RaiderZ Frog Boss Guide

RaiderZ Frog Boss Guide by skillmaster18

The Frog boss is the first major monster you fight in the game, it is a level 5. He is very difficult if you don’t know what your are doing but if you do then he is quite easy.

predicting attacks– the following actions are signs of an attack being imminent:
1. The boss turning around to face you
2.Change of its skin color(very noticeable)

if you notice either of these it is best to dodge to the side, right or left. Dodging backwards isn’t the brightest idea because one of his attack shoots a beam of something quite far forward and does a large amount of damage and his jump can go quite a long ways.

none of his attacks can be shielded very well so it is better to dodge.

simple jump, he jumps forward onto you. Easy to dodge if you just use shift and left or right to roll away once or twice.

barf beam(idk what to name it XD): shoots a large burst of stuff at you. Easily dodged sideways. while he is using this you can attack him from the side or back safely.

consume: he can chew you and spit you out. Dodge as you would any other to the side. Does a massive amount of damage.

mega body slam:
The frog jumps hundreds of feet into the air, then slowly falls for a couple seconds then slams straight down to the ground at a very high speed in a split second. if he uses this, look up and start dodging backwards(or away from him) This attack does an insane amount of damage so be sure to avoid it at all costs. I think this attack is used more when he is almost dead.

he also has basic attacks that do a little damage.

misc strategies:
You can knock it over. If this happens you have several seconds to do large amounts of damage freely.

if you sneak up from behind him you can get a few extra hits at the start.

I’ll possibly update this with videos and screenshots later.

known break offs:

his horn breaks off

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