Pandora Saga Cleric Guide

Pandora Saga Cleric Guide by OnyxPearl

So you want to be a cleric? As the main healer in every group, the cleric is the quintessential support character. In this guide I will show you the basics of the Cleric and hopefully help you guide your build! In an attempt to make a pretty, organized guide, this will be broken into several posts.
Note- This guide is based on my personal experience as a cleric, there is always a new and fresh way to build a cleric. Nothing I say excludes anything else.

Choosing a Race
Healers come in all shapes and sizes, a healer can be any race, but I will list them in what I personally feel is the most useful race.

Tied in first with elves, lapins make good clerics for a few good reasons.
-Base stats in Spi and Int are high.
-Race Skills are good (listed below).
-Easy to hide – weird but true.

Magical Resistance +10% Magic Defense
Inner Light +15% MP recovery
Enkidu Support Boosts Magic Defense of Enkidu in party
all three of these are good, most clerics choose Inner Light

With high base Int and Spi, elves are also a great choice for cleric. They are best for their Race Skills.

Nature’s Harmony Reduces MP skill costs by 15%
Steadfastness Reduced duration of mental debuffs
the best choice would be Nature’s Harmony, but Steadfastness could also be useful!

Enkidus are a good choice for Cleric due to their high base Stamina and their Race Skill.

Stone Skin Reduces damage from melee attacks +10% armor defense
Lapin Support Boosts Physical Defense of Lapins in party
Stone Skin is great for a tanky cleric build!


Calmness Chance to convert 10% of damage taken into MP
Sharpness Bonus to Evasion +5%


Adaptability Reduces duration of Ailments/physical debuffs by 50%


Stronghearted Very small chance to resist death


Building a cleric is very closely tied into the gear you have, that being said, here are some general templates for the common cleric.
(Base indicates the amount of points put into spi without additional points given through gear bonuses)

Tank Build

99 Int
30 – 40 (base) Spi
30 Dex
Rest Sta

For people trying to maximize tankiness, the dex is often left out.

Mana Build

99 Int
50-60 Spi
Rest Sta

This build strongly focuses on having the maximum amount of mana, which is given by high amounts of Spi.

As far as other builds go, I personally do not suggest an agi build, since you would have to sacrifice one of the vital Cleric stats (Int Spi or Sta) to do so. Many suggest that only 90 Int is necessary, some say not as much Spi,some say no dex, while others stress 50 sta minimum. That being said, a good cleric build is one tailored to your gear and your style of play. As long as you have the standard framework of High int, sufficient spi and sta, the other stats are up to your discretion!


Acolyte Skills - Skills Gained Through Leveling up
Acolyte L12     "Meditation"             Passive Buff that Increases Mana Regeneration
Acolyte L18     "Heal"                   Mana Cost:62   Casting Speed: 2s Cooldown Rate: 3s Duration: Instant   Strength of Heals based on INT  
Priest L20      "Inspiration"            Passive Buff that Increases Spi by +1 for every 10 points in proficiency
Priest L20      "Tranquil Mind"          Mana Cost:50   Casting Speed: 5s Cooldown Rate:20s Duration:120s       Buffs MP regen rate for party
Priest L28      "Divine Aid"             Mana Cost:89   Casting Speed:4s Cooldown Rate:1.54s Duration:480s      Increases LP capacity of members
Priest L35      "Revive"                 Mana  Cost:65  Casting Speed:5s Cooldown Rate:30s Duration: Constant   Resurrection (Cost: Holy Water x3)
Cleric L45      "Sanctuary"              Mana Cost:87   Casting Speed:5s Cooldown Rate:60s Duration: @30 secs   AOE health regen
Cleric L50      'Merciful Blessing"      Passive that increases strength of heals and makes "First Aid" instant cast

Skills Gained By Alloted Points
The Big Heal Build is : 90 Grace and 54 Blessing
Pure Arrow Build: 87 Grace, 54 Blessing, 8 Exo
Alternate Build: 3 points in evasion for "Backstep" with any combination of above builds (MUST have 54 Blessing)

Finesse Skills
        Finesse (Evasion) 3     "Backstep"      Mana Cost:5     Casting Speed:0 Cooldown Rate:3s Duration:1s    Quick dodge by hopping backwards, +100 Dodge
Grace Skills
        Grace 8         "First Aid"     Mana Cost:28    Casting Speed:1s Cooldown Rate:4s Duration:Instant      Restore HP based on level, expertise, and INT
        Grace 12        "Cleanse"       Mana Cost:15    Casting Speed:1s Cooldown Rate:3s Duration:Instant      Cure Poison
        Grace 21        "Regenerate"    Mana Cost:40    Casting Speed:1.5s Cooldown Rate:5s Duration:120s       Restore HP based on SPI and prof,in ticks
        Grace 26        "Vivify"        Mana Cost:18    Casting Speed:1s Cooldown Rate:3s Duration:Instant      Cures Sleep/Stun/Freeze effects
        Grace 41        "Restoration"   Mana Cost:90    Casting Speed:3s Cooldown Rate:20s Duration:120s        Party Regenerates Health
        Grace 54        "Healing Aura"  Mana Cost:256   Casting Speed:2s Cooldown Rate:30s Duration:Instant     Party heal
        Grace 71        "Purify"        Mana Cost:76    Casting Speed:1.5s Cooldown Rate:35s Duration:15s       Cures all debuffs, increases resist to debuffs
Blessing Skills
        Blessing 8      "Velox"         Mana Cost:26    Casting Speed:0.5s Cooldown Rate:1.5s Duration:480s     Increase attack speed by 5%
        Blessing 12     "Lapis Medio"   Mana Cost:22    Casting Speed:0.5s Cooldown Rate:1.5s Duration:480s     Increases physical defense based on SPI 
        Blessing 21     "Impedimenta"   Mana Cost:33    Casting Speed:1.5s Cooldown Rate:10s Duration:10s       Reduces the movement speed of the target
        Blessing 26     "Group Barrier" Mana Cost:70    Casting Speed:1s Cooldown Rate:1.5s Duration:120s       Reduces incoming damage for all party members
        Blessing 41     "Aqua Elymus"   Mana Cost:4     Casting Speed:1s Cooldown Rate:Instant Duration:Instant Creates a Holy Water (Container x1)
        Blessing 54     "Saltio"        Mana Cost:31    Casting Speed:Instant Cooldown Rate:5s Duration:90s     Increases Casting Speed of others
Exorcism Skills
        Exorcism 8      "Pure Arrow"    Mana Cost:18    Casting Speed:1s Cooldown Rate:5s Duration:Instant      Ranged Holy attack

Skills Learned Through Proficiency
102 Prayers Proficiency
"Physical Barrier"  Mana Cost:128  Casting Speed:2s Cooldown Rate:10s Duration:60s Blocks one incoming Physical Attack Entirely
"Magical Barrier"   Mana Cost:128  Casting Speed:2s Cooldown RatE:10s Duration:60s Blocks one incoming Magic Attack Entirely


Gear Suggestions

Emphasis on the word “suggestions”, any player with any amount of Determination can make any set of gear work!
Every item will be linked to its respective page on the Japanese Wiki! (if your browser doesnt automatically translate, look up google translate, its free!)


Mob Drops

Faerie Wand
Level Required:23
Slots: 0-3
Stats: Spi +4, Charm Resist +5%

Titania Wand
Level Required: 54
Stats: Dex +2,Int +3, Recovery Skill Efficiency +10%

Cash Shop

Storm Wand
Required Level: 40
Stats:STA +2 SPI +3 INT +1

When Enhanced with Lightning Rune Gems or Lightning Magic Rune Gems to +5 or higher, increases Casting Speed. The strength of this effect increases as the weeapon is further Enhanced. When Enhanced to +6 or Higher, adds INT +2.

Excelsior Wand
Required Level 40
Stats:INT +2 DEX +3 SPI +1

When Enhanced with Light Rune Gems or Light Magic Rune Gems to +5 or higher, reduces Skill Cooldown. The strength of this effect increases as the weapon is further Enhanced. When Enhanced to +6 or higher, adds INT +2.

Fascination Wand
Required Level: 45
Stats:INT: +2 DEX: +2 STA: +3

When Enhanced to +5 and higher, it reduces the amount of Physical Damage you take from opponents.
When Enhanced to +6 or higher, they increase intelligence (INT) by 2.
When Enhanced to +7 or higher, it gives an MP boost.


Seraphic Wand
Level Required: 41
Stats: Spi +4, Int +4, MP +30, MATK +10%

Star Wand
Level Required: 32
Stats: Spi +3 Int +4 (In Neo Version, add +15% exp)


Golden Bat Rod
Required Level:49
Stats: Int +6 Lp +500

MP Gradually Decreases
When enhanced to +6 or higher, LP will gradually be recovered
When enhanced to +8 or higher, it increases the amount of LP recovery


Mob Drops
Level Required: 5
Slots: 0-1
Stats: Magic Resistance +3%

Level Required:20
Stats: +1 Spi, +50 MP

Magni Wimple
Level Required:38
Stats: LP +50, Silence Resistance +10%

Cash Shop

Lapin Hat

Holy Wimple

Adept Glasses
Level Required: 1
Stats: Int +1, Spi +1

Ethereal Crown

Sacred Hat
Level Required: 31
Slots: 1
Stats: Sta +1, Magic Resist +5%, 4% chance to activate Saltio when struck

Exorcist Hat

Sacramental Hat

Event Item

Princess Crown
Level Required: 10
Slots: 1
Stats: Mp +50, Magic Resist +5%


Level Required:30
Slots: 0-1
Stats: Int +2, Magic Resist +3%

Seicavalie Castle Drop (Licite Castle)

Clergical Hat


Serene Tiara


sentry shield
templar shield
eclipse shield
heater shield
Jhelum shield
storied shield
ganoid shield

elf torso
lapin torso
exorcist robe
lapin dawn torso
elf dawn torso
divine torso
male astian azure
female astian azure
friar robe

lapin trousers
friar pants
exo aloub
lapin dawn pants
divine aloub
male azure astian pants

metal bracers
fine gloves
spell bracers
herine rings
mana and gold bracelets
spellbound and hollow gloves
celestial and silver gloves
fitted gloves
earth/lightning glove
wise glove
naga glove
ganoid glove
male/female azure gloves
male/female white gloves

spectre boots
cure boots
silver boots
ganoid boots
male/female azure boots

light necklace
exo amulet
devilish amulet
daemon necklace
saints amulet
spiritual neckalce
chime necklace
old amulet
merciful amulet

magical earring
bronze earrings
moon earrings
calm earrings
blessed earrings

ghost ring
freezing ring
undine ring
fairy ring
blessed ring/serenity ring
white saint ring
white priest ring

eternal cloak
zephyr cloak

gold belt
goddess belt
blessed band

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