Marvel Avengers Alliance Black Widow Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Black Widow Information by Yankee_In_TX

Free attack: 2 hit that is a combo set up. Ok attack.
Level 2: Better damage, 1 hit and weakens enemy.
Level 6: Much better damage, removes buffs from enemies but doesn’t always work. Definitely did not keep Sandman from keeping his sand defense mode. Good when used after the free attack.
Level 9: 9: Free action. 2 turn cooldown. Anyone attacking Widow recieve’s a ‘Marked for Revenge’ debuff. When Widow attacks a target with this debuff she deals significantly more damage.

Pros: I don’t think I’ve ever had a stamina problem using her attacks.
Cons: She gets hurt easy, and well, I haven’t really found a good role for her.

ISO Advice: HP and attack or defense. She dies a lot and doesn’t hit hard.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    its actually good to increase evasion cuz defense is low and is gonna be hard to bring up

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im a blackwidow user, and i would rather suggest to use iso that increase her evasion and accuracy..third one would be defense.. since health doesnt give much boost and her base attack is low so iso on attack will yield less boost also..
    in pvp team her up with heroes using unarmed melee attacks and equip your character with unarmed melee my case i use she hulk(since she was the first cheapest hero possible) and i use tidal fist(equiped with a tactician armor.hope this helps

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