Marvel Avengers Alliance Boss Drops List

Marvel Avengers Alliance Boss Drops List by sedrikc

I will Hereby try and compile a full list with the Boss Drops and Epic Boss drops with pictures for all new and old players alike to be able to know faster what boss to farm in order to gt the desired loot. In order to quickly find the chapter and mission u are looking for use Alt+F and type CxMy, x being the number of chapter u are looking for and y the mission number.

Big thanks go to Kitana for the big help he provided in making this list possible.


C1M1 – Chapter 1 Mission 1
Boss Drops
Hidden Blade and Single-Shot Thumper

C1M2 – Chapter 1 Misision 2
Boss Drops
Remote Jet Injector and Precision Focus Aperture

C1M3 – Chapter 1 Misision 3
Boss Drops
Knuckle Sting and B&F; MP-2

C1M4 – Chapter 1 Misision 4
Boss Drops
Sub-0 Optic Military Rifle and Nano-nurse

C1M5 – Chapter 1 Misision 5
Boss Drops
Precision focus Aperture and Chain Blade

C1M6 – Chapter 1 Misision 6
Boss Drops
Gamma Gadget and Gama Booster

C2M4 – Chapter 2 Misision 4
Boss Drops
Tidal Fist and S.A. “Ambush”

C2M5 – Chapter 2 Misision 5
Boss Drops
Offensive Accelerator and Batstone Minigun

C2M6 – Chapter 2 Misision 6
Boss Drops
Uni-Pulse and EMP Blaster


C3M1 – Chapter 3 Misision 1
Boss Drops
Cryo-Tonfa and Assault Shotgun

C3M2 – Chapter 3 Misision 2
Boss Drops
Tidal Fist and NF3000

C3M3 – Chapter 3 Misision 3
Boss Drops
SA “Siege” and D.A.R.S. Supressor

C3M4 – Chapter 3 Misision 4
Boss Drops
Fang-L13 and Offensive Accelerator

C3M5 – Chapter 3 Misision 5
Boss Drops
Curative Reach and D.A.R.S. Suppressor

Epic Boss Drops
The Doombringer and Brutal Claw

C3M6 – Chapter 3 Misision 6
Boss Drops
Web Blaster and Galvanic Arm


C4M1 – Chapter 4 Misision 1
Boss Drops
A.R. “Striker” and S.A. “Siege”

C4M2 – Chapter 4 Misision 2
Boss Drops
Brutal Claw and Fang-L13

C4M3 – Chapter 4 Misision 3
Boss Drops
Curative Reach and Eagle’s Eye

C4M4 – Chapter 4 Misision 4
Boss Drops
Overwatch and A.R. “Striker”

Epic Boss Drops
Magnetic Field Generator and Single Shot Hobbler

C4M5 – Chapter 4 Misision 5
Boss Drops
Brutal Claw and nDy Concealed Blade

C4M6 – Chapter 4 Misision 6
Boss Drops
Sabretooth’s Claws and Snikt


C5M1 – Chapter 5 Misision 1
Boss Drops
cDy Concealed Blade and Phosphorus Pang

C5M2 – Chapter 5 Misision 2
Laser Sword and Epinephrine Injector

C5M3 – Chapter 5 Misision 3
Boss Drops
Laser Spotter and Single Shot Hobbler

Epic Boss Loki Drops (deploy Wolverine)
Tsunami Fist and Norn Stone

C5M4 – Chapter 5 Misision 4
Boss Drops
S.A “Pincer” and Sgt’s Fury

C5M5 – Chapter 5 Misision 5
Boss Drops
Modded B&F; “Highroad” and Phosphorus Pang

C5M6 – Chapter 5 Misision 6
Boss Drops
Power of Four and Super Blade Punch


C6M1 – Chapter 6 Misision 1
Boss Drops
Tsunami Fist and Tesla SP-Arc

C6M2 – Chapter 6 Misision 2
Boss Drops
Foley’s Heart Tickler and Mirror Field Generator

C6M3 – Chapter 6 Misision 3
Boss Drops
Quick-Load T’Cha and Monofilament Blade

Epic Doc Ock, Chapter 6 Mission 3: Tentacular (Requires Black Widow)
Electrostatic Arm and Digital Decoy

C6M4 – Chapter 6 Misision 4
Boss Drops
Tesla SP-Arc and A.R. “Spectre”

C6M5 – Chapter 6 Misision 5
Boss Drops
Svalinn Defender and Mirror Field Generator

C6M6 – Chapter 6 Misision 6
Boss Drops
Psychic Punch and Momentum Generator


C7M1 – Chapter 7 Misision 1
Boss Drops
Svalinn Defender and Frank Castle Special

C7M2 – Chapter 7 Misision 2
Boss Drops
Digital Decoy and Target Painter

C7M3 – Chapter 7 Misision 3
Boss Drops
Vibra-Trumbash and Voltage Crash

Epic Boss – Green Goblin – Deploy Spider-Man
P.E.W. Stoic and Goblin Glider (epic drop)

C7M4 – Chapter 7 Misision 4
Boss Drops
P.E.W. “Zealous” and Frank Castle Special

C7M5 – Chapter 7 Misision 5
Boss Drops
Pyro Technique and Target Painter

C7M6 – Chapter 7 Misision 6
Boss Drops
Cosmic Ray Bomb and Handheld Hohlraum

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