RODE Online Elementalist Introduction Guide

RODE Online Elementalist Introduction Guide by Yaab

This is burst DPS class with aoe and many crowd control abilities .There’s also priest heal skill but you can heal once per 30 sec only.

– dps
– aoe
– crowd control

– burn mana very fast
– very fragile

Stat to go.: full INT dps

Why INT?

Cause INT increases ATT,MP and skills dmg are based on ATT thus I didnt figured out how LNT & ICE is added to dmg.

It may works like that but im not sure:

((minATT-maxATT)+skill dmg) x Sharp Mana Crystal multipler + LTN or ICE dmg

1 INT:

1-1 ATT
~ 5,3 MP

Bulids.: way to Mega Thunder and then another power skills

Best (imo) skill cycle against normal mobs (etc.farming):

Icy WindAAThunder God.s FuryAAMana Ball AA

This one works especially later on then you enchance Thunder God’s Fury wityh bleeding effect.Most mobs will die after using:

Icy WindAAThunder God.s FuryAA

If I find out something more I’ll add info later on unless you throw some questions. For now no PvP tips cause I am focused on lvling (3x now) and didn’t applied to Region War even once.

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