Pandora Saga Proficiency Guide

Pandora Saga Proficiency Guide by Bacon’s Taken

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What is proficiency? Proficiency is a part of the skill system. The green bar on the above picture is the proficiency bar. The more you use a skill that you got from one of the abilities, the higher your proficiency will get.

How to read proficiency in numbers? As you can see, Exorcism here is 30.4(55)/55. The 30.4 means the current proficiency you got. The higher it is, the stronger your Exorcism skills will be. (55) means the number of points you’ve put in. I’ve 55 points in this ability. The /55 means the total amount of points you can put into that skill.

Your proficiency cannot reach above the number of points you’ve put into an ability. This means that I can have 55.0 Exorcism proficiency because I’ve put in 55 points into it. If I’d only have put in 40 points, I would only be able to reach a proficiency of 40.0.

How to earn ability points? You can earn ability points from leveling up. At first, you will only get 1 ability points every level up. Around level 10, you will start gaining 2 ability points every level up. And level 20+ you will gain 3 ability points every level up. Until so far, I’ve never heard of ever gaining 4 ability points every level up. Currently, the level capacity is 55 and none of the levels will let you gain 4 ability points.

Keep in mind that you cannot earn enough ability points to max every bar. The total ability points you can earn until reaching level 55 is 134 points. You really have to think about how to spend your ability points.

Everytime you change job, you can earn a free ability reset. This can make it easier for you to rebuild your abilities if you think you’ve made a mistake. However, if you haven’t used your ability reset and you’ve leveled up again, you will not be able to reset your abilities anymore.

I’d suggest you to ask some people with the same class as you for how to build your ability points because I cannot post all my suggestions in this post.

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