Sword Girls Pure Darklore Deck Guide

Sword Girls Pure Darklore Deck Guide by Kirara

This was the deck I was able to make in the last 5 days I played in CBT2. I would really appreciate some advice on improving it and criticism on the weaknesses my deck has.

Night Denizen Vernika

Crescent Conundrum x3
Scardel Chardonnay x3
Crescent Nyetimber x3
Scardel Seone Flina x3
Red Moon Aka Flina x2
Scardel Leone Flina x3
Full Moon Luna Flina x1
Undertaker x1

Full Moon Power x3
Vampiric Education x2
Magic Eye x1
Blood Reversal x2
Forced Confinement x2
Sacrifice x1

My main strategy is to have many followers on the field buffed with Full Moon Power. It gains alot of first turn control but is weak against debuffs. I have Forced Confinement to deal with high stam cards are also possible for first turn advantage which also gives me one turn for buffs. Sacrifice is added and used during the last few life of the enemy character to finish off the game. The field swarming also uses Luna Flina’s ability to her full potential. Using Night Denizen Vernika for my character because she can take down cards on their last health and also regenerates life for the Forced Confinement’s cost. She also decreases my enemy’s field advantage when all my follower’s are destroyed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey….. it is Tertium, your build is awesome!!!! xD, I am trying to get the same now xD…. since today lose badly to red moon =.=

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