Sword Girls Play on iPhone Guide

Sword Girls Play on iPhone Guide by Airaa

“Because Sword Girls is a bit laggy on Android phones/tablets and iPhone doesn’t use flash, you can use your mobile device to control your computer at home and play Sword Girls from there! There are tons of VNC/Remote Desktop apps for both platforms but for this guide we will be using Splashtop as the VNC. It is a bit laggy when using 3G/4G/ or slow WIFI but work fine as long as the WIFI connection is fast enough or you are using your own WIFI. If anyone knows of a faster/better VNC let me know please!

1. Requirements

  • Splashtop App for your Android or iPhone device
  • Computer (PC must run on Windows XP, Vista or 7; Mac must run on Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7)
  • Wireless internet connection for your mobile device

2. Installing Splashtop to your computer

You can download Splashtop by going to their website HERE.
Download the appropriate install for your computer and install Splashtop once your download is complete.

3. Download Splashtop for your Mobile Device

Splashtop is available for a large range of mobile devices.
Download the one appropriate for your device from HERE.

Free trials can be found HERE, though the free trial is limited to only 5 minutes per session.

Setting up Splashtop on PC

1. Open up Splashtop by clicking on your desktop shortcut.

2. Click on the Settings tab to activate any of the two settings.
Audio can be streamed by ticking the top box, though I suspect this makes it a bit laggier, especially when using 3G/4G. This is active by default.

3. Click on the Security tab to set a password for your computer. Make sure it is something you can remember. Password must include one number.


4. Click on the network tab at the top and sign in with a gmail account.
If you do not have one there is a link at the bottom to create one, you will need one in order to connect outside of home.

4. Setting up Splashtop on your mobile device

1. Start up the Splashtop app on your mobile device.

2. Connect your mobile device to your own WIFI

3. Wait for splashtop to detect your computer. Once detected click on the computer you want to connect to from the list of computers shown on the main screen.
NOTE: If it does not detect your computer you can manually add it by clicking the “+” button on the top left (Button will vary by device) and manually adding your computer’s information. IP address is displayed on the Status tab of your computer’s splashtop program.

4. Input the security code you set up on your computer in the step above.

5. Wait for your computer to connect.

6. Once connect, review the instructions pop-up on how to control your computer.


2. Click the settings button on the top right corner. The button will vary depending on the device you are using.

3. Click the Internet discovery tab at the top.

4. Sign into the google account you created from your computer on the step above. Verifying and signing into the account might take a while.

5. Return back to the main screen and wait for your computer to be discovered.

6. Click on the computer you want to connect to from the list of computers shown on the main screen.


NOTE: To use your keyboard while playing, click on the small keyboard icon on the bottom right of your device’s screen to bring up the keyboard. Click the same icon again on the top right of the keyboard to hide it!”

NOTE 2: Using Splashtop on 3G/4G drains battery life quite a bit and will only last for 1 to 2 hours! To avoid this you should not use Splashtop unless you can charge your phone! Lag may also occur depending on your connection! Using Wifi can help save battery life but should still be used only when charging.

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