Pandora Saga Warlock Gear Guide

Pandora Saga Warlock Gear Guide by Miroku

There are basically 2 types of Warlocks commonly found, the Fast Caster and the Nuker.

Let’s start off with the Caster Warlock (99 Dex) Gear Guide!!

To give you a starter on the gear you want on this build it’s basically Cast Speed gears over MATK(Magic Attack) gears.
Fast Casters will always need 3 things in their arsenal:

1. The 20% Cast Speed Rod, there are 2 Rods that can give you that amount of cast speed.

-The 3 Slot Philosopher Rod with 2x Soul of the Oration and 1 Dual Soul. basically Soul of the Oration will provide a 5% Cast Speed Bonus on your weapon, 2 of those coupled with a Dual Soul that amplifies/mimics the soul beside it will give you 20% Cast Speed, but in order to do this the souls must be inserted in said order: Soul of the Oration/Dual Soul/Soul of the Oration. Usually most casters prefer at least a +7 on their Philo Rods before placing the souls in as rods with higher enhancement adds damage to the element it was enhanced with, so a +7 Glacial Philo Rod will increase the output of your Ice spells, although as a Dex type the damage isn’t that felt due to a lower int base.

-The +8 Blitz Storm Rod with 2x Soul of the Oration. Basically this Cash Shop weapon increases casting speed starting at +6, and at +8 the Rod itself provides a 10% Cast Speed bonus coupled with 2 Soul of Orations for a 20% Cast Speed output. Also at +7 it starts glowing and it looks cool :P.

Pros and Cons for both Rods.

Philo Rod:

– 20% CS is already attainable without enhancing the rod.
– Obtainable in game via killing Abbot Goas at El Behd.
– Lower level requirement so you can equip before level 40.

– The Dual Soul is a soul obtainable only through the Gacha system is rather hard to get, you can choose to buy it from a player in game but the price is…well let’s just say not for everybody.
– The Stats on the Rod are +4 Int and +4 Spi, it does not provide a Dex bonus so if you are aiming for 110 Dex this rod will give you a harder time.
– Enhancing the rod is rather hard since there are barely any Zero Risk events for it, so unless you are lucky or have farmed 50 of these and have quite the amount of gold and magic rune gems, then go ahead and start breaking.

Storm Rod:

– No need for a Dual soul for you to get the 20% Cast Speed.
– Unlike the Philo rod, this rod is not limited to 20% Cast speed since the cast speed bonus of the rod increases with enhancement, so at +9 you will have a slighter edge and on +10 a more felt advantage to the 20% Philo.
– Gives a bonus of +7 Int and +5 Dex and +3 Spi, the +7 Int only takes effect at +6 Enhancement just to inform those that don’t know. This Rod can allow you to hit 110 Dex much easier. (That’s another 5% Cast Speed Bonus compared to 100 Dex)
– Zero Risks happen for Cash weapons every now and then, quite often if you ask me. So enhancing the Rod will only need artisan hammers, and if it breaks…well you get it back, unlike the Philo which would be gone from your life the moment it breaks.
– Provides a cool effect, all thundery and zappy and stuff.

– Costs 14000 PP, that’s around $20, or you can buy it from people in game with gold.
– You have to get it to +7 AT LEAST, if you plan on hitting 110 Dex then the CS at +7 would still be more than a 20% Philo.
– Costs a bit of artisan hammers, getting it to +5 is easy without breaking due to the 4 Artisans + 1 Fortune Hammer way, however +6 to +8 is when you would want to wait for Zero Risks before enhancing with Artisans so incase of breakage you get your prized rod back.
– Very hard to get in game for gold, unless a warlock who owns it is rerolling or drunk don’t expect to be able to purchase this rod from them so easily, and costs A LOT of gold.

I prefer the Storm Rod over the Philo Rod, since it requires to be highly enhanced thus providing a bonus to your thunder spells’ damage output, and the +7 Int, +5 Dex, +3 Spi, takes the cake over the +4 Int and +4 Spi Philo. Oh did I mention your rod will also have thundery effects on it? B)

Now that we have the Rods sorted out, it’s time for the 2 other necessary equipment for your Caster.

2. The Wizard Hat, this one’s a no brainer. Provides you +2 Int, 5% Cast Speed, and +100MP. It’s rather easy to get but will take some PVP grinding in order for you to get it as it costs 1000 PVP points for a Magician Hat, then you will need 150 Filthy Pelts, 50 Moonlight Herbs, and some gold to turn it into a Wizard Hat.

3. The Moonlight Robe, also a no brainer. Provides Magic Resistance +10% and 5% Cast Speed and a higher base defense than it’s Magical Attack counterpart. Plus it matches your Wizard Hat!! :P Costs 100 Muldia Medals, no need for slot upgrades really.

For the Wizard Hat and Robe, well actually all of your gear…I suggest you enhance them to at least +3/4 on the hat and +4 on the robe to give you a bit more defense.

We’re done with the “Required” items for the Caster type, now you can start to customize the other gear based on your preference and game style, the following are suggestions.

For your pants you can choose between an Eternal Aloub (+5% MATK) or a Moonlight Aloub (+5% Magic Resist & Higher Base Defence), this one is really your call, you can go Eternal and get a bit more MATK or go Moonlight for more resist and def, I suggest Moonlight since you really won’t be much of a nuker, your main job really is to set up the enemies for your nuker.

For gloves there’s really no “required” glove for you, but there are options.

If you want magic resist over damage then wear slotted silk gloves then put in a philosopher soul(MATK +5%) in it. That glove will give you +5% Magic Resist and +5% Matk, try to get it to +5 if you can’t +4 should be ok for some def.

MATK Oriented gloves that you can choose from are: Icicle Gloves, Sorcery Gloves, Lunar Gloves, and Taishaku/Brahman Armguards. If I missed any let me know.

Other Defense/Resistance Oriented gloves available for warlocks are as follows: Ganoid Glove, Fine Glove, Naga Gloves, Wise gloves, Spell Bracers, Earth Gloves, Gold Bracelets, Fitted Gloves, so on…too many but basically they don’t focus on MATK.

Personally I’d go the defensive way again, but MATK for gloves won’t cost you as much as the pants in terms of defense so it’s still your call.

For Boots I’d say 3 choices.
Cure Boots (+30 MP, +5% Ice Resist, +10% MP Recovery Rate) (5000 PP)
Ancient Boots (+2% MATK, +5% Magic Resist) (5000 PP)
Jhelum Boots (+1 Int, +1% MATK, +2% Freeze Resist, +2% MATK and Freeze Resist for every 3 Points of enhancement) (Gacha)

I suggest any of the 3, but if you can get your hands on the Jhelum boots, then I say go for it.

You will also need an Eternal Cloak (+1 Int, +3% Magic Resistance) (Gacha)

Now we got the main ones out of the way it’s time to tackle the accessories…unlike main gears most accessories won’t synergize with your Cast Speed needs so this is where the “Caster’s” lack of Int/MATK gets compensated.

If you want more Cast speed then go 2 Bronze Earrings (4% Cast Speed) each so that’s a total of 8% Cast Speed. (Costs 2000 PP per earring in Charge Shop)
If you want to start compensating, I suggest the following…(Reminder these earrings are obtainable only through gacha): Rune Earrings ( +2% MATK, +5% MP Recovery Rate), Sacrifice Earrings (-30 Health, +2% MATK, +1 Int), Majestic Earrings (+3% MATK, 3% Cast Speed, -3% Cooldown, +25% MP Use), and Merciless Earrings(+3% MATK, +3% MP Recovery Rate, +3% MP Use). I only threw in the Majestic Earrings because they are an option although I really don’t recommend it due to the massive MP Usage with it. While you are looking for these you can always just wear the +1 Int earrings obtainable from Tiger Snakes and Varik Pythons.

2 Options, Demon Amulet or Jade Necklace.

Demon Amulet (+2 Int +6% Chance to activate blood drain when striking an enemy) (Charge Shop Item, I forgot the price…I’ll edit once I check)

Jade Necklace (+7% MATK) (Gacha Item only)

If you can get the Jade Necklace then all the better, if not go Demon Amulet, and like the earrings, if you’re aiming for them but need a filler in the mean time then the +1 Int Necklace from any “Supplier” NPC will do.

Here are your Options, Wiseman Ring, Peihavili Ring, Freezing Ring, Blizzard Ring, Undine Ring, and Ancient Ring.
Wiseman Ring (+1 Int, -1 Sta, +3% MATK)
Peihavili Ring (+1 Int, -100 Health, +3% MATK)
Freezing Ring (+1 Int the rest is nonsense)
Blizzard Ring (+1 Int, +3% Ice Resist)
Undine Ring (MP+20, Spell Interrupt Resistance +9%) *good if you hate being interrupted by snipers*

I suggest Wiseman or Peihavili for the +1 Int and +3% MATK.

Any three slot belt with either 3x Soul of the Cactus for a total of 6 Dex, or 3x Impetous Soul (-5% Cooldown) for a total of -15% Cooldown to reduce the waiting time on your spells’ cooldown.

I suggest the Triple Cactus Belt (6 Dex) if you are equipping the Storm Rod since it has +5 Dex for a combined total of 11 Dex with the belt sending you to 110 Dex for am added Bonus of 5% Cast Speed.

The Triple Haste Belt (-15% Cooldown) will better synergize with the 20% Philo Rod due to the lack of Dex inorder to reach 110 but then compensated by a smaller gap time between spells.

That about sums up the gear guide for the Caster type! Oh and a reminder if you are going 20% Philo you will need to get a +1 Dex source, whether it be via a soul, eagle cloak, or glove stat, you need that 1 more Dex to hit 100 Dex for the 5% Cast Speed Bonus! My suggestion would be to put a Chocolate Soul (+1 Dex +5%Charm Resist) on your Moonlight Robe, better to do that than wear an Eagle Cloak and lose +1 Int and +3% Magic Resist from the Eternal Cloak, since there are no souls that add +1 Int for torso equips.

Now that I have most of the stuff and detailing covered in the Caster Section the Nuker Section won’t be as long and detailed as I will still refer to most of the items mentioned in the Caster Section, just simply look back if you need to refresh on the stats of the items.

Now on to the Nuker Warlock (99 Int) Gear Guide!!

Nukers, unlike casters generally have their “Main” Rod (mainly the +7/8 Storm Rod for the Cast Speed Bonus) and their Sub Rods.
Basically a Nuker’s main rod should be any of the three Elemental Cash Shop Rods (Fire, Ice, and Thunder) enhanced to +7 or higher, or if you want to be fancy a +7 or higher Celestial Rod (Prismatic) costs extremely expensive to get, but worth it for the MATK bonus it gives.
The best set up would be to have all four rods +7 or Higher and have your Storm(Thunder) Rod and Prismatic as your dual main Rods and have the Blizzard(Ice) Rod and the Ignite(Fire) Rod as your sub rods shifting with your preference of spells, although I believe a +8 Prisma rod can cover the bonus damage of the Blizzard, Ignite, and Storm Rods to their respective elements if not more; it’s just best to have the +7 or Higher Storm Rod for the Casting bonus.
To sum it up you should have one of the following set ups:

+7 or more Thunder, Ice, and Fire Rod. (Thunder Rod as Main is highly suggested)
+7 or more Celestial Rod and Thunder Rod. (Dual Main)

Also I realize that obtaining this amount of rods takes time so if you are only capable of one at the moment I suggest you pick either Thunder, Ice, or Prisma for your initial rod. Reason why I don’t suggest Fire is because the bonus just doesn’t seem to fit a “nuker’s” criteria as it adds Fire resist, where as Thunder gives Casting Speed, and Ice gives a 5% increase in your mana pool. Although fire would work best for Meteor if you happen to not have a prisma on hand. But the Thunder Rod works for your thunder crash and the Ice works for blizzard and Ice spear, so I find those two a better choice.


Upper: Eternal Robe (+10% MATK) (Lvl 45) and Moonlight Robe (Most warlocks will shift into this when they need the extra cast speed and defense or whenever a situation arises that a warlock feels better off with a moonlight robe. A +4 of Ice would be helpful against enemy tempests)
Lower: Eternal Aloub (+5% MATK) (Lvl 46)


Highly Recommended: +6 Pious Hat (Int +1, Dex +1, MATK +2% for every 3 points of enhancement)(A +6 Pious would then give +4% MATK adding more to your damage)
Other Options: Wizard Hat


Highly Recommended: +7 Lunar Gloves (+1 Int +5% MATK at +7 Enhancement) w/ Soul of the Archmage (+1% MATK and MP for every point of enhancement) (The +7 Lunar Gloves with the soul would give you a combined stat of +1 Int and a whopping +12% MATK)
Recommended Other Options: Taishaku Arm Guards (+1 Spi, +10 Trip Resistance +3% MATK), Brahman Armguards (+1 Spi, +3% MATK, +3% Silence Resistance for every 3 points of enhancement), and Icicle Gloves (+1 Int +2% MATK, +5% Freeze Resistance)

For the three recommended gloves I suggest the following: If you can get the Gloves to +5 or higher put in a Soul of the Archmage, if at +4 or lower put in a Philosopher Soul. Taishaku/Brahman at +7 with an Archmage Soul would give off 10% MATK only 2 less than Lunar Gloves, while Icicle Gloves at +7 with an Archmage Soul would give off +9% MATK only 3 less than Lunar Gloves.

The reason why I suggest putting Archmage Soul starting at +5 is because it would give off +5% MATK and +5% MP Increase compared to Philosopher Soul only giving +5% MATK and no MP Bonus, however at +4 or lower the Philo would be the better choice since Archmage can only add +4% MATK and +4% MP Bonus compared to Philosopher’s flat +5% MATK Bonus. So a clean Taishaku/Brahman with Philosopher Soul would already give off +8% MATK and an Icicle would give off +7% MATK. Not bad for no enhancements.


Highly Recommended: +6 Jhelum Boots (+1 Int, +1% MATK and Freeze Resist, +2% MATK and Freeze Resist for every 3 points of enhancement) (A +6 Jhelum Boot would give off +1 Int and +5% MATK and Freeze Resist in total)
Other Options: Ancient Boots for the +2% MATK or Cure Boots for the MP Recovery rate bonus.


Eternal Cloak (+1 Int +3% Magic Resist)


Necklace: Jade Necklace, if not available use Demon Amulet.

Rings: Wiseman Rings, if not available use Peihavili Rings, if still not available get Ancient Rings. (+2 Int, -2 Sta) (2500 PVP Points each)

Earrings: Merciless Earrings or Sacrifice Earrings, of not available use Rune Earrings. Use Majestic Earrings at your own dispense, but Merciless earrings offer the same MATK as Majestic with only a 3% increase in MP use compared to Majestic’s 25% MP use.

Belt: Triple Haste or Triple Cactus, use a Snake Belt for the added +8% Poison Resist, if not available any 3 slot belt will do. You can also have both belts and just shift to your preference. Use the Triple Cactus (+6 Dex) belt to hit a certain amount of Dex you want for you warlock, ie: 60 Dex, 70 Dex, and so on. Use the Triple Haste (-15% Cooldown) Belt if your Dex is rounded off where you want it to be with just your Rod +5 Dex giving the bonus.

Souls: 2x Soul of the Oration (5% Cast Speed) per rod (hunted from Death Sentries), 3x Impetuos Soul (-5% Cooldown) for belt (hunted from Phantom Warriors) or 3x Soul of the Cactus (+2 Dex) for belt (hunted from empire ants), Philosopher Soul (+5% MATK) for Gloves (hunted from Abbot Goas) or Archmage Soul (+1% MATK and MP for every point of enhancement) for gloves (obtainable through Mage/Acolyte gacha), Guru Soul (+1 Int) for headgear (hunted from larvas and higher sprites of larvas) or Soul of Peace? (+20% Spell Interrupt Resistance) for helm (hunted from Kobold Priests) or Insomniac Soul (+50% Sleep Resist) for helm (hunted from Reapers), Soul of the Evening(+20% MP Recovery) for shoes(hunted from Millenium Tree, Ghasts, and Rotting Corpses).

That about sums up my Warlock gear guide!!
This guide was intended to those interested in playing as a warlock whether new or a re rolling player in an attempt to help out, I hope I did that! Thanks for reading and I hope it helped!!

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