Path of Exile Templar Tank Caster Build Guide

Path of Exile Templar Minion Tank Caster Build Guide by flamingdonut

What do you think of my build.

Blast-o The Boomy Templar

My focus is on my three major signature skills:
*Blood Magic
*Necromantic Aegis
*Minion Instability

My points are focused into +%hp, +shield, and +%fire dmg

The plan is to get a P-I-M-P shield and let my minions tank a lot for me while I sit back and blast away with my fire skills.
Heaven forbid a minion dies. It’ll blow a hole in in the mobs to fuel my insatiable corpse lust.

So do you think this is a viable route for the harder difficulties, or is it pure fantasy?

Thought? Comments? Tweaks?

Another Build by sibbechai

I did something similar and I am absolutely giddy at the Idea of a fire templar / summoner.

May I present: Sibbechai, Champion of Nerull

The concept is that he will summon minions to do all the dirty work for him, while blasting with fire damage and if need be, getting into the fray with a Scepter and Shield.

I focused on minion nodes, with some extra fire dmg and I also went for enough strength to use high level armor and weapons, expecting magic mods to pick up the slack. The keystones I wanted were Avatar of Fire, Minion Instability and Necromantic Aegis, though I am positive that I could slim it down to just 2 keystones and still be happy with it. It’s my first templar build so I am sure there’s room for improvement.

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