Spirit Tales Jade Forest Crisis Guide

Spirit Tales Jade Forest Crisis Guide by Xuse

You’re Lv40 and you got a new pet, then you want to level it up quickly? You have come to the right place! Jade Forest Crisis offers you the highest amount of XP per monster. This guide will teach you how to enter Jade Forest Crisis.

.:: Notice ::.
You’re recommended to enter with a Sorcerer, as you’ll will spawned outside if you die. You will not be able to enter again for that day.

Step 1.
Go to Jade Forest and this location. (Coordinate is X : 195 , Y : 122)

Step 2.
Wave and say HI to the depressed NPC by the name of “MilitaMinuteman”, then right click him.

Step 3.
Left click the only option on the chat log.

Step 4.
BOOM you entered, now pose at the entrance.

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