not leave your target time to run away from it. (You charge a nade by holding down the throw button but not releasing it. Just let go before it goes off in your hand)

5. Your gun: Don’t take advise about guns from other people, Find what works for you.

6. Depots Depots Depots: They are there for a reason, Use them. If your not a fan of the special weapons in them at least keep your health and ammo full.

7. Proxy mines: Using the depots to refill your ammo you can place 2 of these wonderful toys out at a time, and remember these bad boys don’t have to go on the floors all the time. Not many people look for these on the ceiling.

8. Flamethrowers: The best/fastest way to take out a hardsuit. (and/or groups of people)

9. Camo: Doesn’t really matter since we have HRV but you want to a pretty color go for it. It might work as an intimidation factor.

10. Learn your maps: Just because you can see through walls every couple of seconds doesn’t mean you should know your way around. If you need to join a room with 1 other person in it and just run around until you get the hang of it.

11. Be nice: Instead of insulting people try saying something along the lines of Nice shot from time to time. You might get to play with the same people again tomorrow.

12. HRV Blackouts: A good way to not only hide yourself but cover up proxy mines as well.

13. Doors: If you are a few people short covering an area of the map, shut a few doors. Door control panels are also a good place to hide a proxy mine.

14. Shields: Not only great for stopping bullets but when placed in a doorway can be really annoying causing people to have to find a longer path. Also great for taking out turrets, Pull the shield in front of you, walk up to the turret, and melee.

Hope these tips help out. Enjoy

I’ll try to remember to update the list as things come up.

More Tips by shadowsypher

Number 1 should be frequent use of HRV to always have the headsup on enemy positions.A lthough it should be used only in areas you just cleared, otherwise you would find yourself HRV just as an enemy walks around a corner

Dont be afraid to try new things, play around with different mods and weapons, also try new items like the other mines, stun grenades, gadgets, and tactical gear. You might find a build better than what you’re already comfortable with.

Hardsuits and open spaces, always position yourself where you can’t be surprised by rushing flamethrowers. Keep yourself spaced away from corners that enemies could be hiding behind or close quarters where its hard to keep track of where the enemy is. If close quarters is a must, then wait for a teamate to tag along, you’d be surprised how often a teamate follows behind a hardsuit.

ADSing (aiming down sight or scoping) when the target is at medium-long rnage. It’ll break the cycle of all the spray and praying thats been going on and can mean a fast kill.

Stay mobile, a non moving target is a dead target. Practice moving and shooting at the same time, even when you’re scoping.

Bullets tend to recoil upwards, dont aim straight for the head unless its the only visible thing. Aim for the upper body and let it ride its way up.

Burst firing, kinda like the burst fire rifle, its not always a wise decision to just hold down the fire button. Sometimes small bursts can improve accuracy to the point where you’ll always hit your target, both in hipfire and in ADS.

Consider melee (“F” by default) when the enemy is in your face. It does a lot of damage and can kill your already injured enemy when they’re in the middle of reloading. Be aware that it cancels any reloading you’re currently doing.

Lower graphic settings if you need that extra boost in FPS. All the pretty colors in the world wont make you play better, but will improve the experience.

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  1. Gamma7897 says:

    I’m suprised how many people play blacklight like it was cod. Ah well, just means i can own them because they don’t remeber the developer supplied wallhack.

    Good guides for beginners

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