Pandora Saga Conjurer Guide

Pandora Saga Conjurer Guide by guyaneseforlyfe

Ok, so here’s my guide on conjurers. As you may (or may not know) conjurer is one of the third job choices a wizard can make at level 45.


What is a Conjurer?
Conjurers specialize in dimensional magic through their ability to distort the boundary between time and space. They specialize in teleportation that allows them to easily traverse long distances.

(Information obtained through official website.)

In terms of race, many choose elf or lapin. In reality, you can choose whatever race you want and still be good, but you will not benefit from the racial skill.
If you are using elf, Harmony with Nature is the best. If lapin, then both magi resistance and inner light are good.

What should my build look like?
There are three general builds you can use. They all use 99 int. Note: These stats are possible when your character reaches level 55, the current max.

#1 Sample: Cast Speed
“Get ready to be pwned by my–”
“Sry bro, Psy blade.”
“What? Haxor!”
Sta: Default
Str: Default
Agi: Default
Dex: 73
Int: 99
Spi: Default

Comments: This build utilizes Dex, which increases cast speed. Many would say this is the most important, mainly because the strongest conjurer skill (psy blade) has a very long cast time. With this build, your cast speed will be a whopping 135%! Combined with cast speed souls, you can have close to (or surpassing) 150%.

#2 Sample: Lotsa Health
“Why aren’t you dead yet?!”
“Muahahaha, I will never- Bleh, I hate you.”
Sta: 72
Str: Default
Agi: Default
Dex: Default
Int: 99
Spi: Default

Comments: This is the most common build I find conjurers using. I personally do not use it, but this can be really helpful in a variety of situations. Your HP with this build will be 3119 (quite high for a mage class).

#3 Sanple: Endless Mana
“How are you still casting spells?”
“Because I can. Now fear my endless barrage of bladez noob.”
Sta: Default
Str: Default
Agi: Default
Dex: Default
Int: 99
Spi: 75

Comments: For those who find MP drains very fast. I personally do not think this build is important because I hardly ever run out of mana running the Int/Dex build. But if your finding that mana drains too fast for you, consider this one. MP:1968

NOTE: Before I get flamed, these are builds that require pooling all your points into one stat, then the rest into another. By no means are these set in stone. Many players make their own builds to suit their needs.

All that said, this is my personal build:

Sta: Leftover points
Str: default
Agi: Default
Dex: 40
Int: 99
Spi: 20

As a wizard, you will probably be using one 2-handed staff. When you become a conjurer, you will be keeping a variety of wands in your inventory, all at least +5 and of a different element. I’ll explain this later. You should have one high-level wand/staff for pvp use. That staff can be any element, though many prefer it to be “glacial” for the added ice damage. I recommend getting the following:

1 +5 Glacial high level staff (This is your main staff, can summon ice trees)
1 +5 Igneous Level 1 wand (fire trees, good on certain mobs)
1 +5 Blitz Level 1 wand (lightning trees,. stuns enemies)
1 +5 Poisonous Level 1 wand (poison trees, can spot invisible targets)
1 +5 Luminous Level 1 wand (light trees, good on muldia mobs)

NOTE: I have listed the bare minimum weapons you should get. If you manage to get high level wands/staffs to +5 of a different element, congrats :))
NOTE NOTE: You can make your wands higher than +5, but the chance of succeeding is very low.

Several different armor sets work. I personally use the “moonlight robe” set, but other armor like robe of eternal night and guru robss work as well.

Other Equips:
I won’t go into detail here. Basically anything that increases int, m% damage, and cast speed are good. Other equip buffs (magi resist, LP boost, MP regen, cooldown spd) are secondary.

A conjurer’s main ability in which you will be using ability points on is “invocation.” Invocation can go up to 90, and i recommend putting all 90 points into it.
You will then have 48 ability points left. 8 of those points need to go into “confusion” for the weakness spell.

Your active skills thus far should be:
Memorize (allows you to memorize a point, only works in PVP maps)
Teleport (Allows you to teleport to a point that has been memorized (only works in PVP maps)
Soul Bright (AoE anti-invisibility scan)
Mana Shield (reduces damage taken, some mp taken away)
Clear Mind (reduces spell-interruption)
Psychic Blade (your main offensive skill)
Blockade (summons a barrier)
Summon Sandman (AoE sleeping spell)
Malevolent Plant (summons a plant to fight for you)
Weakness (reduces target’s attack)

You have 40 points left. You can go into healing AND elemental (up to ice spear). OR you can put more into confusion and get impede (slows enemy movement, very useful) and still get healing. However, it would be impossible to get both ice spear and impede if you are following the build laid out above.

Ah, trees. I thought I might need a section for this. Trees can only stay alive for 3 minutes or until it dies, whichever happens first. You may only summon 2 trees at a time. Anyway, the type of tree you summon is determined by THREE things:
1. Proficiency (the green bar, not red)
2. Weapon “+”
3. Weapon “element”

Lets start with proficiency. Proficiency determines the “level” of the tree you summon. Here’s the list:
Less than 30 prof in Confusion: lvl 1 trees
More than 30 prof, less than 50 prof: lvl 30 trees
More than 50 prof, less than 90 prof: lvl 50 trees
90 prof: lvl 70 trees

The main way to get prof up is to first use “virtuoso perfumes.” These perfumes increase the rate in which you attain prof.points. There are 50%, 100%, and 200% potions. In theory, a 200% potion should work 4 times as fast as a 50% potion, but I haven’t tested that.

Anyways, what you would want to do is sit in a corner of a map, and spam “soul bright” and memorize”. These two skills are the fastest spammable skills a conjurer has, with almost no cooldown time. Keep spamming until you get at least 50 proficiency. This will unlock level 50 trees.

NOTE: when you decide to spam your skills in a corner, make sure you are looking at the screen. If a Gm comes by to ask you questions and check that you aren’t using a third party program, you will want to be there. (Thanks to Paximus).


There is another requirement to use level 50 trees. Your weapon enhancement (+) determines what trees you can summon.

+0 to +2: lvl 1 trees
+3 to +4: lvl 30 trees
+5 to +7: lvl 50 trees
+8 or higher: lvl 70 trees (@.@ very hard to get)

As you can see, level 70 trees are very difficult to get, but still attainable Lol.

Plants can come in a variety of elements. The type of plant you summon is dependant on the weapon you use.

you use a glacial staff/wand, you summon a tree. That tree is a “Ice Tree”.
You use an igneous staff/wand, you summon a tree. That tree is a “Fire Tree”.

NOTE: For pvp uses, lightning and poison trees seem to be the best. damage trees such as ice and fire can “kill-steal you” -_-

As a conjurer, you are probably the best class for farming and soloing. Because of your ability to summon trees, you can tackle many high level mobs through soloing, provided that you have trees that are super-effective against that mob. (When doing the wizard 3rd job test, it requires you to pinpoint the element weakness of different mobs, good training imo). Couple examples:

Ice plants/skills are good against reptiles/snakes
fire plants/skills are good against corpses, bugs, and a variety
light plants/skills are good against undead/demons (good for muldia)
lightning plants/skills are good against flying mobs
Darkness and poison plants are good against – well, they dont do dmg, but provide status ailments like poison)

Thus, we do not need to depend on parties very often. However, to attain higher levels require tons of grinding, best done in EB at f-4 and such -_-


Conjurers are also good at PVP. Unlike their warlock counterparts, conjurers are unable of casting large AoE massive killing spells like ice storm. However, a conjurer has psy-blade (VERY VERY high dmg, can one hit another player easily) and sandman (large AoE sleeping spell). Conjurers also have the ability to create warp points and teleport on pvp maps/war. This can be useful for sending allies quickly to a given point. And finally, trees

A common tactic would be to weaken/weakness (weakness if they are melee-type) the enemy, then either sleep or impede an enemy, then kill with psy-blade. Poison plants are also good for spotting invisible enemies like sins. Lightning can stun, so those are also useful. Sandman is good for sleep, and does decent dmg as well (thanks 16spades).

Forgive me if there are errors, I made this guide based on personal experience. If any more experienced conjurers would like to pitch in and throw their own input, feel free

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