Repulse Beating Viper Valley Guide

Repulse Beating Viper Valley Guide by xoddfuturex

This tutorial will Provide screen shots and detailed instruction on how to complete Viper Valley in Boot Camp Mode. I will also Provide a video for those who need better help.

*You Must Be In Action Mode*
Step 1: Enter Boot Camp

Find and click the Boot Camp button at the top of your screen. Once you enter the Boot Camp Mode you will have the option to choose from many different training courses. Scroll down on the right side and find Viper Valley. You will notice Viper Valley is available for three different classes but the course is still the same for all 3.

Step 2: Stage 1

Once you spawn you need to make your way to the end of the path. But beware dinosaur looking creatures jump out of the ground and attack you. There are 25 of these in the first section that rapidly jump out of the ground and chase you. However they die easily, about 2 or 3 bullets. Once you reach the end of the path you will see a stone wall with a bomb attached to it, you need to activate this bomb then kill off the rest of the dinosaurs. Once you have killed the dinosaurs the bomb will detonate and you will have access to the other side. Follow the path to the very end and this will portal you to stage 2.

Step 3: Stage 2

Stage two is a large open land that allows you to roam. The same small dinosaurs jump out of the ground and attack you tho. There is also a very large dinosaur that throws fire balls at you among other attacks. Do your best to stay away from him, YOU DO NOT NEED TO KILL HIM. Once you have spawned in stage 2 you will notice a ramp looking pillar, walk up this ramp about 3/4’s of the way and just wait for the small dinosaurs to come to you and kill them as they get near the ramp. Once you have killed all of the dinosaurs you have completed Viper Valley and you will be rewarded 1000 credits.

In my video I killed the Large dinosaur, this isn’t necessary. I just wanted you guys to see that he exist and what he is capable of.

Here is a Video –

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