Pandora Saga Enchanter Guide

Pandora Saga Enchanter Guide by IceHeart

Enchanters, its been awhile since i played one but for the most part people dont think much of them till they get the buffs. your heals are small unlike a cleric, And you dont do any damage like a Exo your job is to buff people and keep them buffed.

This job much like a cleric may seem easy but its not.

I would start off with 8 into exo and 8 into grace its more for early leveling it help alot, later on you will reset these skills

Stats you going to want
90 or 99 spi buffing nonstop takes its tole on your mana bar
You can build agi after this though i wouldent because one spell will drop you even with 99 agi
Int now if you went into grace after you went into Blessing i would rase this if not then dont
Stam Stam and more Stam this will keep you alive a good stat all around, sins love to pick on casters healers and enchanters lots of Stam will make them wish they had gone for a different target
Dex and Str i wouldent build you dont need to cast fast or hit hard you just need to buff your team and stay alive

My Enchanter was 99 Spi, Some into int, and the rest into Stam


Blessing- The higher the better you buffs last longer and they have a stronger effect
Hymn- I went into Hymns when i build mine you dont have to but i think the auras are well worth it, the higher you get Hymn Proficiency the faster you will be able to move while useing one also they last long enough after you turn them off you can cast and switch them to give both to people near you
Grace- You can put points into this if you feel the need to do a little more however your heals wont do much if anything unless you put into int over Stam
Exo- the only damage you will have if you chose to

I built full support maxing Blessing 8 into Grace and putting as much into Hymn as i could
It let me give out buffs minor heals which were useing mostly in PVE settings and the hymns were usefull in PVE as well as PVP in PVE you could switch on the hymn that gives dodge which really helped tank mobs and in PVP i would sit in the back Boosting magical power with the mages

Last thing is dont +++ your Equipment with anything but Light gems they give a much larger boost to your magical Defences with this and (maybe) your high Stam it’ll be hard to bring you down

Good Luck Have Fun and ill see you all on the Battlefield

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