Living After War Crafting System Guide

Living After War Crafting System Guide by Zakirus

The crafting system in Living After War requires the usage of Stations to be able to make powerful weapons, armor, accessories, and consumables. This guide will provide you a general overview of the key aspects in being able to produce goods in Closed Beta Test.

Everyone begins with a Station as shown below when creating their first character.

The Station will initially have 11 vacant sites, a Storage, and a Trinium Generator that gives a maximum of 1000 Power. The Station is based off of real time (Format: minutes:seconds:millisecond) so whenever you craft or build, your actions will not be instant. The concept is basically: the higher the level, the longer and more challenging it takes for something to be created.

Building on Vacant Sites
When you click on a vacant site, you will be given a list of building options.
There are two types of possible facilities: Factory and Sanctum. Sanctums have yet to be implemented. The requirements for each facility vary on the type of manufacturer you want to build. Upgrading and building facilities requires Power! Create more Trinium Generator or upgrade them to increase the Power limit.

Image Trinium Generator
Resource used to expand maximum Power.
Power: 1000
Build Time: 03:28:00
Gold: 10000
Upsilon: 60
Item: Iron Alloy (1)

Image Metal Working
A factory that creates alloys, swords, and claws. Classes: Ghost and Warrior
Building Time: 20:09:00
Gold: 15900
Item: Iron Alloy (4)

Image Armory
An armory that produces rifles and blasters. Classes: Ghost and Espher
Building Time: 06:54:00
Gold: 800
Note: Rifles can be wielded by all classes.

Image Armor Factory
A factory that creates fibers and armor (chests, pants, shoulders, gloves, boots, helmets). Classes: All
Building Time: 20:09:00
Gold: 15900
Item: Iron Alloy (4)

Image Biotechnology
A facility that produces potions and items for transforming. Classes: All
Building Time: 16:18:00
Gold: 15900
Item: Iron Alloy (4)

Image Crystal Refinery
A refining facility that produces accessories (rings, necklaces, earrings, belts). Classes: All
Building Time: 16:18:00
Gold: 17100
Item: Iron Alloy (4)

Facility Options
Each facility will allow you to craft items and upgrade/destroy the facility.

Upgrading Facilities
You will be required to upgrade your facilities to be able to craft higher level equipments and consumables. To upgrade, you will need to make sure that you meet all the requirements.

Accumulating Crafting Items
Throughout your journey, you will be able to collect items used for crafting. These items can be found by killing monsters, collecting, bought from the Material NPCs, or questing. The availability of the items are based on region and the craftable item’s level.

Monster Dropped Materials

  • Leathers – Look for animal-type monsters.
  • Stem Cells – All monsters drop.
  • Amethysts – All monsters drop.

Collectable Materials

  • Image – Metals
  • Image – Herbs
  • Image – Sand

Note: Collectable items are found all over the map.

Material NPC Materials
There are many NPCs in different regions selling them. Here are some examples:
Human: Image Image
Nak: Image Image
Purchasable materials:

  • Catalysts
  • Kits
  • Bio Solutions

(I believe these should be spelled as “Vault” as that is what they look like so I will be referring to them as “vaults”.)
Different maps will have different vaults (eg. “Vault Alpha” and “Vault Beta” … then maybe Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, etc?) In these vaults, you can find accessories, item materials, enhanced items, or nothing. Since this is a guide for crafting, I will only focus on the item materials that can be found in these vaults.

Possible Material Lootables

  • Metal Crystals
  • Protection Field Generator
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Particle Acceleration Coils
  • Silvers
  • Fibers
  • Alloys
  • Amethysts
  • Stem Cells

WARNING! Loot accessories at your own risk!

Trinium is a resource that is currently known to be used in the Station and it is the only commodity that can be bought and sold in the Stock Market. (The Stock Market has yet to be functionally implemented.) You will need to gather Trinium for upgrading facilities and crafting items in later levels. There are five types of Trinium minerals: Upsilon, Lambda, Muon, Tauon, and Stigma. Upsilon can be bought at the NPC named Accessory Market [Common].

You can access your Trinium window by going to your Inventory and then clicking on the Trinium icon.

You will start out with zero of everything.

The amount of Trinium you have will vary over time as you progress through the game by gaining Trinium from quests, spending them on the Station, purchasing from the NPCs, and merchandising them over the Stock Market.

Stock Market
Cannot be done at the moment.

Item Crafting
When you select a facility and an item in the list, you will be prompted with an interface as shown below.

1 – The list of craftable items in the facility. They are categorized based on type and level. Clarifications: “Iron Rifle (1)”means you are capable of crafting this item at Armory Level 1. So be able to craft Ceramic Rifles, I would need Armory Level 2 by upgrading the facility.
2 – Hover over the item and it will give you the required level to wield the item and the item’s basic normal damage.
3 – The name of the item and how long it would take to craft the item.
4 – The required materials to craft the item are listed here.
5 – Self explanatory. Go through pages of the list.
6 – This is how many of the items you want to make. You can craft multiple items are once by click on the box and changing the number. (Note: The duration of the crafting completion increases as you craft more than one at a time.)
7 – “Make All” pretty much means submit or confirm.
8 – When crafting, the items will be listed here. A timer will be available when you craft to tell you how long it will take until completion. You can craft multiple items in a facility. They will just be placed in a queue.

Once you have crafted your items, head over to the Storage where your item is ready for you to pick up.

Moving the item to inventory:
1 – Check the box as shown in the picture.
2 – Select Inventory.

Additional Notes:

  • Crafting one Recovery Ampoule from the Biotechnology will yield one complete stack (x20).
  • Crafting one item material (Alloy and fiber) from the corresponding facilities will yield two of that material.

Cannot be done at the moment.

Example of the items’ stats when crafted:
Image Image Image

Advantages of Crafting Items

  • Crafted items provide better stats than monster dropped, quest rewards, and NPC bought ones.
  • Even though you can get equipment with good stats as monster drops, it is very unlikely you will get the drops at your current level and the chances of better item stats are slimmer as drops are random.
  • Chances of obtaining “rare” versions with bonus stats.
  • Randomization in the items to allow variety in character attributes.
  • The Station is linked to all your characters on the account. This means you do not have to start over for every character on your account! :D

Future Additions to the Guide

  • Completing things like Stock Market and reprocessing as they become available.

I hope you enjoyed the guide and found it very informative. If you have any additional information and would like me to add it, please do not hesitate and let me know

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