Sword Girls Cannelle Deck Guide

Sword Girls Cannelle Deck Guide by Sacredwisp

Well I got to play in the second CBT, but only for about a week so I didn’t get really experienced in pvp and I was wondering if some more experienced players could help give me some pointers for the two main decks I made (I made a couple more but there the main ones).

The first deck is featuring Cannelle. I got kinda scared when I looked up on youtube or on the tournaments (like last friday) that every time someone used Cannelle they miserably failed. I’m hoping not to be like that. Im going to go through all cards in my deck quickly just to say why I took them and then say a few cards I kinda wanted but didn’t have enough room. Anyway the deck is very focused (not many different cards) and unless you have UT in your hand you can slap your whole hand down every turn. I know this a terrible idea (because that’s just stupidly playing) and you will deck yourself super fast but it will allow you to do it if you want and get a good hand (if you cook pacifism and get a good hand later, for example). The only bad part is you will probably end up decking yourself very fast if you dont get set up early. The main prolem with this deck (in my opinion) is Mass recall. It goes down and GG, thats basicly it. Anyway heres the deck:


-edit- Crux knight pintail would also ruin my parade as well as genius student Nanai, which would kill basically any of my followers even if they have 25 STA or something rediculous like that

Undertaker – I’m using a lot of 1s. They will die for the first few turns until I get them buffed well. It will buff UT alot and then later provide meat shields to buff him more. I think It’s pretty self explanatory.

Crescent Nazo, Occultist Iris Juvia, Scardel Merlot – There basicly tanks waiting for the Cannelle buff, I mean, I got quite a few buff cards for them too but Cannelle really helps. Even if one dies or something, no biggie, you can just swarm them, it’s not like losing 1 life is the end of the world.

Crescent Conundrum – little more situationnal since its harder for it to last the first turn but if you start giving it those SA and ATK buffs, it will be hard to kill because of the 2DEF

Latecomer – Same thing as Crescent Conundrum except a little more durable

Morals Committee Layna Scentriver, or prefect Layna, whatever you wanna call it – Do I REALLY need to explain this? In a few turns this thing will be a beast.

Sage’s counsel – Well it’s a buff that doesn’t need a specific faction to your characters or your followers, and mines are kinda all over the place, so it works well for me.

Misfortune – Theres a lot of spells in this deck so at around turn 3-4 you can already throw one out. It will raise the size of an enemy follower by 3 (which should get at least one guy to size 6, since 1s and 2s arnt super common, and most people use 3-4). Then your guys are getting +5/5 ATK/STA buff in one turn. All of them.

Order of the church – This isnt so much for the +6/6 ATK/STA and +1 size buff, that would really mess up everything. However, a +2 DEF buff and +1 STA could really help, especially if thrown on someone like Prefect Layna.

Mother Rumor Demon – Well with all those Bondages and Misfortunes being thrown everywhere, its bound to kill something.

Pacifism – Stall a turn and get the buff from Cannelle. Very useful especially if you threw a bondage and a misfortune or something earlier.

Meadow Leisure – Well, when you can slap your whole hand down in a turn and fill up your field, Meadow Leisure starts giving out pretty big buffs. You will probably get atleast +2/4, and can go up to +4/6.

Entry Denied – Stop their big guns from attacking while make one of your guys not attack. This is just plain good. I mean not attacking is also preferable. You wouldn’t of done any damage anyway and you spare yourself a counter attack too.

Bondage – Trap cards in and get bigger buffs, woot.

Thank You – Well The +1 DEF to all followers can really help, especially when they are buffed.

Cards I kinda wanted to add-

Empowering chant – Well my character is not Vita but I don’t use abilities on anyone except for Layna and UT. Its annoying not to be able to buff those ones but it could work for all the other guys. I just couldn’t find room for it though.

Game starter – Why not? Its not a bad card and it is immune to sense of belonging. Although this is not super necessary, because sense of belonging is not really a threat since its not like your only buffing one follower, your buffing all of them.

The problem is mostly that a lot of the cards that would be good for this deck are not out yet. Im talking about the followers here. If you go on swogitools and put the filters as size 1 followers, there are some pretty ridiculous cards in there.

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