Spirit Tales FAQ

Spirit Tales FAQ by Amai

1.  Where is the auction house?
Its located on the Frost Forest map on the map it looks like an outdoor stall vendor icon.  NPC named
GS Middleman – 253, 513

2.  Where do I find the blue materials for my crafting?
Most blue crafting items are located in the dungeons and dropped by the mobs or boss.  Example: level 29 dungeon drops light-swallowing black jade and rainbow canceling crystal, Level 34 dungeon drops Kallaite.

3.  Where do I find the boss from the drill sergeant quest?
When you get the quest you talk to him again and he will teleport you inside to fight the boss 1 on 1.

4.  How do I talk on world chat?
You need a world horn, from the level up gift set (magical beast jade) or cash shop.

5.  I have no more quests to do how can I level now?
Take your time to join a clan then purchase guild quests from GS: Clan manager on maps with a flag icon, higher level than frost forest.

6.  How do you auto route?
Right click the quest part you want to go to from the quest tracking list.  Or open the quest list and click the pink lollipop it looks like.

7.  I’m sick of clicking, how do I hit without clicking?
turn your camera angle to 1 or 3 and then point at mob, right click hold, left click hold, release right, release left.  Move your mouse as you please over the mobs you want to attack.

8.  What does aggression mean?
Its how strong your pull of the mob’s focus is.  So the tank should have all the aggression, you want the mob to attack only the tank.  Tank = more aggression = good.

9. How do I make a party?
Right click the name of the player you want to add and select group invitation.

10.  How do I leave a party?
Right click your self in the upper left corner and you will see an option to leave party.  Make sure you click around your name.

11.  How do I reset a dungeon?
The same way you leave a party.  Right around your name on the upper left corner you will see “reset instance”.

12.  How do I use the pet stable?
Can’t be the pet you use to fight or merged with, recall it or unmerge if you want to put that one in.
Click the picture part of their area once and let go.
You should see the picture attacked to your pointer now.
Move it to the other side and click again.

13. How to catch a pet?
You need a pet rice ball from pet trader/shop starting on Spring Valley map, hit the monster you want to catch as your pet till its hp is lower than 50%, and use the pet rice ball. Master pet dango (cash shop item) for lvl 25+ monsters.
Note: Monster should have a “peach like button” after their names to catch it, if not its no catch able.

14. How to Transform?
At level 10 you will receive a quest that allows you to unlock the Spirit Beast Form transformation. You can use Space to transform. Need at least 100% SP.

15. How to separate stacked items?
Just simply hold shift and left click the stacked items you want to separate.

16. How you evolve a pet?
You need at least 2 level 30 pets, recall all your pets then click evolve.

17. How to put item on chat?
Just simply hold alt and left click the item you want to put on chat.

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