Marvel Avengers Alliance Nightcrawler Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Nightcrawler Guide by MrDiezel

Level 1 attack (Night Kick): Decent Damage, Unarmed Melee attack. Single hit, Single target. It does not trigger Counter-Attacks. Pretty good Crit Chance @ 22%. Best quality of this attack is it inflicts Dizzy for 4 turns (-25% Accuracy) on opponent. As an Infiltrator, Nightcrawler will counter-attack with this attack which will also cause Dizzy. Pretty small stamina consumption for Night Crawler. 4/5

Level 2 attack (Shadow Guard): Buff. Can only be used on Nightcrawler. On use this guarantees Nightcrawler a Dodge on the first 2 attacks against him whether direct or indirect. Good if you know a big attack is coming, bad if you are to be hit multiple times with 1 weapon. Smaller stamina cost that Night Kick. This skill has a 1 turn cool down. 2/5

Level 6 attack (Ambush): Another unarmed Melee attack. Single Hit, Single target. It does not trigger Counter-Attacks. Although not as strong as Night Kick in damage, it has the High Crits ability. Very good Crit Chance @ 50%. This skill has about 1/3 the stamina cost as Night Kick. This can be spammed at very little expense of Nightcrawler’s Stamina pool. 3/5

Level 9 attack (Triple Threat): Nightcrawler’s Bread and Butter. Unarmed Melee attack. Three Hits, Single target. Pretty good Crit Chance @ 22% per hit. Does not trigger Counter-Attacks, Performs a Follow Up Attack against any Dizzy targets. Unfortunately, the Follow Up attack is Ambush. This skill has a heavy mana consumption compared to Nightcrawler’s other skills, but is definitely managable due to the undemanding stamina from his other attacks. Has a 2 turn cool down. 5/5

Pros: Very light stamina consumption, one of the best starting Evade stats in the game. Has acceptable accuracy (all attacks should have 89%+ chance to hit) crits pretty often. With the Infiltrator boost, is able to deal damage through counter attacks while Shadow Guard is on. Causes Dizziness, making this evasive x-Man harder to hit. Triple Threat does its name justice. No-Miss Heroes/Villains such as Hawkeye and Bullseye can miss Nightcrawler ONLY IF SHADOW GUARD IS ACTIVATED.

Cons: While having better than average Evasion, Nightcrawler can still be hit. He has about average health and defense. Survivability without Evasion is poor. Low attack stat. Scrapper with Bonus may easily tear Nightcrawler apart. Only has single target attacks. any no-miss Hero/Villain (Hawkeye, Bullseye) will be able to hit Nightcrawler if Shadow Guard is not active. Triple Threat will hit ALL Opponents that have Dizzy with Ambush, but that takes quite a while to set up. A Single-Shot Thumper on your Agent will make things much easier (All Enemies, Chance to cause Dizzy)

Iso Advice: Would HIGHLY recommend Evasive ISOs. Although he has good evasion, it wont be enough to keep him in the fight long enough. If youre worried about Hawkeye’s ability to hit Nightcrawler, you may invest 1 ISO slot to health/defense. Otherwise, Evasive ISOs and Attack ISOs would be recommended. NOTE** Nightcrawler may be of little use until his Level 9 ability is unlocked. Frustration may occur.

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