7 Dragons FAQ

7 Dragons FAQ by heinrich_hartman

how do you upgrade wildland mines
When you’re on your city page, you will see a blue flag and the amount of mines you have/can have (i.e. 2/2). Click on the numbers and it will take you to your wildland mines page. Beside the mines is an operation link. Click on it and then click on upgrade.

The wildland mines page is part of your account info pages so alternatively you can hover over “User” above the chat box, click on account, and click on wildlands mine and it will bring you to the same page.

You can also go to the map and locate the wildland mine you own, click on it, and click upgrade.

Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me how i can get a level 5 item called “Poleyn”? I’ve been asked for it on a quest, bur can’t seem to find it.
Poleyn is the knee armor piece of any armor set. You can buy a level 5 poleyn from the capital shop with a level 16 hero, find one randomly while hunting with a hero near that level, or buy one in the market. You really should assign gathering quests.

if my hero is in a new city can i swap them and get the hero back or that hero stays there always
You can send that hero to any of your cities. Go to the command post, click deploy, select a hero or heroes, click reinforce, select one of your cities from the list in the “My City” box, then click ok and ok again and your hero will be on their way to the city you selected. Also, if you’re just sending a hero, you can use a transport gate if both cities have a transport gate.

how do you auction your food
Build a market, then click the “Market” tab at the top. Click “Resource Trade” then click “My Resource Trade” Put in however much food you want to sell and the price then click ok. It will take time for it to show up for people to buy. Keep in mind that you can only sell in batches of 2500 or lower (you can put in a greater amount and it will divide it for you). It is also dependent on your market level, if you have a level 1 market you can only sell one batch at a time, level 2 is two batches, level 3 is three, and so on. The price you put in is for each individual piece of resource, not the whole batch, which is why it is in silver. You have to put a higher price than NPC or it will just sell to the NPC.

i am having a hard time getting glory points can someone help
Glory is achieved through a combination of several things. Under your glory level you will see your highest hero level, your total population, your fame, and the experience your heroes gain from attacking/defending. Basically all of that makes up your glory. So always try to makes those rise. Defense won’t rise unless you’re attacked when your heroes are home or unless you send a hero to reinforce someone being attacked so don’t worry too much about it. Just keep trying to level your highest hero and keep using all 10 double exp points of all heroes, keep building, and keep spending gold in the city. The highest hero gives 300 glory per level so it can raise you fast in the low levels.

How do I move an object (from the Treasury) of one of my cities to an other city?
How do I move a Hero from one of my cites to an other city?

To move items you need to put the items in your hero’s bag and move them to the target city, then move them out of the bag to that treasury.

To move a hero to another city, click your command post, click “Deploy,” select the hero, click “Reinforce,” find the city in the “My City” box, then click “OK”. Confirm this on the next page by clicking “OK” and you have sent the hero.

Another way to send the hero is to find the second city on the map, click on it, click “Deploy Army,” select the hero, click “Reinforce,” click “OK,” then confirm with a second “OK.”

To move the hero instantly, you can use a transport gate if both cities have the gate. It costs crystal and gold and it will NOT transport units. Click on the transport gate, select the hero, select the city, then click “Transport.”

Can someone explain to me t7 heroes?
When you hire a hero in the tavern, they will have a random specialty. The specialty will be a unit from that hero’s race. A T7 specialty is the highest tier specialty and it will boost your strongest unit. The specialty is named after the unit it corresponds to, so find out your race’s tier 7 unit and get a hero with that specialty. T7 specialty will also boost your T9 unit. It is more important to get a T7 specialty than it is to get an orange hero.

Tier 7 by race:
Human: Angel
Forest Elf: Emerald Wyrm
Undead: Bone Dragon
Dark Elf: Black Wyrm
Dwarf: Lava Wyrm
Scholar: Titan

My Double Exp of one of my Heros droped to 0, and now when I hunt I get no Exp Point and no Gold. What shoud I do?
Option 1: Wait until the next day when it will reset…Each day you get 10 double exp. points per hero.

Option 2: Some players like to send their heroes to visit waterwheels and windmills, gaining gold/resources. If you do so remember to remove any army units, as they will not be needed and will only serve to slow your hero’s movement.

Option 3: Other players will continue to attack demon cities with their heroes, gaining useful gem fragments. Little experience will be gained – but gem fragments are important for trading with the shady dealer and for some other aspects of the game.

Option 4: Send you hero to explore across the map. The longer the distance the greater the likelihood of success. As mentioned above remove your army units for this option as it will slow your hero, and army units are not needed for exploring. Or go gather some beads.

Option 5: Transport your hero to you alliance fort and repair the divine hawk alter. This will benefit the members of your alliance giving them a movement speed bonus when dispatching heroes from the alliance fort.

Option 6: Go to sleep – you played the game enough for the day!

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