Pandora Saga Saboteur Guide

Pandora Saga Saboteur Guide by Ravenwing

Races and Racials
No really beneficial racials here. Don’t be a human.

Harmony With Nature is great for your mana, since you’ll be cloaking and casting bombs for damage. Elf is a good choice.

Myrines, while great for most Scout and melee classes, are not good for Saboteurs. None of their racials benefit you. Don’t.

If you REALLY want that Stone Skin for some reason, go for it. Otherwise…

The other more popular Sabo race, the magic resist and mana regen racials are both helpful, with mana regen being more useful. Solid choice.

…Just no.

I would suggest an Elf or a Lapin. Both have beneficial racial abilities and good starting stats for your Saboteur. Of course, you can pick whatever you like. This is just my recommendation.

Stats and Builds
Here are the stats in Pandora Saga and their relevance to Saboteurs.
Stamina – Adds LP and LP regen, as well as physical damage reduction. Can be useful.
Strength – Adds damage from physical weapons. Useless, as your bombs are magic damage.
Agility – Adds dodge and attack speed. Not really useful at all, as you can cloak.
Dexterity – Your main stat. Adds accuracy, crit chance, and is the baseline for bomb damage. Highly useful.
Spirit – Adds mana, mana regen, and magic resist. Has its uses, but I don’t recommend putting anything more than spare points into it.
Intelligence – Your secondary stat. Adds matk, which increases bomb damage, as well as reduces mana costs. Significant points into this as well.

And now for some builds.

The Pyromaniac
Built for max damage, this Sabo will really bring the pain.
sta – base
str – base
agi – base
dex – 99
spi – remaining points
int – 70

Unfortunately, this is the only build I know, as it is by far the most popular build, considering almost all Sabos are out to deal the most damage with their bombs as they can. If there are any more out there, I’d love to have them posted so I can add them!

Skills and Skill Explanations
A Saboteur has access to the following:

Job Skills
Invigorate – lvl 12 Scout: increases your movement speed by 30%. You’ll always want this active, because your movement speed is reduced while Cloaking.
Hide – lvl 18 Scout: Hide to avoid being targeted and become invisible to enemy monsters and people in PvP. Can be removed by moving, being struck, using one of your skills, or by having Soul Bright cast near you by an enemy.
Cloaking – lvl 20 Provocateur: What makes you a Provocateur. Cloaking slows your movements, but allows you to move while being invisible to enemies in PvP and enemy mobs. Can be dispelled in the same ways as Hiding, until you are a Saboteur.
Shifty – lvl 20 Provocateur: A passive dodge buff you get upon becoming a Provocateur. Kinda nice.
Third Eye – lvl 28 Provocateur: An accuracy buff that is cast upon everyone in range in your party. Not bad, tho not particularly useful for Saboteurs. Keep it active anyway, it can’t hurt.
Treachery – lvl 45 Saboteur: What makes you a Saboteur. With this, you can use trap skills while cloaked, and stay cloaked. This means you can roll out Worm Bombs, lay some nice traps in areas with heavy traffic, and stay cloaked the whole time. Unfortunately, you still have the movement speed decrease while Cloaked.

You have a variety of Slash and Defend skills open to you, but you will almost never use any of them. I don’t recommend any points in here.

Backstep – 3 proficiency in Finesse: a skill that propels you backwards, not particularly useful for a class that can hide and move around unseen, but it comes with your skills so no loss.

Flame Arrow – 8 Ranged: A fire arrow that deals decent damage when you have str. Not too good for Sabos, in my opinion.
Cobra Arrow – 12 Ranged: An arrow that may poison the target. As much damage as your normal arrows. Again, not really something for a Sabo.
Arrow Rain – 26 Ranged: Fires a hail of arrows at a target. Precursor to the Sniper/Hunter skill Arrow Storm. Not very good damage and all but useless to a Saboteur.
Multi-Shot – 41 Ranged and 21 Trapping: Crossbows only, fires 5 bolts that fan out in all directions. Best used right on top of your enemy. However, if you’re right on top of them, I’d recommend a Worm Bomb, not this. I don’t recommend any of these skills for Sabos.

Poison Making – 8 Alchemy: Creates a vial of poison. Consumes 1 Deadly Nightshade and 1 Container
Toxify – 12 Alchemy: Puts a poison aura on your weapon. Consumes 1 Poison.
Serum – 26 Alchemy: Creates an Antidote. Consumes 1 Antidote Herb and 1 Container
Potion Crafting – 41 Alchemy: Creates a Mysterious potion. Consumes 1 Moonlight Herb, 1 Aquilegia, and 1 Container.
Befuddle – 50 Alchemy: Puts an aura on your weapon that will decrease the casting speed of those it strikes. Consumes 1 Poison.

I don’t recommend any of these either, as none of them benefit your bombs or bomb damage in any way.

Backstab – 8 Dispatch: Stab your target in the back for critical damage. A staple skill of Assassins. Not too useful for Sabos, tho.
Dagger Throw – 12 Dispatch: Throw your dagger at the target for ranged damage. Not too useful. More for Assassins with daggers.
Rush – 26 Dispatch: Sacrifice defense to allow your attacks with daggers and knuckles to hit twice. If you’re physically attacking your targets, you’re playing the wrong class. You shouldn’t ever need this skill.
Blindside – 41 Dispatch: Normally this skill is used to start the Assassin skill combo, as it trips your opponent. However, it can also be valuable for Sabos too. Trip your opponent, cast a bomb on top of them, and watch the fireworks as they scramble to figure out what just happened.

Disarm – 8 Trapping: Removes all the traps placed in a targeted area. Good for picking up your traps (you may only have 5 down at a time) and for removing enemy traps.
Tangled Legs – 16 Trapping: A basic Trapping skill that renders a snared target immobile. Chance to snare is based on Dexterity and Trapping proficiency. Consumes 1 Trap.
Plant Mine – 26 Trapping: As the name implies, you plant a mine. The mine’s damage is based on dex, int, Trapping proficiency, and magic attack. It will stay active until a fixed amount of time has passed or an enemy runs over it. Consumes 1 Trap.
Worm Bomb – 41 Trapping: Your most damaging skill. Summons a Worm Bomb that crawls towards your target. It will explode when it connects with a target or after a fixed amount of time, dealing AoE fire damage to the surrounding enemies. This skill is also affected by the same modifiers as mines, with the addition of dex increasing the blast radius. Consumes 2 Traps.
Safe Zone – 50 Trapping: Creates a shiny area of light that is safe from all AoEs. Multiple zones can be cast at once. You must stand inside this zone to be safe from AoEs.
Stone Prison – 61 Trapping: A trap that only triggers when mounted enemies move over it. Upon being triggered, it summons four Walls around the horse and rider, trapping them and anyone around them inside. The walls must be killed for the rider, and any other captives, to escape. Consumes 1 Trap
Mind Warp – 71 Trapping: A mine that will deal MP damage to an enemy that runs over it, using the same modifiers as normal mines. This skill might not seem useful at first, but keep in mind that mages with no MP can’t cast, healers with no MP can’t heal, and melees with no MP can’t use skills. And the best way to regen MP quickly is to sit, which leaves you quite vulnerable…

Dash – 8 Evasion: Dash in any direction at high speed. Useful to chase or to run away. I recommend this skill on almost any class that can acquire it.
Quick Step – 16 Evasion: A dodge buff that lasts for a short time. Goes well with your dodge passive, but not too useful unless you have agi.
Tangled Fingers – 21 Evasion: An accuracy debuff you can cast on enemy players or mobs. Not particularly useful, unless you really want to aggravate a melee by placing this and Weakness on them. But then again, you could just bomb them…
Reinforce – 26 Evasion: A nice passive skill that gives you more resistance to knockdown, knockout, and freeze. Get it if you have the points.
Avoidance – 41 Evasion: A buff that gives you +100 dodge until two physical attacks are made at you. They just have to be made at you, not hit you, to count. Not a bad buff, but takes a lot of points for a class that likely won’t need this much Evasion.
Intuition – 50 Evasion: Enables you to dodge magic. You would need a large amount of agility to take advantage of this, so I do not recommend it.

Weakness – 8 Confusion: An attack debuff you can place on your enemies or enemy mobs. Not particularly useful, but can be helpful if a melee keeps following you around and you want to aggravate them more than your bombs already have.
Sandstorm – 12 Confusion: A skill that puts your target to sleep. Why is this good? A sleeping target can’t evade bombs. So sleep them and start lining up a set of Worm Bombs and watch as they cringe in fear until they get blown to pieces.

It should be noted that, like with every other class, increasing proficiency increases effectiveness of skills. So for maximum bomb damage, I recommend 90 skill points into Trapping, then maxing your proficiency, to really get some damage rolling. However, it is all up to you, as this is just my recommendation, again.

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