Spirit Tales Account Protection Guide

Spirit Tales Account Protection Guide by localhost

This guide is to help you protect your account(s) from being a victim of a hacker following theses steps can help ensure don’t   get hacked.

1. Never share your account with friends or family or anyone !
Never no matter what never share your information with anyone not even your friends.

2. Change your password atleast once a month.
I’d recommend more then once a month to better protect yourself!

3. Keep your computer update with the latest updates and your security software up to date.

4. Never use your account on anyone’s computer but your own!
You never know what is on someone elses computer i would not recommend you ever use your account on any computer that’s not yours.
That includes not using your schools computer your friends computer or a public library computer.

5. Never download any types of Gold Generators, or any kinda Generators there all fake and are used to keylog you and infect you viruses that your anti virus might find clean.

6. Never go any website that offers free gold or free items that ask for your information unless confirmed by Koramgame.

7. Koramgame staff will NEVER ask for your personal information as a real Koramgame Employee will have access to that information.
Submit a ticket verify that they contacted you and requested information from you.

8. NEVER Give out your personal information to anyone in the game!
Never give anyone your home address, phone number, cell phone or anything personal.
Sadly there are alot of people out there that want to hurt people never give your information out to anyone in the game.

I’ll work on updating this when i get some time i just wanted to get this out there to help you before they game gos live.

Here are a couple links you might wanna check out.

AVG Free:
AVG is a free anti virus the basic version is free and costs nothing.

Secure Password Generator:
Allows you to Generator a totally random password I use this site myself since its a pain to think of a password all the time.

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask i can do my best to give you advice i have over 12 years in the computer field and do alot of online researching.

Stay safe online!

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