Marvel Avengers Alliance Hawkeye Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Hawkeye Information by Yankee_In_TX

Free: decent damage initially, but not all that strong compared to other heroes. Low stamina to use it.
Level 2: Hits all enemies. Low damage. Mediocre chance of crit.
Level 6: Stun attack. Doesn’t seem to stun all that much, IMHO.
Level 9: Free Action, Stealth debuff. All single target attacks against this target automatically hit (does not seem to cancel Invisibility or Nightcrawler’s two miss skill) and all of Hawkeye’s attacks against the target automatically crit. Throw this thing on Daredevil, Spiderman or any high evade target to make your life much easier. As Hawkeye is gauranteed to crit the target his lowish damage becomes slightly less of an issue once the debuff is in place. As it only has a one turn cooldown and a 4 turn life span you can throw it on multiple targets at a time though you may find yourself running out of stamina if you try to abuse it too much.

Pros: Seems to have enough health and stamina to always stick around in a fight. He ALWAYS hits, super high accuracy.
Cons: Doesn’t do a ton of damage.

ISO Advice: Attack and HP; Defense if you need a third.

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