Path of Exile Bow Duelist Build Guide

Path of Exile Bow Duelist Build Guide by andreyghost

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This is one way to aim it.

OPTIONAL : since a friend told me you don’t need evasion a lot ! as a bow-wielding duelist/archer :) you can remove Iron Reflexes and add Acrobatics,you can also add Dead Eye keystone,you can remove Berserking if you want (near the start) you can add more frenzy charges,and as i said there are quite a lot of points to reach Blood Thirst but it’s worth it ;).Oh and that 7 % Movespeed node you can get the 7 % attack speed in the right side of it to reach BloodMagic&IronGrip; but wouldn’t suggest,you will have enough attack speed.

If you use iron reflexes too,and a VOLL Armour for permanently having 2 power charges…you will pretty much always knock enemies back with King Of The Hill and if you use Heart Pierce you can make them move like that and get more damage,cool a?
Hope you all like the builds me and my friend invented

When going up towards Blood Magic and Iron Grip you can decide if you let the movespeed % bonus or change those points into the right side path for 7 % attack speed in total instead of 7 % movespeed
Feel free to take all the points taken north for the Bloodthirst and add one or two or even all these three.

Berserking ( right near the start) ,Armour Master (the one that removes the 8%movement penalty for heavy armors) and Deadeye (some dex and accuracy bonus,it’s nice,only add this one and not the other two near ) than the leftovers add for some more frenzy charges.
Edit: That part to get 7 % movespeed or 7 % attack speed i say you can get quite enough attack speed and the 7 % bonus movespeed can help at kiting,no matter what good %movespeed boots you have

It is very epic for a ranger too,the ranger is closer to those keystones for the bows in her side of the tree,but farther from the ones near duelist,and the duelist vice-versa (Latin phrase that means “the other way around”)

So practically the build is the best bow build for both ranger and duelist

The only difference in using it is that the ranger starts with a lot of dex and low str and int,i think 30 dex 14 str 14 int,and if you plan on taking iron grip and blood magic fast as i do than you should use the duelist,well it depends both are very good at it.

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