Marvel Avengers Alliance Poison and Bleeding Explanation

Marvel Avengers Alliance Poison and Bleeding Explanation by Sluman

Poison is generally more useful as it drops ATK of enemies as well, while bleed has no secondary bonuses.

That being said, Bleeding does stack up to five times, and the Ravaged status doubles bleed damage, however, since you won’t get access to ravaging weapons or skills until later in the game, Poison will be a good choice early on.

A general example: (The numbers are estimates only, but you’ll get the idea of the damage difference)

Poison: Deals 100 damage, lowers ATK, does not stack
Bleed: Deals 50 damage per bleed, no status effects, stacks, is improved by Ravaged; (Bleed x 5 = 250; x2 if ravaged = 500)

Thus Bleeding has the potential to deal 5x more damage per turn than poison, but where poison would only take one action to set up, the fastest way to get the max potential from bleed would be to have wolverine with tactical strike active attack twice on one turn then on the second turn, attack once, and then use the skill that ravages.

Also, some heroes and villains in the game are immune to bleeding, but the only character in the game immune to poison is sabretooth. Machines are immune to both.

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