Wakfu Xelor Hoodlum Drops Effects Guide

Wakfu Xelor Hoodlum Drops Effects Guide by Phasing

Hi I wanted to know what spells each Xelor-specific Hoodlum drop increases and by how much. So I would appreciate it if you guys could possibly post what spells these items increases.

Aksellar Amulet (lvl 25)
Air Dmg. +5%
Water Dmg. +5%
Increases Temporal Waves by 1 lvl

Beloda Belt (lvl 40)
Initiative +20
Increases Xelor’s Dial by 1 lvl

Charmulet (lvl 39)
Health Points +30
Increases ?? by ?? lvl(s)

Devoted Amulet (lvl 30)
Health Points +25
Increases Devotion by 1 lvl

Etern Amulet (lvl 30)
Health Points +20
Increases Temporal Armor by 1 lvl

Master of Time Belt (lvl 30)
Water Dmg. +5%
Increases Master of Time by 1 lvl

Sinistring (lvl 29)
Increases Rollback by 1 lvl
Increases Hydrand by 3 lvls

The Amumilet (lvl 30)
Health Points +25
Increases Mummification by 1 lvl

Trance Belt (lvl 28)
+3% chance of applying Demotivational state
Increases ?? by ?? lvl(s)

White Hot Ring (lvl 25)
Fire Dmg. +10%
+2 to Fire spells’ lvl

Plata Hat (lvl 42)
***Not Xelor Specific***
Health Points +25
Dodge +15

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