Pandora Saga Exorcist Guide

Pandora Saga Exorcist Guide by Yuu

Table of Contents
II.Exorcist Notable Skills
III.Exorcist Builds

I. Introduction

Exorcist is another advanced class of Acolyte-Ascetic, aside from Monk. What makes an Exorcist different from a fellow Monk is his/her more defensive-oriented style of playing, with various protective spells. It is a fact that when being compared to their counterparts, the Monks, you may rarely find an Exorcist player on your adventure. This is because it’s a very hard-to-play class with numerous disadvantages, but also very rewarding if you manage to play your role properly in battles.

Below is a short summary of an Exorcist strengths and weaknesses:


  • Very strong in large-scale PvP thanks to his/her skills.
  • Very strong against all types of Mages.
  • Has most of resistance abilities.
  • Has one of strongest AoE spells.
  • Can swap MP and status effects.
  • Can unsummon (Banish).
  • Can supply teammates with his/her MP pool.
  • Can survive very well in battles.
  • Can heal.


  • Very hard to level.
  • Very hard to play well.
  • Very hard to find parties.
  • Weak against Sniper/Assassin.

So, play an Exorcist if you…

  • Are a patient player.
  • Want to be an irreplacable asset in wars.
  • Want to be a battle acolyte.
  • Hate mages.
  • Personally like Holy magic.

II. Exorcist Notable Skills

Posted ImageMana Swap
Requirements: Exorcist level 45
Initial MP Cost: 16
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: 2s/10s/-
Description: This is your main skill to shut a powerful Warlock off. When using Mana Swap, your current MP pool and your target’s are exchanged.

Posted ImageSoul Swap
Requirements: Exorcist level 50
Initial MP Cost: 21
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: 1s/10s/-
Description: This skill exchanges your status effects with your target’s. Best used on an opponent your party intends to focus fire first.

Note: make sure you don’t have a lot of buffs on you when using this skill, otherwise it might backfire.

Posted ImageStun Hammer
Requirements: Bash level 41 + Exorcism level 21
Initial MP Cost: 30
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: -/15s/-
Description: A very useful skill to stun an area. Always use it when you have a chance.

Posted ImageElemental Absorbtion
Requirements: Exorcism level 12
Initial MP Cost: 60
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: 0.8s/10s/60s
Description: This is the best magic resistance skill you can find in Pandora Saga. It increases your Resistance against Fire, Ice and Lightning elemental at the same time. Always have it on yourself and no mages can harm you. Unfortunately, its duration is a bit short and it is a self-buff, that means no one but you may benefit from it.

Posted ImageHoly Rays
Requirements: Exorcism level 54
Initial MP Cost:129
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: 6s/60s/20s
Description: This is one of the best AoE spells I mentioned above. It shoots one wave of Light every 2 seconds and deals damage to all enemies in the AoE within 20 seconds. Always learn this skill if you have to solo a lot (like me :lol: ). In PvP, Holy Rays is a very very annoying skill because it has a very high damage output and there’s no way to counter once it is released.

Note: Holy Rays damage is based on INT, like any Mage’s offensive spells.

Posted ImageBanish (Unsummon)
Requirements: Exorcism level 61
Initial MP Cost: N/A
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: 5s/-/-
Description: Banish is what makes Conjurers hate you so much but still can’t kill you. This skill cancels all summon beings in its AoE. In PvP battles, this is one of the reasons that make an Exorcist invaluable. In PvE, it is rarely useful but still, this is a top-notch skill you may have.

Note: Banish’s AoE is possibly wide, I will update the actual estimation later.

Posted ImageDevotions
Requirements: Exorcism level 61 + Blessing level 20
Initial MP Cost: 50
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: 3s/0.5s/300s
Description: This skill allows up to 4 people to use your MP pool. Another unique skill, right? Devotions synergizes well with Mana Swap when you need to refill your MP.

Note: one thing to remember, Priests/Mages are your gas tank.

Posted ImageSilent Void
Requirements: Exorcism level 71
Initial MP Cost: 71
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: -/-/120s
Description: Exorcism level 71 skill a.k.a the ultimate skill. Silent Void prohibits AoE skills targeting in its very wide AoE, from both your allies or enemies. Thus, this is a strategical skill that’s only good if used at a right time. The very moment you use this skill, your side might turn the table dramatically or lose terribly.

Posted ImageMana Shield
Requirements: Invocation level 21
Initial MP Cost: 24
Cast Time/Cooldown/Duration: 3s/10s/Toggle
Description: Mana Shield is a very important skill if you want to be the perfect Supporting Exorcist. Upon being hit, it takes your MP in place of your HP, thus making you a better tanker for your team.

III. Exorcist Build:

On the hardest part, how to make your Exorcist a formidable character ? I say there are various ways to build an Exorcist, depends on each person’s preferences. However, all of them revolve around these 2 principles:

Battle Exorcist
Supporting Exorcist

1. Battle Exorcist:

A Battle Exorcist cares less about his teammates and can do everything just fine on his own. He can do PvE much better than a Supporting Exorcist, however his PvP capabilities are lesser. His main stats are Strength(STR), Dexterity(DEX) and Agility(AGI).

Recommended Race: Myrine
Recommended Race Skill: Myrine/Calmness.
Recommended Weapon: 2h Blunt
Battle Role: All-purpose Fighter

Stats Build (at level 55)
STR 70
AGI 80
DEX 50

Abilities Build (at level 55)
Bash 50
Grace 21
Bless 26
Exorcism 21
Invocation 21
Evasion 8

Important Skills

  • Stun Hammer
  • Shatter Armor
  • Regenerate
  • All buffs
  • Mana Shield

Explanation: With this build, you can deal a lot of damage on your own. 80 AGI points guarantee a full mana pool for you with Myrine’s Calmness. 50 levels of Bash and 21 levels of Exorcism are sufficient to give you some nice skills. You can also make use of Mana Shield, thanks to Calmness again. 21 levels of Grace and 26 levels of Bless give you necessary supports that you will need when farming. Lastly, 8 points into Evasion gives you Dash that can help you in a lot of situations.

Note: If you plan to PvP with this build, you might want to put some points into STA for survival. Also, please remember that this is not a fixed build, reinvent it in your own way is always welcome.

2. Supporting Exorcist:

A Supporting Exorcist, as the name suggests, needs a party for him to work with. Not very well-suited for an 1vs1 battle, however a Supporting Exorcist might arguably be one of the best characters in larger scale PvP battles. His main stats include Spirit(SPR), Stamina(STA) and Dexterity(DEX).

Recommended Race: Lapin or Enkidu
Recommended Race Skill: Lapin/Magic Resistance, Lapin/Enkidu Support, Enkidu/Lapin Support or Enkidu/Stone Arm.
Recommended Weapon: Wand + Shield
Battle Role: Disabler/Off-healer/Off-nuker/Off-tanker

Stats Build (at level 55)
STA 30
DEX 70
SPR 70
INT 30

Abilities Build (at level 55)
Defend 12
Bless 26
Exorcism 71
Invocation 31

Important Skills

  • Mana Swap
  • Soul Swap
  • Blocking
  • All buffs
  • Elemental Absorbtion
  • Holy Rays
  • Banish
  • Devotions
  • Silent Void
  • Mana Shield
  • Clear Mind

Explanation: Many of Exorcist’s skills have a long casting time, and your enemies just know how dangerous you are so they will try to interrupt you for as long as possible. Therefore, you need a high DEX and SPR along with 31 levels of Invocation for Clear Mind. The rest of status points might be flexibly distributed between STA and INT. You need more LP to survive the battle, and more INT means more damage/healing since sometimes you also have to play the role of a nuker or a healer when you friends are busy. You need 71 levels of Exorcism for all kinds of powerful spells it offers. 26 levels of Bless give you various buffs and also help unlock Devotions. Lastly, 12 levels of Defend help you survive better in the midst of the battle.

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