Repulse Engineer’s Quick Guide

Repulse Engineer’s Quick Guide by mclovin365

It has come to my attention that people don’t see the value of an engineer, so I am here to explain it to you. An engineer, while their guns have low power, and their armor is weak, they have 1 big advantage. They can heal their friends. and by healing their friends they get bonus kills and extra credits. this can go a long way to helping you keep up with your gear, money wise. There are three guns that can heal (and also attack but they are very weak and inefficient) are the Violet Fang Mk III, the Polymer Fang, and the Vampire Fang. The Polymer Fang and the Vampire Fang, while they have higher attack power and are essentially launching bombs, they have weaker heals and release a blinding flash that makes it hard for your ally to protect you while you are healing.

I use the Violet Fang Mk III because my main gun has enough ammo that it rarely runs out before I die so the Violet Fang is used more for healing than anything. the best strategy you can have to increase your KDR is if you are low on health call for an engineer to help you and hide until he/she gets there. The biggest problem I have is I run out of energy because I’m trying to heal someone who is almost dead and he runs right into the opponents line of fire, usually dying but making it harder for me to heal even if he/she lives.

For anybody interested in playing this class, I do recommend it, even if you do get a lot of deaths (and this can be corrected if you are a better player, I am still a newbie having never played fps before). I will post my list of gear below. If you are not interested, I would recommend trying to stand still when an engineer is attempting to heal you, but at the same time keep a look out for any enemies trying to kill your engineer.

My Weapons

F. Matter Diver (this is just my preference, the hammer is stronger but the MD is faster)
1. Panther (a high dps, but can’t be modded so only useful if u have good aim and evasion)
2. Violet Fang Mk III (explained above)
3. Hammer Head EX (opt. I never use it its just there for emergency)
4. IV Drip (allows you to heal yourself 1 time after respawn)
5. XN01 Frag grenade
6. Flash Grenade.

My Gear

1. Tactical Field Suit
2. Optic Protector (the highest defense you can get while still having the scan function)
3. Tactical Proton Pack (the best EP you can get while still having enough weapon slots)

My Items

1. Lessened Limbo (allows for more kills per game if you have a shorter respawn)
2. Munitions Pack (allows for an extra grenade)

I hope this guide to Engineers has helped you, have fun and I hope to see you in game.

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