Wakfu Earth Pandawa Build Guide

Wakfu Earth Pandawa Build Guide by J-Myster

This is my pandawa so far. Its going better than i expected. Its just a bummer that i can only attack once per round but the damage is better than i expected. Its a bit hard to level up since all the crappy things that is happening in bonta, i’m reduced to attacking cows, gobbs and biliblis only.

Level 30: Earth Pandawa

HP: 304
AP: 6
MP: 4
WP: 6

Initiative: 138
Crit Hit: 3
Lock 158
Dodge: 112
Prospecting 103

Earth Damage Bonus: 111%
Earth Defense Bonus: 26%

Equipment (with equipment, i didn’t go for the sets. I went for a mix match of 3 sets. The Bellemet, Buk, and Larvesque Sets. Chose the items that gave a Max bonus to Earth damage, calculating for individual bonuses and set bonuses. The only thing is finding a cape that gives +Earth Damage for lvl 30.)

Cape: Gobbling Cape
Head: Bellemet
Shoulders: Larvesque Epaulettes
Necklace: Kapowmulet
Rings: Kapow Rings x2
Shield: Bumper
Weapon: Strangly Wand
Chest: Buk Breastplate
Waist: Trembella Belt
Boots: Larvesque Boots

Abilities (45 points left)
Movement Points:1

Special Abilities:
Barrel: 3 (just enough to get the 3AP cost to place a barrel down)
Bottomless Barrel: 6 (dont know if i should upgrade this further)
Ether: 1 (i placed one point since there are times its useful)
Sherpa: 19 ( one more to get the 20% block)

Tripple Whammy (lvl22) : Base Damage 18. (No increase since your not holding the barrel)
Pandawhack (lvl25) : Base damage is 34+merry damage (with an incremental increase of 1-2 per each stack of merry)
Bash Barrel (lvl26) : Base damage of 48 (with an incremental increase of 2-3 per each stack of merry)
Lactic Acid (lvl26) : Base damage of 30 (with an incremental increase of 1-2 per each stack of merry)
Blisskrieg (lvl28) : 60 damage (with incremental increase of 2-3 points per round dure to stacking of merry)

This is my Earth Pandawa. I’m overall happy with it, but you still need to be far away from the enemies first round since your going to need 1 turn to place and pick up the barrel. Also I used the skill points to get the MP and not the AP. Having just 2MP per round is not worth it due to the Merry drawback. I usually attack with the Blisskrieg. Its also a good skill especially if the opponents are lined up. It attacks all of them in a single line. The conditions are, the enemies needs to be in a single line and has at least 1 up to 2 spaces in between. In long games i usually use the Pandawhack since it has a greater damage than the Blisskrieg because of the base damage and additional damage from the stacked Merry. Lactic Acid is good when your chasing an enemy. It levels up the skill not to mention the +5% resistance bonus everytime u use it. I hardly use the Tripple whammy, only time i use it is when the enemy is alone, with low HP and the quarts in the barrel are gone. Bash Barrel used when opponents are all around you.

So my question is this. I have 46 skill points left for the Abilites. I Dont know if i should use them on HP or Crit hit, or save up for an additional AP or MP. Also after leveling up Sherpa to lvl 20, where should i distribute the next skill points? Should i max the bottomless barrel to get the max Lock bonus? Master of merriment? Aggressive barrel?


Edit1: Well it seems that i’m off to Amanka, since the gov of Bonta placed all creatures on the protected list so -10CP again if you attack anything

Edit2: Theres something i just found out. Prob a noob discovery, but hey… I just realized that the Blisskrieg attack is better than i thought. It just attacks in a straight line. Everything in a straight line. It doesnt matter if your opponent is beside you or at the far end of the screen. As long as you have line of sight and it has a space at his back for you to land on you can reach him. And you also attack any creature friend or foe within that line and you end up at the last creatures back. doent matter if they’re bunch up together or have spaces in between. And all the while i thought you can only use the attack if the opponent is beside you. Its great because you dont need to chase after the opponent, especially if you have a -Mp from being Merry.

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